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  1. bcfighting

    Mortal Kombat 11 Show Matches - Body Count Fighting at Mortal Kombat Day 2019

    Join Body Count Fighting on Thursday, January 17 as they team up with NetherRealm Studios and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment to host a series of world first show matches in Mortal Kombat 11! LIVE on Continue... January 17 is Mortal Kombat Day and, in honor of the...
  2. Skcorpion86

    Season 3 Online Mortal Kombat X Tournaments presented by

    Introducing Season 3 of my Mortal Kombat X weekly online tournaments (North America) (PS4) presented by I had a lot of fun doing Season 1-2 on my twitch channel and I want to get one more season of Online tournaments before MK11 gets here. If you are familiar with how I...
  3. HeavyNorse

    Mortal Kombat Encyclopedia! A team of awesome MK fans have posted the MK Encyclopedia they have been working on for years online! It is truly amazing, imo, and I hope they will get the greenlight to publish this. Read more here...
  4. UGL Preon

    7 Years of Salt (A Netherrealm Studios Time Capsule)

    Hey guys, sometimes when you get bored and see your hard drive filled with many old streams/videos/sets etc. You come to realize that a lot of this never went public. So what do we do with that found knowledge? Assemble a lot of funny rage quits, salt, and anger into one massive video. This was...
  5. HellblazerHawkman

    Jax CG Render from Artist Damon Woods

    CG Artist Damon Woods has put his talents to use in making this epic Jax render you are seeing above. Having done work for CW's The Flash, the VR title Raw Data and a whole bunch of other things, he seems to be setting his sights on making awesome Mortal Kombat renders in-between the other work...
  6. Roy Arkon

    The NRS Community Says Thank You to NRS!

    I've just found this video that was uploaded by the Youtuber First to 10, featuring players, Youtubers and commentators from across the world in the NRS community saying "thank you" to the development company who made the Fighting Game franchises we all love and play. With that being said, I...
  7. Romanova

    Have a Seat: First to Ten kicks into kombat and victories with Meryluna

    This week the blog is back interviewing one of the NRS scenes top lady competitors who has made a few top 8 appearances this year. I love Mery's personality so much she is fierce, competitive, and a sweetheart. I hope you all enjoy this interview with her...
  8. eddiegreyy

    Kombat Klub Pro League MKX (Brazil)

    Only Brazil. Sign up on 16 december: First step on january 18 Riseup MKX! @Killer Xinok @Vini_Strife @Buiu @Bruno-NeoSpace @ETC Mcfly
  9. Roy Arkon

    Your Favorite Fighting Game Character From Every Series

    Here is something for fun. I'm curios to hear what are favorite Fighting Game characters from every series that you've ever played, even if you played just one game from a certain series. If there is a tie or if your top spot for a series was belong to more then one character over the years, you...
  10. Vityaz

    UMK3 Arcade Machine | Handmade

    Hello everyone! I am glad to introduce my work - the arcade machine. It took a long time to create it, but it was worth it. Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 left a good impression, so I wanted to make an old dream come true!
  11. Romanova

    First to Ten - New blog to share stories and encourage community

    Hey everyone! I recently started a blog to start sharing stories of our community and it's players. The format is set up in a series of 10 questions, hence the name. I'm hoping from doing this every Sunday that it will help promote community as well as help you learn various fun facts about...
  12. Roy Arkon

    Official Video from NRS for the 25th Anniversary of Mortal Kombat

    The title says it all. Really great video from NRS on the official Mortal Kombat Community YouTube page.
  13. KitanaFanPage

    Mortal Kombat comics by Luiz Mictian

    Luiz Mictian, a professional artist and a big Mortal Kombat fan, has written and illustrated four Kitana tribute comics. Both our beloved klassic characters and the new generation ones star in these stories. What's more, there are beautifully choreographed and illustrated fight scenes. And the...
  14. STORMS

    Sub-Zero Reveal Trailer for Injustice 2

    UPDATED w/ Sub-Zero reveal trailer below! Sub-Zero will be entering the Injustice 2 universe with his like-Mortal Kombat XL moveset featuring ice clones, air clone and more! We see a mix of Grandmaster & Cryomancer Sub-Zero coming to Injustice 2. Sub-Zero's tentative release date is July.Click...
  15. Faisal

    Free Giveaway, two ending today :)

    Hey guys I got three giveaways going on one started today, two are ending some time today, please be sure to enter and grab a shirt (Giving out total of seven shirts and one additional merchandise) thanks
  16. K

    Mortal Kombat X FuturePak

    This awesome Mortal Kombat X FuturePak deserves a special thread! I am in love with this 3D embossing! What do you think about it?
  17. UGL Preon

    Netherrealm Studios Custom Edition

    Since Mortal Kombat 9's dawning all the way until now, with Injustice 2's Release looming in the next 6 Weeks we've seen many different mechanics & balance decisions come to fruition throughout NRS' titles. However whether it be Mortal Kombat or Injustice mechanics from one game do tend to bleed...
  18. R

    Where is the Twin Cities FGC Scene

    I recently moved to Saint Paul for school and I've been missing playing offline for many reason (mostly because i'm super F****** home sick) but also I my RA keeps telling me I need to find a way to be social I play mk for the most part a little tekken here and there im interested in under night...
  19. Parasurama

    Africa's Mortal Kombat X Scene - See their online tournament footage #SupportAfrica

    Dear all, UPDATE: For those who may have missed the stream - see below for the top 8 footage! Please join us on stream to watch an online tourney we made including Southern African and Central African players. It will start in a few hours at 12pm central African time...
  20. xxsledgrenxx

    Match Footage - Relentless Relentless Jason Online Games (Death Sequence Montage)

    any relentless mains? tag the others please lol #DeathSequence