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I'm Blake from Surrey in the UK.

Long-time fan of NRS.

The original MK on the Mega Drive was the first fighting game I ever played and I adored it, bought every instalment in the franchise up until MK vs DCU when I fell out of love with fighting games in general.

Also played a lot of Tekken growing up (up until Tekken 5).

Tried to get into SFIV shortly after release to no avail, same with USFIV after watching EVO 2015 but didn't get on with it still.

Fast forward a couple of years and after watching EVO 2017 I've got back into fighting games in a big way, bought SFV, GG Xrd Rev, MK XL and (of course) Injustice 2.

Not got round to playing MK XL yet but by far my favourite out of all these so far is Injustice 2. It is such a fantastic game with such a fantastic story-mode and a tremendous amount of depth to it. I love everything about it (its even got me watching/reading DC films/tv shows I wouldn't touch before) and have been watching the Injustice Pro Series events on Twitch whenever they're on.

Feels like I've reconnected with an old friend, loved NetherRealm games (well Midway Chicago I guess) since I was a kid and I2 has resonated with me more than any fighting game has for at least 10 years.

I've even got a ticket to go to my first ever live eSports event next weekend (VSFighting in Birmingham, UK) so if anyone on here is attending too let me know :) truly caught the fighting game bug!

If anyone fancies sparring sometime in any of the games listed above you can add me on PSN (Blakey101) too.

Thanks for reading.


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