frame data

  1. Tanya-Fan-28

    Is Frame-Data worth memorizing before Patches/Nerfs & Buffs?

    Because imagine shoving a ton of block advantage in your head only to find out that paticular moves frames changed after updates. Been kicking myself for not reading my frame-data study cards everyday like I promised but considering just to "learn as I go" through ranked matches until patches...
  2. Tanya-Fan-28

    What are Jades best special cancels?

    ...So I watched Shijinkydinks advance frame data tutorial and idk if I am calculating this right F3 has 3 Active Frames with 18 cancel advantage 18 Cancel Adv - 3 Active Frames =16 Edenian Strike has a 20 start up 20 - 16 =4 So there are 4 frames for F3+DB3. Sorry if this sounds dumb, I...
  3. A

    Movelist/framedata/notes + Anki decks [Any interest in helping?]

    I put together a Google Sheet that looks like this - I then use this to create set of chracter specific Anki [ ] decks for flash card studying. The result is - Front: Back: === This lets me study Kombos, frame data, etc. on my current main but what I really...
  4. Cheesus

    Frame data confusion about startup frames

    Hello, so which is true, A or B???? A. 1. Startup values include the 1st active frame like every other fighting game. 2. There is 1 frame of recovery after blocking an attack. (to punish -10 you need a 9f startup move or better because of the 1f of block recovery) 3. Reversals skip...
  5. Wazurau

    Wazurau's Cetrion (Spring Cleaning) Guide Spreadsheet

    Late rn and am going to sleep but, I'll be continuously working on this until it is completed to its fullest extent. (5/13/19 3:49pm: updates to Kombos)
  6. Frame-Boy

    Liu Kang Moves Scatter Chart

    I put Liu Kang's moves on a scatter chart. X axis for block advantage. Y axis for start-up. Size for active frames. Not quite sure on calculated start-up for dd1 2 and dd1 3 though. Enjoy ;D -- I am developing frame data application for Injustice 2 with plans to cover Mortal Kombat...
  7. LawAbidingCitizen

    Kitana Frame Data (April 18th 2019) subject to change!

    This is all subject to change but here it is in case anyone besides me wanted to know Kitana frame data. Credit to @TrulyAmiracle for giving us the mound of info from his copy of game. He has gone out of his way to answer hundreds of questions and is still doing so. Pay your respects! Kitana...
  8. Frame-Boy

    Scorpion Frame Data & Move Data (Screenshots)

    Hi everybody! I uploaded screenshots of Scorpion moves in case anybody wants to study him between beta and release. Feel free to view or grab them here:!AjEe8t_gwbD8xKc2za2q4wawT3M22A If you use online viewer, please sort files by name, so their order will be the same as...
  9. Execute

    Scorpion Stress Test Frame Data

    Basic Attacks Straight Punch Input: 1 Damage: 2 Move Type: High Block Damage: .3 Startup: 7 Active: 2 Recovery: 17 Cancel Advantage: 16 Hit Advantage: 9 Block Advangtage: -2 Gut Slice Input: B1 Damage: 3 Move Type: Mid Block Damage: Not Listed Startup: 14 Active: Not Listed Recovery: 29 Cancel...
  10. Tanya-Fan-28

    Question - Piercing Double Impale

    I am trying to input the Double Impale combo in training mode andI only manage to get to ->1, 2+4, when I press 4+3 the last animation doesn't come out. I managed to get the full string once or twice but it required rigorous timing for the last input. I guess you need to find th a 'sweet spot'...
  11. SwagMountains

    Tested Dash Frame Data

    Well hi, I doubt this is common knowledge because i've never seen any mention of dash frame data nor is it in move lists, but me and @megamonk4 tested forward and back dash frame data as well as transition advantage. We tested forward dash frame data by recording atrocitus to do bloodnado and...
  12. 7horx

    Full Roster Frame Data with Previews (update 1.03 - 1.05)

    Hi everyone, After 2 months I finally ended my project and I want to share that with you. The idea was born like 1 year ago when I was playing in Buttonczech tournament and my next enemy was someone playing Goro. I had no Idea tbh how to play against this character and I thought it would be...
  13. Error

    Black Adam Trait Cancels

    Updated to reflect February patch changes I took the old trait cancel frames and subtracted 3 from them with the exception of the cancels that were negative, I tested those with reversal SG(5f) and Flash(6f) supermove as well as 8f specials. 113 had it's cancel advantage changed as well, which...
  14. WonderMenace

    What are gaps in strings?

    Noob question, but I'm coming across people talking about gaps in strings? Can someone ELI5? Please tell me the significance of gaps and what I need to know to become better at analyzing frame data. Just trying to get better, sorry if it's a dumb question (I'm a noob...). Thanks
  15. WonderMenace

    Frame data question for combo strings...

    How do you interpret the frame data for strings/combo attacks? Like a "113" combo? How does the start up, block, and on-hit advantage relate to this combo string compared to the frame data for, say, a F3 command normal?
  16. Israfel


    So @Jerseyman55 and a few of the other locals in my area were talking not unlike many other people out there in the community. We thought we could pick up where the last frame data sheet left off for MKXL. Obviously the game isn't out yet so if anybody wants to collaborate to fill in all of...
  17. MadeOfMetal

    When its your turn MKXL? Pictures (Tutorial to help you understand how to read the Frame Data)

    I am astounded at how many players online do not know when its there turn. I constantly here others complain why did my move not come out when it was clearly the other players advantage. So i am making this not for Educated and Veteran players but the less Educated Online Warriors that do not...