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April USA UMK3 Tournament (XBL) - COMPLETED


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Due to high demand, we will be holding separate tournaments for both XBL and PSN.

Date: Sunday, April 15th, 2012
TIME: 7pm Eastern (4pm Pacific)

Please note - this is a USA XBL only tournament. Matches may be played on MKAK or on the original '06 UMK3 XBL release.

When you enter the chatroom, do the following:
1. Enter your username
2. Wait for the room to load.
3. Once room appears, enter the following text (without quotes) then hit enter.
"/join #UMK3"


  • All matches are best of 5 (first to 3.) You do not need to play all 5 games if one player has already accumulated 3 wins. Winner/Loser finals are best of 7. The championship match will be best of 9.
  • Double elimination
  • All participants will need to access the TYM Chat during tournament play to report their match scores and setup their games with opponents. If you cannot access the TYM Chat during tourney play, you cannot enter the tournament.
  • You, yourself, must post in this thread and declare your entry to the tournament. Do not message me through PM, AIM, PSN, or through someone else. By posting your intent to enter in this thread, it shows you are a TYM member and you will check the thread for updates rather than relying on us to tell you.
  • All entrants are responsible for checking this thread regularly for updates; including dates, times, and match brackets. We will not send out reminders to participants.
  • If connection breaks then both players must restart the match with the same characters (prior round win is omitted). If the breaking connection is suspicious like breaking right before a victory then the player has a right to report it.
  • In the case of lag, keep trying. If after a few tries the connection is not good, please report back to the chat room IMMEDIATELY and a new matchup may be made for you with another opponent. Bear in mind this applies to first round matches.
  • You are permitted to quit on account of lag after the first match if it is really unplayable without being faulted (after the 2nd match is started you must continue the rest of your remaining matches even if lag begins to creep in.) You must notify your opponent you are quitting due to lag and must report this ASAP in the chat room in order to get a new opponent. Otherwise, you may both be disqualified. Therefore it is best to play early in case you may need to swap opponents as there may be no available opponents left if all matchups have been played. This lag exception ONLY applies to first round matches. All subsequent rounds MUST be played regardless of lag.
  • If you have been previously banned from the Kombat Network, you are not permitted to enter the tournament.
  • All participants will have a 10 minute grace period to show up in the chat room for the start of the tournament. Any player that has not arrived by that time will be disqualified. You are STRONGLY advised to show up early to avoid a DQ.
  • Failing to post score results of a match in the chat, voluntarily quitting in the middle of a match or at any time in the tournament, any sort of suspicious activity (impersonation, ban evasion, etc), or anything else deemed inappropriate or unsportsmanlike is grounds for disqualification. The staff reserves the right to disqualify a player with or without notice at any time.
  • If a player is DQ'ed then a reserve will be used. If there is no reserve then the player will receive a bye.
One last thing: Video recordings are not required, but definitely appreciated!

SIGNUPS (minimum of 8 players required)
2. Ouija Warrior
3. fugee don
4. 1/4 good
5. Folksw1nger
6. BukRock V2
7. 0Juggernaut0
8. NobilityV2
9. GoldenOreos
10. Dreamcatcher
11. Chirs Manley



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Note that entrants 1-3 were all entered based on their request to enter from the PSN thread. Going forward, please post your intent to enter in this thread only.


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DCIguy As I told you, I only have MKAK, so if there are any players that just have the 06 version I won't be able to play them.
Thanks for the heads up. As a general rule of thumb, all XBL players should probably have MKAK as a backup in case the above scenario occurs.
I'm in! Sign me up. This is FolkSw1nger same as my Xbl tag I have a funky work schedule but if i can swing it just throw me on and ill try my best to make it... Please consider me as a player im just trying to be honest and letting ya'll know i might not make it if it ties in with my schedule.. Ill mos def be able to offer a challenge to the other competitors. I'm Down!


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Signups updated. We need at least one more player for this tournament to go down.


good luck every1. Cant play any console tourniez until I get a converter mine stopped workin and I cant use xbox pad at all : (

MKK hanzo

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Guys I would love to enter but my lag would be massive. Can we do some test matches to see what can I do?

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get in there Hanzo. Ill do some test matches against you. I usually have very good connections with Chorizo in France when everyone else seems to lag against him.
Also, are we playing Pacific standard or Pacific daylight time? I'm in the UK, and already struggling to work out what time I need to be here!