cE RZA wins Yuzu Cup II

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By Suchiha117 on Mar 12, 2017 at 12:56 PM
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    So much hype in this tournament, what else can we say?
    Thank you guys for coming from overseas and attending the Yuzu Cup II with so much motivation and passion! EU community is more alive than ever and can be proud of its players!

    Congratulations to cE RZA, winner of the Yuzu Cup II who made it in a grand finale against Viennality St9rm and his terrible Takeda! Ggs to cE Taco who reached the third place of the podium in this tourney just ahead of his brother in arms cE Crathen!

    Congrats to SNK| HappyPow, Mickadi and YUZU Masta, our dear French players who made it to the top 8 !


    Ranking for the Top 8:

    1st - cE RZA ( Crystalline )
    2nd - Viennality St9rm ( Shirai Ryu )
    3rd - cE Taco ( Grand Master, Unbreakable, Smoke )
    4th - cE Crathen ( Sektor )
    5th - SnK HappyPow ( Nimble, Hellfire, Ancestral )
    5th - IrishMantis ( A-List, Stunt Double )
    7th - Yuzu Masta ( Shaolin, Ninjutsu )
    7th - Mickadi ( Sektor )​

    Pool A bracket: http://yuzuclangaming.challonge.com/fr/YCIIPoolA
    Pool B bracket: http://yuzuclangaming.challonge.com/fr/YCIIPB
    Pool C bracket: http://yuzuclangaming.challonge.com/fr/YCIIPC
    Pool D bracket: http://yuzuclangaming.challonge.com/fr/YCIIPD

    On the behalf of the whole Yuzu Gaming team, thank you guys for joining us in this hyped tournament at the venue but also on Twitch! We managed to gather the best EU players for the Yuzu Cup II and we will keep doing our best to organize greater tournaments on Mortal Kombat X and Injustice 2!

    We're not gonna let the hype get down! Thank you to our partners for giving us their support for this great event: AFK Rotterdamn, BeatBy38 and TeamAuPif.

    Pool and Top 16 VOD:

    Top 8 VOD:

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    Drop a follow on: http://twitter.com/Yuzu_Gaming

    Watch our events on: http://twitch.tv/yuzuclangaming

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Discussion in 'Tournament & Event Aftermaths' started by Suchiha117, Mar 12, 2017.

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