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How would you feel about a krypt expansion


How could you tell?
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would be fucking very nice, hehe .... that alone I would pay 15 bucks for that, if would bring more new cool skins and gears with :)


They'd better add more chests and locations. I know I'm not the only one with unobtainable gear labeled "found in normal krypt chests" when there is none left!
That’s Good idea and would be awesome and I heard names for new shrine ideas on reddit osh tek shrine and the well of souls


Living Forest, Deadpool, and Wastelands would be sick but I know those are in Outworld rather than Tsung's island...but then again there is a random ass Kytinn hive there so why tf not lol
Krypt was fun for about a day, then it got kind of old. If they’re going to give more skins and gear, I prefer them to be rewards for actually playing the game and not for posting some little mini game they tracked into it.
That'd be dope. I know how much people hate grinding (and in particular the way this game has handled it), but Jesus if I didn't immensely enjoy my first run through and picking up all the little references to the movie/old games.

They should seriously do this.


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Yes please, I like the krypt (besides the RNG part) and if they do an Expansion with fixed loot in chests (please make all chests there soul and heart chests, we have bazillions of those and nothing to do with them) I would even pay 10$ for it.
It would have the living forest new outworld themed environment and a goro and reptile boss fight that unlocks them as playable characters.and a new shrine for hearts and souls.
This is Mortal Kombat just add Portals and go anywhere.

I'd be happy if they would add a place to put the DLC Kharacters heads on spikes.

I want STAGE FATALITIES to return the most!!!