Decay (Swamp Thing) vs Cossner (Green Arrow) MU exploration

Discussion in 'Swamp Thing' started by Decay, Jun 9, 2017.

  1. Decay

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    We played a long set, some of which were really one sided and others were super close. I clipped this portion because it seems to showcase a little of both the aforementioned outcomes. Interesting MU, but it's extremely hard to stay patient full screen against him. Tell me what you guys think, and if you've played the MU before! GGs and enjoy!


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  2. D_Matt_Ma

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    I think it's difficult to stay full screen with Swamp thing vs ANYONE. Damage was pretty one-sided though as you were bashing him with a club for almost no damage (looked funny though). I think the log may end up being a mobility tool as it proved better than walking when full screen.
  3. Awkward Sloth

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    Cossner should've used more fire arrows because it's super effective against grass types.

    It's common knowledge. What a scrub. :/
  4. chores

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    playing as GA the worst feeling in the world is letting an overhead arrow go instead of a straight air arrow AFTER they have jumped and a straight arrow would have hit. its like the opponent took the bait but you failed to capitalize lol. happens at 8:57 in the vid
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  5. Crusty

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    He should've used ice arrows because swamp thing is an grass/flying type


    I would assume this MU would be utter trash, but I see Cossner not running away and using fire arrows the whole time... he's actually going in....

    I get that run away fire arrow zoning is no fun but I can't help but think it would completely shut Swamp's offense down...
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  7. Decay

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    If he runs, it's really hard of course. But the second I can out footsie-him it's very fair. Swamp Thing out spaces GA for sure
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  8. D_Matt_Ma

    D_Matt_Ma Sheeva isn't Goro's wife. Goro is her husband.

    To get in, do you find slow walking it better, or the random dash/jump as the best option? His basic arrow recovery is really fast, so dashing/jumping gets to be hard. Low arrow specifically is hard for me to get around.
  9. Decay

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    Walk in and react to the overhead low arrows. He can only really do a slide, or jump in to get out of walking into the corner. I understand online can be harder to react to the arrows, but offline it's extremely easy imo
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  10. Cossner

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    You can't just mindlessly shoot arrows, the moment I load one and he reacts to it with the full screen grab the zoning is over. I also don't want to walk myself in into the corner. This is a small selection of matches, we've played hundreds of times and it's bad for Swamp Thing.


    That's not what I meant. But with the mobile interactables in this stage and how tough it can be to vines on reaction to a loaded arrow online I don't see this being in Swamp's favor at all. Fire arrow bodies vines on a trade and low arrow is vine immune. And to be fair, in the matches in the video you went in a lot more than you probably had to. Made it more fun to watch though! Good stuff!
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  12. EntropicByDesign

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    Great gameplay, its nice that at least someone is playing and exploring Swampy.
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