mortal kombat

  1. NickandAutumn

    NEW Stage Brutality with Patch

    New stage brutality on the Sea of Blood stage. To perform this you just have to get the last hit from mid to far range with the starfish throwable.
  2. NickandAutumn

    5th KRYPT Event Noob Saibot Klassic Mask

    A lot of you might know about this already but these are very short events and we just want to share it around so people don't miss out on anything they have been waiting for. Will end 8am MST 9/12/19
  3. M

    Hosting DAILY KOTH on my Twitch channel. Come join us!

    Hosting DAILY KOTH on my Twitch channel. Come join us! I'll be doing tournaments in the future for prizes as well. Can't wait to see you all! - Marto
  4. Madex

    How would you feel about a krypt expansion

    It would have the living forest new outworld themed environment and a goro and reptile boss fight that unlocks them as playable characters.and a new shrine for hearts and souls.
  5. NickandAutumn

    Don't miss the 3rd KRYPT event.

    Just in case anyone has missed this today there is about 12 hours left on the event it ends on 8/30/19 around 8am MST Get Kitana's Edenian Blue skin before its gone.
  6. Madex

    List of rewards for the gauntlet

    New member here does anyone have a list of rewards for the gauntlet?
  7. NickandAutumn

    New Secret Sub-Zero Brutality Ending *Video*

    Here's a new secret Sub-Zero brutality ending for 'Falling to Pieces',
  8. NickandAutumn


    We made this video showing off Jades new brutality that was released today. It was weird though a couple of days ago before it was dropped I saw it in my move list but wasn't able to preform it. Did anyone else have this glitch happen to them?
  9. NickandAutumn

    Isn't something missing from Raiden's Thunder Fly?!?!

    Well we fixed it!
  10. Ninethie Music

    Fan made Live Action/Gameplay Mortal Kombat Rap Song

    Hey, sort of new here. Been thinking about joining the forums for some time but honestly I never played the game as committed as I have in recent years. So I thought what better time to join then with the new game and show you all my love and appreciation for the franchise with my Fan made Song...
  11. Moco64

    My friends recent Daniel Pesina aka Johnny Cage interview!

    My friend recently had the opportunity to talk to Master Daniel Pesina about his Mortal Kombat experience, he was a such a kind, easy going guy that he actually accepted a fans request! Daniel Pesina is best known by gamers for his portrayal of Johnny Cage, Scorpion, Sub-Zero, and Reptile in...
  12. MKfanatic98

    What's your most memorable MK moment from childhood??

    As mk11 is almost here i reflected on some crazy times ive had over the years with the previous games. I remember seeing my first fatality, getting in fights with cousins over winning and losing, the feeling of performing that first brutality. Playing MKDs konquest mode and getting a friend to...
  13. Marinjuana

    Mortal Kombat Arcade in Japanese Anime, "Hi Score Girl"

    I've never heard of this recent anime/manga before but I just saw this scrolling through MKOutofKontext Twitter. (Thanks @Tundra81) It's literally the original Mortal Kombat in an anime and it's hilarious, check it out. High Score Girl actually seems like it might be rad and full of arcade...
  14. Living Corpse

    R.I.P. Blue Blood

    So they got rid of his blue blood, something about it not looking impactful.
  15. SmokeMK

    Smoke dekonfirmed?

  16. DarthArma

    Mortal Kombat New Jersey 03/09/2019 Tournament

    PRESENTING ****Mortal Kombat New Jersey Fighting Game Event**** 03/09/2019 This event is a tournament created to celebrate years of many Mortal Kombat and NRS games This event isn’t just a tournament to us, we want to focus on the community aspects of the local fighting game scene. We...
  17. Blade4693

    My boy Drahmin

    I like Drahmin and think he could be awesome if reworked by NRS today. I know he wasn't popular and that he isn't highly requested among the fan base, I accept that. I also have heard rumors that Boon and team don't like him because he was a pain to make/work on DA/MKA and I get that too. That's...
  18. Mind Flex

    An Idea For Possible Story DLC

    I was just thinking about this and started wondering if this could be a possibility. What if Kombat Pack 2 actually came with a few story chapters and the characters are all part of some theme. Imagine a Kombat Pack with Kenshi, Takeda, Daegon, and Tavon. Now imagine that we actually get some...
  19. Fatal1ty_93_RUS

    Let's assume more celebrities were to star in MK11. Whom would you want to see as which character?

    As you all know, we have Ronda Rousey as the face and the voice of Sonya Blade, which to my knowledge is a first when a big celebrity like herself starts in a Mortal Kombat game. We've also had WWE's Zelina Vega cosplay Jade on numerous occasions, including the recent Reveal Event in LA, and...
  20. KidVanDal

    Tell me what you like about MK11

    With the amount of complaints already day -95 I would like to have one thread with positive vibes only. Share some of the things you like about the game judging by what we have been shown so far. Some of the things that I think seem nice are: Low crushing short hops Anti airs look pretty...