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by AK RM Blake at 4:03 AM
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In the final hours of September 21st, Iron Galaxy has made the move to release an early access build for Season 2 of Killer Instinct! This means that all the balance adjustments to the eight-character cast from Season 1 are now in effect, and TJ Combo can be viewed at the character select screen (he cannot be purchased just yet, however, but you can play as him by using the Practice Mode). You will also notice that descriptions of each character's Instinct Mode have been added to their command lists, which you can view simply by pausing the game. Click to read more! [...]
by Mr Aquaman at 9:46 AM
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We actually had enough gathered this week to almost everyones surprise. With time approaching the late hour, just myself, srry, and sloth sit playing casuals. Until in about a 10minute span we found ourself with a 8 man bracket for injustice. From nothing came one of the hypest locals we have had. Click to read more! [...]
by CrimsonShadow at 10:42 AM
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To put this in perspective, most people are happy to be good enough to win tournaments for a single game over the course of their playing career. For those that do, there are a select, very small few that are able to do it more than once in a year. Young Mr. Fox however, has accomplished this feat 4 times, in 4 separate games at the same tournament.

The day's NetherRealm action started with an MK9 tournament featuring a handful of players who travelled down for the event, along with some of the area locals. Although there were initial questions about whether anyone would be able to stop Sonic, Cossner was on the verge of sending his Mileena to Losers'. But a quick switch to his alt (Sonya) saved the day and sent his foe slithering back into the Losers' bracket. Although Peckapowa played well throughout the tournament, he was unable to subdue Fox, and the Delaware prodigy breezed to a victory. Click to read more.. [...]
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by AK RM Blake at 3:44 AM
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Tonight, fifteen players gathered with the intention to give Killer Instinct's first season a great send-off as they prepare for Season 2, slated to begin after this weekend. Included in the bracket is the host of the Grimmmz Subscriber Showdown Weekly series himself, Mr Grimmmz. The bracket was packed with a hybrid of character specialists, most of which consisted of Jago players, yet in the end...only one could remain standing. Click to read more! [...]
by InFlames at 9:03 PM
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The useless up axe [trait] move is still pretty useless, however...

When ending a combo with f12 you can buffer the horrendous up axe input (I use the hc up motion) while in recovery frames and simply press trait after to use up axe for some good anti-wake up stuff. See the few examples [videos] below. Click to read more! [...]
by CrimsonShadow at 6:23 PM
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It's that time again! The yearly Connecticut gaming spectacle is back this year for its third iteration. For those of you who haven't yet seen or been part of a GUTS event, they carry their own unique brand of intensity and excitement. Last year's GUTS took place on MIT's campus, with a highly competitive SF4 team tournament and some memorable Injustice shenanigans (That Ol' KDZ super, an imitation Smarrgasm, and something about a player dressed in a full Sub Zero costume).

This weekend's edition is at CT's Foxwoods Resort and and Casino, and KombatNetwork will be broadcasting the full day of NRS action, starting at 1 PM (EST). The important bits: Click to read more.. [...]
by CrimsonShadow at 4:20 PM
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Although the responses to Maya's initial character designs were very positive from the get-go, series fans have been itching to get a look at her actual gameplay for weeks now. With Maya being officially revealed in an company trailer a day prior, the veil has been lifted, and journalists are being allowed to post actual gameplay footage for the first time.

From the show floor at TGS 2014, IGN was able to spend some time with the newest version of the game, and they uploaded some match footage of Maya vs. a Sabrewulf player to their website. Click to watch the video [...]
by legion666 at 5:44 PM
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Fresh of taking the third place in MK9 on the biggest fighting game stage in Russia which is Moscow Fighting Arena (MK9 had 83 entrants!) , @Vityaz is holding a low tier MK9 tournament in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. For anyone who is interested in checking out St.Petersburg MK community It is going to be streamed at http://www.twitch.tv/lanqu 2014-09-21 5 pm (UTC+0400).
We decided to allow 16 kharacters from the bottom
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by GGA HAN at 2:09 PM
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Galloping Ghost Arcade (GGA, for short), home to many well-known MK9 players, is proud to announce its new weekly Injustice: Gods Among Us tournament: "Ghost Battle Series". In the same vein as Wednesday Nights Fights, Next Level Battle Circuit and the Atlanta Kombat Arena, this will be a weekly double elimination tournament, occurring every Thursday night.

The intentions we have for starting this new series:​
1) Improve the level of local Injustice: Gods Among Us competition, while showcasing the talent of our players to the nation.

2) Encourage more nearby players to make the trek out to Galloping Ghost Arcade in Brookfield, IL and participate in our events. We love having "new blood" come out and welcome anyone in the area to come out and play.

Even if you have never been to a tournament before, coming out to an event like this is a great way to get your feet wet in the competitive scene for a low cost (5.00 venue fee) and test your skills...
by CanadianBaconX at 1:54 PM
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Montreal Mayhem #8

It was a rough week for Montreal Mayhem, we had a lot of people not able to make it. @Ecodus is taking some time off, @xQUANTUMx and @rehti were unavailable, @C-Sword and @Icepick were off at Montreal Comic-Con collecting 'data', @Darkbloom was bogged down with school work and we don't really know what happened to @T.roll but we're pretty sure it was just his -DESTINY- to miss this week. Click to read more! [...]