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My boy Drahmin


I like Drahmin and think he could be awesome if reworked by NRS today. I know he wasn't popular and that he isn't highly requested among the fan base, I accept that. I also have heard rumors that Boon and team don't like him because he was a pain to make/work on DA/MKA and I get that too. That's why I wish they would just tell us we won't ever see a playable Drahmin again. I would rather know that instead of having this small shred of hope for something that will never come to be lol just do it. Put me out of my misery Ed Boon just do it!!!!

RIP Drahmin 2002 - 2015?

No but seriously, where are my Drahmin fans at? I know there's at least four or five of us.


I always liked Drahmin. He had a unique design and concept that just seemed to fit the MK universe so well. I mean, he's a physically rotting corpse suspended in a corporeal state due to his Oni nature and only kept sane by his mask. If that doesn't perfectly embody the frightening weirdness of MK, then I don't know what does.


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Drahmin was always super cool imo, though absolutely a bit on the bland side considering how much potential is there. There's so much there to expand upon, and my hopes aren't high, but i'm 100% on the Drahmin train if he ever does show up again.


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Drahmin was sick in MKA so bring him back instead of guests nonsense characters. The MK world has plenty of character to pick from rather than getting into the game characters that have nothing to do with the story line. Fucking Jason? Freddy? The whole point is to attract different customer base but really?? Being Drahmin, Hsu Hao and as DLC. Zombie Mileena because she’s dead.


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I understand you, i'm a fan of Shujinko and outhers of the PS2 era.

Mortal Kombat Armaggedon > Any other.


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Holy fuck you put a lot of work into this. For that I applaud you. Now do one for Kobra. :)
That's not my work -
here is the link to the artist..
Riccardo Pasquali
Concept Artist
Mortal Kombat XI character re-design: DRAHMIN
Personal project of MKXI characters proposal.
The first char picked is the oni tormentor Drahmin, the Ed Boon's most hated character!
I have tried to give more charisma to his background and upgrade his darkest and violent side.
I've attached also material studies, sketches, turn around model, promo art and Kombat Variations.
(Next character proposal will be maybe Quan Chi).