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MK11 Tech - Soul Eater Shang Tsung Can Shake-Parry His Own Fire Skull

Roy Arkon

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I don't know if this is known yet, but in case it isn't, here is something interesting with Shang Tsung in the Soul Eater Variation.

It turns out that Shang can Shake-Parry his own Fire Skull. This can help him greatly in Match-ups against characters with projectile reflecting moves such as Nightwolf, as now they very well might hesitate to use those moves against Shang. As you can see, this works for both the regular and Amplified versions of the Shake Parry, and it will store the Shake-Parry Krushing Blow, since the Fire Skull is a projectile in itself, and it doesn't matter in which order you do either version of the Parry (regular or Amplified). Of course, you can't Parry two Fire Skulls and get the KB, since you would have to put the input for the 2nd Fire Skull.

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