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  1. Luiz Mictian, a professional artist and a big Mortal Kombat fan, has written and illustrated four Kitana tribute comics. Both our beloved klassic characters and the new generation ones star in these stories. What's more, there are beautifully choreographed and illustrated fight scenes. And the dialogues are very action driven.

    Here're the chapters:
    The events of MK9 told from Kitana's perspective
    I. Mortal Kombat: The Shadow and The Shaolin - this is a NEWLY-released chapter!

    II. Mortal Kombat: The Gift

    Post-MKX stories
    III. Mortal Kombat: Mournful - Part 1

    IV. Mortal Kombat: Mournful - Part 2

    Please, share the deviantart links with other MK fans. So much passion, time and work was put into these comics. Luiz has a lot of ideas for the future stories. Your feedback is what encourages him to continue. So please, write your comments down below . He will appreciate that :)
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  2. Thanks for creating this thread, Luiz's work is fantastic. I didn't know he finished his "Mournful" story arc, so it's great to read that conclusion.

    I love how he mixes in different versions of the lore to create very well thought out and executed plots, and how he mixes in the different variations of characters in extremely plausible fashions.

    I also personally think his art is better and more realistic than the official Mortal Kombat X comics!

    Looking forward to his next comic!
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    That's cool how fan fiction and fans put so much effort into MK comics, that's one of my dreams personally to write a few.
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    These just look awesome! Excellent work! :)

    Edit: Hey @KitanaFanPage I just finished read the whole thing, it was indeed an excellent work, and I'm glad to inform you that the whole project is at the frond page of MKSecrets.Net, courtesy of your's truly, and of course all the credit goes to Luiz Mictian!
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