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Just saw this on Twitter. PC port of MKX via Steam is on-sale for just less than the next 48 hours. $35.99 for the game while the Premium Edition is $44.99. Click HERE to check out the MKX page on the Steam store.
Our 9th FRIDAY FATAL FIGHTS took place on Friday and we had 14 people wanting to dethrone Boki. He got knocked into Losers but managed to fight his way back to grand finals, resetting the score and taking the weekly. Is there any way to stop Boki and his Lao?
Credits for this amazing DS4 go to @MK_Al

Top 3
X-B-O-K-I-X (Tempest Lao)
st9rm (Hollywood Cassie / Shirai Ryu Takeda)
@jokey77 (HQT Predator)
On November 29th, I'm hosting a tourney for any MKX player that has never ever placed top 8 at a major, evo, Esl finals (not the online weeklies) for $10 entry winner take all.

When: Sunday 8pm EST/5pm PST November 29th 2015 when ESL ends for NA.

What: MKX XBone Tourney. All rounds 3/5; Grand Finals 4/7


How much: $10 entry fee, all money goes to pot and winner take all.

Stream: http://www.twitch.tv/streamofthehut Check out the sign up info below:
This Sunday, EU is in Week #5 while NA is in Week #4. Make sure you're signed up by clicking HERE for EU, and HERE for NA. Good luck to all EarthRealm Kombatants!!! Check out the info below for ESL MKX S2, W4//W5:
This thread is to compile a list of all active MKX weeklies.

If you have a weekly you would like to be added to the OP please list the following:
Event Name (Click it to be linked to event thread for more info)
Date/Time etc
Location (City/State/Country etc.)
Stream link w/ http to ensure a click to connect please

Also, please add your event to the TYM Event schedules by making Event Threads. HERE for anywhere in North America, HERE for anywhere else in the entire World.

Check out this week's action below:
After over a two month hiatus, South Florida's Versus Kombat Weekly finally made its long-awaited return to bring you the absolute HYPEST matches with some of the best players in the country! This week was FULL of heavy hitters such as EVB's Big D, DR Gross, KitanaPrime, Noobe, Obamanatti, and Vendetta; as well as cR Whiteboi and a special newcomer, Khaotic Golden Jew! The bloodbath consisted of 20 entrants fighting for the title of this week's Versus Champion. Make sure to tune in every Wednesday at about 8:30pm EST at twitch.tv/vsgc

1st Place: EVB Big D - Spectral/MOS Ermac, Aftershock Tremor
2nd Place: cR Whitboi - Relentless Jason
3rd Place: EVB KitanaPrime - Royal Storm/Assassin/Mournful
4th Place: EVB Noobe - Cybernetic Kano/Grandmaster Sub Zero
5th Place: KHTC Golden Jew - Tempest Lao
5th Place: EVB Vendetta: A-List Cage
7th Place: EVB Ashenar: Balanced Kenshi/Noxious Reptile
7th Place: EVB DR Gross: Shirai Ryu Takeda/Hollywood Cassie

Archive: http://www.twitch.tv/vsgc/v/27716382
Sup guys! I leave two tricks:

1. Invincible Kung Lao (Tempest)
2. Parry interaction (applicable to all characters).

Stay tuned to comment. See videos below:
In the spirit of MKX what are you most thankful for in MKX?

I am most thankful for the AFK KOH mode.

What are you most thankful for?
XBox Live's Black Friday deals are live, and some of them are for MK games. From the Arcade Kollection to MK9 and MKX, there is deals to be had if you don't have these games yet, and the deals are pretty good. Check them out below:
Way late on this, completely swamped with work and life and it just slipped my mind. Anyway. The first revamped Michigan Ranbats took place a couple Sunday's ago. With it being on a Sunday instead of Saturday there was worry that people wouldn't show up but the tournaments got a good amount of entrants.

Top 3 Results:
  1. cR Footwurk (Ninjutsu Scorpion, Hellfire Scorpion)
  2. JWE Compbros (Spec Ops Cassie Cage, Covert Ops Sonya Blade)
  3. CORN Sethlol (Ronin Takeda)
Commentators: Jasin Walraven, KF Kiu, CORN L-Train

Archives: http://www.twitch.tv/jasinwalraven/v/25997430
10 weeks since we started doing a regular EU tournament on PC and we have arrived to the point where the player base for the event is around 100~120 players, what that means is we can comfortably host 16 player brackets and have the necessary players on the waiting list to cover for the usual no shows that happen. Overall I'm very pleased with how thing have been progressing up to this point and I'd like to thank each and every player that took part in the events so far.

Week 10 culminated in the first Mileena player to take the Champion title since we started the series, with @The 2nd Coming from winners facing off versus ErronLol from losers, the match ending in a 3-1 for The 2nd Coming in the first set of the Grand Final.

I'll be taking a month long break in December from streaming and hosting events so the EU WEEKLY LIVE series will return in January 2016, hopefully to the same eager crowd of players that have made all of this possible.To close things up I'd like to congratulate The 2nd Coming on his win and to bid all of you a farewell til next year. -RVB
Last week passed and so did the second edition in the NA WEEKLY LIVE tournament series. I gotta give it to Blowsmoke for being overly optimistic on getting a FULL 16 player bracket and guess what?... it actually happened, to my amazement. A lot of props go to the people that spread word of this and made it ,as far as I'm concerned, an exciting event.

I've got a long way to go until I establish a core group of players for the NA WEEKLY like I did with it's EU counterpart but that will happen with time, dedication and a lot of help from the NA PC community. Having new faces like @Tundra_Arctos join the tournament and showing off a very solid Grandmaster Sub Zero, while facing the likes of last weeks Champion @Kickbykick, made me see that the NA WEEKLY LIVE has a bright future ahead and I wil continue to work and improve it as much as I possibly can.

Changes will be made and some of these I will disclose in December when I will be taking a month long hiatus from streaming and hosting tournaments, hopefully I can do justice to all the credit I've been receiving from players that took place in the tournaments so far. One thing will remain a constant though... my shitty commentary!

In the end I'd like to congratulate Tundra on his well deserved win and to thank the rest of the players for attending the NA WEEKLY, see you all in 2016! -RVB
Unfortunately i wasn't able to attend the tournament (last minute job issues and yes, you work on sundays too when you are a musician), but what an event! The hype was through the roof and we had 260 viewers during Grand Finals! Crathen managed to take one for Italy after a very close bracket reset by LLL.Taco thanks to his "Pistolero" Erron Black.

1) Crathen - Italy (Outlaw/Gunslinger Erron Black)
2) LLL.Taco - Netherlands (Grandmaster Sub Zero/Tempest Kung Lao/Buzzsaw Kung Lao)
3) FireBreather - Ireland (Stunt Double Johnny Cage)
4) Asodimazze - Italy (A-List Johnny Cage/ Shaolin Kung Jin/ Ruthless Ferra-Torr)
5) Vak Phoenix - Czech Republic (Kobu Jutsu Tanya)
5) Octagon| Jupe - Finland (All variations Kano)
7) BB Snoop - Poland
7) Semensatch - Italy
9) Sassolino - Italy
9) BB Thorx - Poland
9) DavideHT - Italy
9) Loudsandman - Italy
13) FMHeart - Italy
13) Andrea Marsella - Italy
13) Lintinisi - Italy
13) KuroChan - Italy
Hey guys, I just wanted to bring to light there will be an upcoming rule revision regarding section 2.15. Streaming and Recording of the ESL MKX Pro League rules.

The current Streaming and Recording rules are as follows:
  • Live streaming or recording of official ESL MKX Pro League matches is allowed and there is no restriction on the personal use of self-recorded match videos. Under certain circumstances, such as events which are live streamed on the official Twitch.tv/Netherrealm channel, players must obtain written permission for use of the material.
  • Players are not to stream their official matches during the Live broadcasts (Wednesday) on Twitch. This rule is subject to change.
  • Please keep in mind that streaming without a delay may allow your opponents to gain an advantage. Watching a live stream of your opponent is bad sportsmanship, but it is not cheating, so disputes of this nature will be disregarded.
Starting with the ESL MKX Pro League Season 2 Week #4 cup on 11/29/2015 there will be a new addition to the rules to reflect the following: During Sunday's cup if your opponent requests you turn off your stream during the match you must do so.

For all the latest updates about the ESL MKX Pro League, check out the website and follow the tournament serie's official Facebook and Twitter accounts.
Hello TYM. You may remember me as a very active member of the TYM forums and MK9 tournament scene. I wanted to let you know about a new fighting game that is on Steam Greenlight at the moment.

We really need your ‘YES’ vote on Steam Greenlight!

http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=541345808&searchtext=clash monsters

About two years ago, Storms made a TYM frontage announcement about 'Clash of the Monsters’, a game that I was beginning work on at that time. It had quite a reception on TYM, and a small Kickstarter for the game successfully funded!
Our FRIDAY FATAL FIGHTS #8 took place on Friday and i must say, that we've had the best sets yet!
Our players are constantly leveling up and our numbers are increasing on a weekly basis.
This week we had 18 participants!

Boki got his runback vs my Takeda sending me into losers and 3-0ing me in the Grand Finals

Top 3
X-B-O-K-I-X (Tempest Lao)
st9rm (Shirai Ryu Takeda)
@TheLeoholic (Crystalline Tremor)
November 20th, 2015 bore witness to the first of many Flawless Fridays. Many warriors heeded the call from all parts of the US and beyond to claim glory. In the end there could be only one Victor and his name was Zoofs.

1st Place: EMPR Zoofs (Deceptive Reptile / Grand Master Sub-Zero)
2nd Place: STB | BBS Shujinkdink (Summoner/Warlock Quan Chi / Venomous D'Vorah)
3rd Place: KHTC Traphustla (Grandmaster Sub-Zero)
4th Place: UPR Jolt (Ethereal Mileena / Demolition Sonya Blade)
5th Place: DanableLector (Aftershock/Crystalline Tremor)
UPR Nova (Pumped Up Jax / Goro)​
7th Place: UPR Fluff (Shirai Ryu Takeda)
UPR Chameleon (Reptile/Kotal Kahn/Tremor)​

http://challonge.com/A4MKX for full bracket details.
Our September Open Series Champion DsV Kayy9 placed Top 8 this week, he put up a strong first showing on stream and fought well against SonicFox5000. Although the Open Series contestant ultimately went down 3-0, he took the first round of the first set from SonicFox5000 - while both players had but a sliver of health remaining - with an incredible clutch Instant Air Dive Kick.

ESL would like to put in the spotlight our Open Series contestant DsV Kayy9 this week. In this interview we go over his competitive history and see how he is handling the transition from the semi-pro Open Series Cups to the MKX Pro League. Read the full interview below:
That MK Weekly #18

Results -
1. TGS Mr Aquaman - War God Kotal Kahn
2. TGS Zappa - Boneshaper Shinnok / Spectral Ermac
3. TGS / RM Srryimwhte - Kobu Tanya
4. TGS Gimpy - Shotgun Jacqui
5. ZB Villianous - Gunslinger/Outlaw Erron Black
5. Quiet Storm - Ethreal Mileena
7. Awkward Sloth - Pyromancer Tanya
7. Whodat - Venomous Dvorah

9. Indecisive
9. Traestarr
9. Paragon

Bracket - http://challonge.com/TMW111915
The unstoppable Irish Fire Breathing Mantis aka @FireBreather is once again our supreme champion. While few dare to speak his name and even fewer have caught him on camera, I have sources that say this is the actual face of the legend...

Joking aside, this was a weird one. The match between Taco and Irish had to be decided by a guessing game since MKX refused to connect the two players. Some matches were laggy, some were fine. Man0 had a great showing, placing second with his onli... Hellfire scorpion. Osagri finally best his tournament nerves and had a few great games, we had some hype mirrors, salty co-commentator wba4life and Sonya downplay.