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UMK3 Mileena Frame Data


So I have an update to this for MAME 0.129 with the 1f less delay.


  • I am now measuring special moves by counting frames directly after the completion of the input because it doesn't make sense to use the frame buffer.
  • Air moves seem to come out a frame later than grounded attacks if you haven't noticed.
  • In order to not get thrown you have to already be holding back when the opponent presses LP, so a startup value doesn't necessarily make sense.
  • Mileena's Air Sai assumes she is already in the air. An IAS is 19f startup.
  • Neutral jump is 4f startup.
  • Blocking is 3f startup.
  • The Teleport Drop Kick becomes active at 21f but it will hit a standing opponent at around 26f.
  • The Roll becomes active at 6f, but it will hit a fullscreen opponent at around 31f.
  • The Sai becomes active at 21f, but will hit a fullscreen opponent at around 38f.
  • The Air Sai travels across the screen for around 20f after it initially becomes active (IAS will hit a fullscreen opponent at 39f)