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  1. UGL Preon


    United Gaming League Presents Mortal Kombat X (Alpha 1.1) @5pm EST on December 10th, 2016 Precursor: Shout outs to all of the TYM & MKX community at large for the 1st United Gaming League Event's Success! The Playlist of some of the archive matches can be found here! Congratulations to...
  2. UGL Preon

    [NOV. 19th] UGL Alpha #1 ⸨Mortal Kombat X⸩ PS4 Online Tournament /w Grand Prize

    United Gaming League Presents Mortal Kombat X (Alpha 1) @12pm EST on November 19th, 2016 RULES & REGULATIONS The Bracket Will be Capped at 32 Players USA Region The Tournament Will be Double Elimination || 3 out of 5 Games Will Call out to be Streamed Matches & On Deck Matches for 1st & 2nd...
  3. luis

    Top 8 Crossfire Master Edition Mortal Kombat XL Chile September 25, 2016

    Hi Guys I let you the top8 Crossfire Master Edition Tournament, with great players like Noble Ulveblueriver, WSS Croix and more... Results 1. WLK Fenix (Kano Cibernetic) 2. WSS Croix (Liu Flame Fist) 3. Nicogq (Kung Tempest) 4. Noble...
  4. UGL Preon

    Discovery Spectral Ermac Desynchronizes All Games!

    I would love to test the new patch out against live opponents but this has been happening consistently. So is this new? Is this found already? What exactly are the parameters set behind this? 1.) Ermac - Spectral B12 xx levitate levitate xx teleport xx Any Normal B12 stagger in which b1...
  5. Nuovo_Cabjoy

    Video MKXL Patch Hints (Day 1)! What does this mean for the future of MKXL?

    Hellooooo beautiful people of the internet! With the hype around NRS's recent announcement of an MKXL patch and even more recent Twitter postings of hints to changes, I wanted to break down some of the important questions we should be asking about where the MKXL meta could be going. This was...
  6. Nuovo_Cabjoy

    Cabjoy Revisits Mortal Kombat 1 (Arcade)!

    Hellooooooo beautiful Kombatants of TYM. In the lead up to the MKX balance patch I've decided to take it easy with the game and instead have shifted my focus elsewhere. After reminiscing I decided now would be the perfect time to play and stream me reuniting with my inner child and playing some...
  7. MK2D

    General/Other - Quan Chi Do you think he'll be back?

    Yes I'm talking about Quan Chi, not the T-800. Is there any reference or link to most played/tournament viable characters? It seems that's what would probably influence returning characters the most, besides perhaps fan demand. Let's face it, no one really "dies" in MK.
  8. MK_Gorchichka

    Question What is considered to be a "disrespect"?

    As we know, there are things that are general to any fighting game and also specific ones. And I just wanted TYM community to tell what is considered as a "disrespect" in terms of MKX in particular and in terms of any fighting game in general.
  9. UGL Preon

    Mortal Kombat XL: First to 10 Character Exhibition

    Just a random non-character locked Character Exhibition on Stream featuring my (Ronin Takeda, Hunter Predator, Spectral Ermac) Vs Zata MK's (Brood Mother D'Vorah & Hish Qu Tin Predator). Getting Back into the game has been rough but I think we're off to a good start. I'm trying to play anyone...
  10. FallenAngel

    mk11 stance switching should do more?

    should stance switching have an use in the next Mk game?examples: Different frames on combos(frame change on different side). some combos can only be performed while stance switching(example: f12 stance switch f12). stance switch allows different combos varies on each side. each stance switch...
  11. P


    I apologize if this has been brought up in a previous thread. In my search, I only saw a brief mention of a future moba on a reply. On to why I'm here... I've seen brief mentions of a Mortal Kombat MOBA here and there, but never anything crazy in-depth, (not that mine is perfect). But I think...
  12. br8kz


    Hello everyone! I upload regularly to youtube some often funny and fun MKX content here's one of my favorite videos of someone RAGING online XD
  13. VSC_Supreme

    Will Story only characters make a return?

    Do you guys think we'll see some story only characters like in MKXL? And i don't mean characters that just make a cameo, but I mean do you think will there be fights against characters that aren't playable, and just retain their movesets from the previous game, just like Rain and Baraka in MKXL...