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  1. L

    MKX Clan Battle

    What’s up everyone! My name is 2FANZ. I’m the leader of the clan named LpG. We are built up on the Xbox platform. We’ve been going strong for quite some time and I want my guys to get a little more out of what’s out there. If anyone is down for a clan battle please let us know and I will see to it.
  2. Chemical

    Mortal Kombat X Discord

    I feel Mortal Kombat X currently needs a home and a place to call its own, for those that are still playing and love MKXL, I have created a discord with all welcome to join. Discord used for MKXL discussion, matchmaking, and future tournaments online and off. No...
  3. G

    I put (just about) every pro tournament in MK9, MKX and Mortal Kombat 11 in one playlist.

    I took a couple of hours to find just about every tournament and put them all in chronological order.
  4. Roy Arkon

    What is Injustice 2 truly all about?

    I know that this question might be sound dumb to some people and it have been answered somewhere else here, but I at least didn't find an answer to it so I hope you guys can help me. A couple of days ago, @STB Shujinkydink made a new tier list vid for IJ2: But it's not the tier list I wanna...
  5. Roy Arkon

    NRS/WB should bring back the Variation System for MK11 - Here's Why

    I know that some people will harshly disagree with this, and some might say that this topic is overdone, but please hear me out on this one. I love MKX, IJ2 is a hell of an awesome game, but MKX is still for me the best game NRS has done so far overall. One of the things that love about MKX is...
  6. Roy Arkon

    Video Hidden Hebrew and English Phrases in Mortal Kombat X

    The Mortal Kombat games are known for their weird phrases that usually are just gibberish, but sometimes there some real world existing phrases from several languages hidden in the games. After @Mgo have discovered some hidden English and Spanish phrases in both Mortal Kombat 4 and Mortal...
  7. Suchiha117

    cE RZA wins Yuzu Cup II

    So much hype in this tournament, what else can we say? Thank you guys for coming from overseas and attending the Yuzu Cup II with so much motivation and passion! EU community is more alive than ever and can be proud of its players! Congratulations to cE RZA, winner of the Yuzu Cup II who made...

    Match Footage - Wrestler Jax - Wrestler - Matches Footage!

    Please post here your Wrestler Footage! My games against very good Dualist Player:

    Match Footage - Commando Mortal Kombat X - Kano Commando - Online Matches with FIGHTNOW!

    I asked in my Kano Tutorial Thread about making a separated one with only Matches and people said Yes! Hope it'll be useful and enjoyable for you! So, here we go! Counters FTW online matches)) New Set w/ Commando against my old friend)
  10. UGL Preon

    United Gaming League Alpha #1: MKX Tournament RESULTS & (Archive)

    Mortal Kombat XL Online Tournament (PS4) MARQUEE MATCHES & Results First and foremost shout outs to the players, viewers, & fellow streamers who made this event a lot of fun to host. Stream capped at over 100 viewers during the inaugural Stream and what a Stream it was. Featuring players from...
  11. UGL Preon

    [NOV. 19th] UGL Alpha #1 ⸨Mortal Kombat X⸩ PS4 Online Tournament /w Grand Prize

    United Gaming League Presents Mortal Kombat X (Alpha 1) @12pm EST on November 19th, 2016 RULES & REGULATIONS The Bracket Will be Capped at 32 Players USA Region The Tournament Will be Double Elimination || 3 out of 5 Games Will Call out to be Streamed Matches & On Deck Matches for 1st & 2nd...
  12. FIGHTN0W

    Guide - Commando MKX - Kano Commando - Tutorial + Online Matches by FIGHTNOW!

    This is my first tutorial in this style, i hope you'll enjoy it and it'll helpful for you! Tell me if i missed something! (tell me how bad is this? :/) ------------------------------------------------------------------- Tutorial in Action (Online Matches): And guys, if you wanna see some...
  13. UGL Preon

    Discovery Spectral Ermac Desynchronizes All Games!

    I would love to test the new patch out against live opponents but this has been happening consistently. So is this new? Is this found already? What exactly are the parameters set behind this? 1.) Ermac - Spectral B12 xx levitate levitate xx teleport xx Any Normal B12 stagger in which b1...
  14. Nuovo_Cabjoy

    Video MKXL Patch Hints (Day 1)! What does this mean for the future of MKXL?

    Hellooooo beautiful people of the internet! With the hype around NRS's recent announcement of an MKXL patch and even more recent Twitter postings of hints to changes, I wanted to break down some of the important questions we should be asking about where the MKXL meta could be going. This was...
  15. Thorfax13

    Does Injustice 2 Need an Actual Ranking System?

    Hey guys, just wanted to make a little post on nether realms ranked mode. Now I love everything that they are doing with their games but when i go and play ranked matches, I feel like im not really doing anything. Their is no real ranking system, its just a win/loss record which is the same in...
  16. Tanno

    [Sept, 10-18, 2016] GET Fighting Game Tournaments (Thessaloniki, Greece)

    4 days from now, there will be the Fighting Game Tournaments in the Global Expedition of Thessaloniki (GET), which takes place in the heart of Thessaloniki city, in Greece. This particular event is the biggest in the Balkans, and everyone around the world come here to do their own expeditions...