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Match-up Discussion 2013 Ermac MU Chart

Pig Of The Hut

Day 0 Phenomenal Dr. Fate and Darkseid player
Online Skarlet LOL. I proclaim online Skarlet the most difficult character to master :p. You can't even land her BnBs most of the time... You have to make compromises and do about 10%+ less dmg each time you punish someone.
MU chart just took a huge hit at being Legit he made this statement that "YO COME PLAY ME ONLINE AND WE SHALL SE WHAT THE MU IS" lol @ online skarlet

Pig Of The Hut

Day 0 Phenomenal Dr. Fate and Darkseid player
Seven Qwark28

Seven man you got to stop this i play these people online stuff lol.
I mean its a good place to get the feel for some match ups, but its dictating your numbers and who you think is good and HOW you play mus.

1 month ago i was in nyc playing against crazy dominicans skarlet. His is one of the best and it's not online. He is the skarlet player to rank the highest with her.
Agree w all this but in no way IS CD THE #1 skarlet.

1. emp scar
2. fly


CD couldnt get a game off me but scar beat me in casuals and fly is tough


MS B2, NJP slight dash kiss dive kick~21~cartwheel, b21f2, 112~MS is 39%. She gets 45% with the MSF1~cartwheel guaranteed chip...
You can punish her roll with kiss, dk~21cw, msb2, b21f2, 112~ms for 41%, and it's a much more reliable punish.