1. Blade4693

    My boy Drahmin

    I like Drahmin and think he could be awesome if reworked by NRS today. I know he wasn't popular and that he isn't highly requested among the fan base, I accept that. I also have heard rumors that Boon and team don't like him because he was a pain to make/work on DA/MKA and I get that too. That's...
  2. bcfighting

    Mortal Kombat 11 Show Matches - Body Count Fighting at Mortal Kombat Day 2019

    Join Body Count Fighting on Thursday, January 17 as they team up with NetherRealm Studios and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment to host a series of world first show matches in Mortal Kombat 11! LIVE on Continue... January 17 is Mortal Kombat Day and, in honor of the...
  3. bcfighting

    ANNOUNCING Body Count Fighting 8 (BCF8) - SFV & IJ2 Show Matches on 11/3

    Body Count Fighting is back with its final fighting game event of the year, Body Count Fighting 8, on Saturday, November 3rd, at 6:00PM PST! The event will be streamed live on Body Count Fighting’s Twitch channel. BCF8 will feature a special Street Fighter V East vs. West throwdown: Next Level...
  4. eddiegreyy


    Oficial Stream : Week 1 : 09/08 Week 2 : 16/08 Week 3 : 23/08 Week 4 : 30/08 Brazil Finals at Game XP - Rio de Janeiro 08/09 Prize: R$10.000 @STORMS
  5. bcfighting

    [TODAY] BCF4 is LIVE with Injustice 2, Tekken, MvCI, Street Fighter, and DBFZ Show Matches

    TODAY -- Join the Body Count Fighting team for BCF4 -- a series of Dragon Ball FighterZ, Street Fighter V, Tekken 7, Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite, and Injustice 2 show matches where players compete for bragging rights and championship belts in their respective games. Injustice 2 matches include...
  6. Roy Arkon

    2000 Source Crystals for Everyone for Free!

    I just booted up the game right now and I got a message straight from NRS and WB, they're sending a gift of appreciation to everyone in the community, and the gift is free 2000 Source Crystals! And I got the gift and now I have 2000 extra Source Crystals. Anyone got it also?
  7. Roy Arkon

    Official Video from NRS for the 25th Anniversary of Mortal Kombat

    The title says it all. Really great video from NRS on the official Mortal Kombat Community YouTube page.
  8. P


    So, the worst part about this bug, is I have NO IDEA why this is happening. That, or the fact that it consistently happens on this one reset (but not always). My biggest concern is that it could be shaving damage off of other resets, as its a miracle I even noticed this. I was already working it...
  9. DisturbedSwan

    Hey Everybody

    I'm Blake from Surrey in the UK. Long-time fan of NRS. The original MK on the Mega Drive was the first fighting game I ever played and I adored it, bought every instalment in the franchise up until MK vs DCU when I fell out of love with fighting games in general. Also played a lot of Tekken...
  10. Tim Static

    I want Horror Kombat aka NRS's Terrordome: The Game!!

    I bring this up after seeing Ed Boon talk about it on his twitter page, and this is something I know I've discussed in the past with others (before 2013 of course :coffee: ) and while MK10 would be awesome, yadda yadda yadda i can see how the whole MK idea can be getting boring for NRS as well...
  11. Eddy Wang

    Guide - Ninjitsu Ninjutsu Scorpion Guide 2.0

    SCORPION NINJUTSU Guide 2.0 Summary: 1. Introductory Note. 1.1. Best Normals and Strings (Introductory Note). 1.2. Pokes. 1.2. Normals. 1.4. Favorable Strings. 2. Special Moves. 2.1. Meterless Special Moves. 2.2. Metered Special Moves. 3. Strategies. 3.1. General strategy concept. 3.2. Safe...
  12. the.hamburglar

    Question Netherrealm Playercard

    Im not sure exactly what thread or forum to post this in but I was wondering if anyone had any information about if Netherrealm Developers still play MKX because in my whole year of playing, Ive only seen one. I will admit, I lost because I have a knack at losing against Smoke. Anyways, to sum...