1. A l i

    Matchup: Reptile vs Mileena

    Greetings Kombatants. I wanted to share this post and learn the thoughts of pro players who played this matchup on high level. I myself use Reptile as a main character so all kinds of tips to use on this matchup would be very helpful. Take into the consideration, we are talking about the high...
  2. HapHaxion

    TMNT MU Discussion Thread

    There was no discussion thread purely for the Turtles' MUs. Let's change that. Post numbers, difficult or easier matchups, etc. below. There are four turtles, so if what you are saying is specific to one, make sure you mention which!
  3. HapHaxion

    Atom MU Discussion

    ⚛ Noticed a small problem in that there was no discussion thread purely for Atom MUs. Let's change that. Post numbers, difficult or easier matchups, etc. below. ⚛
  4. HapHaxion

    Raiden Matchup Discussion

    Saw there wasn't a general MU Discussion thread for Raiden yet, so I decided to make one. Discuss numbers, reasonings, strategies, what have you, below. ⚡⚡
  5. Cashual

    What do I do against Joker?

    hey y'all. I didn't play IGAU and I'm finding myself getting mauled by joker in the corner and unable to compete with him full screen zoning. I know joker is considered bad, but I have zero MU knowledge or experience against him and I got 3-0d last night by a good joker who really abused the...
  6. Th4tDrewDude

    Any good tips for fighting Firestorm?

    Even though I don't fight firestorm that often on ranked, every time I go against one I usually get bodied. I'm super unfamiliar with the matchup, do you guys have any tips, or even know any characters I could pocket to deal with him?
  7. HapHaxion

    Brainiac Matchup Discussion

    I noticed that we didn't actually have a dedicated MU discussion thread after ~3 months of IJ2 being out. Let's change that.
  8. MGTarkus

    Dds vs Sg, MU info/advice compilation thread.

    I'm starting this thread to try and compile all the tech and strategies required to minimize the losing match up that is: dead shot vs super girl. Depending on how you play dead shot she is pretty much your only bad match up. It's seams like a 5-5 or a 4-6 offline but it's complete hell with...
  9. HapHaxion

    Catwoman MU Discussion

    We had a tech thread, but no Matchup discussion thread, so I'm creating one. Talk about MUs, numbers, etc below.
  10. Decay

    Decay (Swamp Thing) vs Cossner (Green Arrow) MU exploration

    We played a long set, some of which were really one sided and others were super close. I clipped this portion because it seems to showcase a little of both the aforementioned outcomes. Interesting MU, but it's extremely hard to stay patient full screen against him. Tell me what you guys...
  11. The_Tile

    Discussion What is YOUR character's best MU?

    Phrases such as "MKX doesn't have any TERRIBLE MU's", get thrown around a lot on TYM nowadays. Well, people, I don't believe you! This thread will be to discuss some of the most lopsided matchups in the game. But we're focusing on characters that your main bodies as opposed to characters who...