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Everyone make sure to tune in tonight for another $1000 MKx Tournament in Atlanta Ga at YOMI Gaming. Tyrant makes his way west to battle Ohio and NorCal Greats @FOREVER KING and @michaelangelo as well as the entire Atlanta Crew

When: tonight 7pm est

Where: YOMI Gaming (google for address)

Stream: twitch.tv/yomi_gaming

Please tune in tonight for what could possibly be A real treat for Jax fans

@CrimsonShadow @RM JagoBlake @Yomi Gaming @YOMI Reno_Racks @YOMI RM SaltFace @EGP Wonder_Chef @TomlulsBrady
The first edition of Atlanta's renewed Battle n' Brew series is live now! Battle n' Brew has been a home for a long list of exciting matches and tournaments for both MK9 and Injustice. With a new venue, the tournament is back bigger and better than ever.

Watch Pig of the Hut, Michaelangelo, ForeverKing, SaltFace, Smarrgasm and the entire crew go it it:
Hey all, here's a vid I just put up explaining three different but related types of option selects:

The EVO Champ strikes again! Sonic Fox continues his dominance of MKX with yet another ESL victory! This time he met PNUT's Kotal Kahn in Grand Finals and took the set 2-0 in a close final game. With REO and Sonic Fox as the winners of the last three cups, that leaves one more opportunity for a new face to step up to the plate, this Wednesday, at 5PM Pacific time!

Archive here: http://www.twitch.tv/zsonicfox/b/653858335 33:24 for Grand Finals
Bracket here: http://play.eslgaming.com/mortalkom.../1on1-preseason-cup-3-north-america/rankings/
Schedule and Sign up Sheet here: http://en.pro.eslgaming.com/mkx/proleague/schedule/
Follow SonicFox on Twitter here:...
Below is a message from our friend @Marcus on behalf of the Mortal Kombat scene in the Phillippines!

"Hey TYM,

Good Day all the way from Manila, Philippines!

Sharing with you videos and some photos of what went down during Imperium e-Sports bar and Video Game Lounge's First Mortal Kombat X Tournament. The tournament was held last April 18,2015.
Hope you can post this to let everyone know that the Philippine community is alive
Following the resounding success from Yomi Gaming's debut tournament last week, we return to the stage this Tuesday for another round of Mortal Kombat X, hosted on the Playstation 4!

Those of you who reside in the Atlanta area, or are willing to endure hours of travel just for this occasion, will be pleased to know that Yomi Gaming has a $1,000 pot bonus on the line for MKX, for the second week in a row. Additionally, we feature games such as Tekken Tag 2 (Playstation 3), Injustice: Gods Among Us (Xbox 360), and Killer Instinct (Xbox One) to widen our variety of fun!

The address to take note of is:
I am thrilled to congratulate Wonder Chef, your 2015 MKX Northwest Majors champion!

Starting out with lots of woolay, STB Shujinkydink is sent to losers by EGP Wonder_Chef! Both players used Summoner Quan.

REO defeats KN Slayer with a brutal Cassie Cage!

EGP Krayzie with swarm queen D'Vorah vs Justin Wong's Raiden. The thunder god takes it.

Chris G returns to Reptile and defeats CORN Footwurk's hellfire Scorpion!

Meeting again for the first time since Canada Cup, STB Shujinkydink vs Justin Wong! These two have a long competitive history together and this legendary match of DINK VS WONG will be remembered for years to come as the sorcerer claims victory for the Neatherrealm!

Back in mirror land we have Chris G vs KN Slayer with Kung Jin! Slayer defeats Chris.

Reo plays Special Ops strumpet, Cassie Cage against Wonder Chef's Quan Chi. Quan claims another servant in the Neatherrealm!

STB Shujinkydink vs KN Slayer, Dink's Quan is defeated by Slayer's Kung Jin!


Presented by Beast of the East and Ingram Micro in cooperation with Xmashed Gear, CouchWarriors, St. Games, and Imperium e-Sports Bar and Gaming Lounge.

Qualifier locations
  • Manila, Philippines
    • Date: May 9, 2015
    • Location: Imperium e-Sports Bar and Gaming Lounge
  • Singapore
    • Date: May 16, 2015
    • Location: St. Games Cafe
  • Melbourne, Australia
    • Date: May 22 to 25, 2015
    • Location: Battle Arena Melbourne 7, CQ Functions, 113 Queen’s St. Melbourne.
  • Bangkok, Thailand
    • Date: June 20, 2015
    • Location: South East Asia Major 2015, The Connection Seminar Center, Bangkok
Fatal 4 Finals to be held on June 21, 2015 as part of...
The Tampa Bay area had it's first of amny ranbat tourneys last night. Here are the results!

1st: @RM I$AAC (Cyber, Commando Kano)
2nd: @AoK Ryan (Kuatan Warrior Goro)
3rd: Yum Ba Con (Bone Shaper Shinnok)
4th: Kabuki Jo (Tempest Kung Lao)
5th: Jacob (inferno scorp) and Josh Pardo (heavy weapons Jax)
7th: C.K. (Brawler Cassie) and Omar (Ferra/Torr)
9th: Hellafail, John L., and Sergio (not sure who they used)

@RM JagoBlake some love please!
Now that Mortal Kombat X is in full swing across the globe, Kombat Houston rears their heads in anticipation for their return to competition!

The Houston scene's first local tournament is set for this Saturday at their neighborhood's Insomnia game store! We are looking at
1st Forever King - Kung Jin
2nd Pig of the Hut - Kenshi
3rd Michaelangelo - Quan Chi
4th Saltface - Cassie Cage/Mileena

Forever King continues his dominance of the Atl scene with resetting the Grand Finals against Pig of the Hut and taking it clean after losing to Pig 3-2 King comes back in an impressive beatdown fashion w a 6-0 triumph
Join us again at 10 am PST tomorrow for grand finals!
UPDATE: Stream at http://www.twitch.tv/teamkhaos

Join us for MKX action at
http://www.twitch.tv/khaosgaming2 live now!

Pools found at
Everyone needs to chill out a bit and calm down with all this drama. Here's a video by Maximillian showing some of the "hidden character intros" found in the PC version of the game. Below is a summary describing where and how these intros came to be...

"These character intros were discovered by a close friend on the PC version of the game. They cannot be accessed by normal means. Some contain several in-game jokes, and are not the actors used in the final build of MKX. Enjoy!" - Maximilian

Enjoy, you teleporting whore.
MAK. What does it stand for? To some, it's a contest of skill, a means to test their mettle against the other kompetitors in the region and beyond. To many, it's a loyal kommunity brought together by their passion and shared desire to improve and elevate. But to those who lived it, who truly experienced it, it's more than another contest.
Tune in tonight for the second edition of one of the Atlanta scene's weekly MKX locals, Atlanta Scraps!

When: 8pm est

Venue: Emotions Atlanta

How to watch: Twitch.tv/streamofthehut
Hi TYM brothers ! Welcome to the Mortal Kombat Akademy !

As you probably know, the French community Finish Him www.finish-him.com is growing up every days ! Thanks to our partnership with Warner Bros we have the possibility to increase the competitive scene of Mortal Kombat in France ! We also participate in several big events like the Mortal Kombat Akademy ! Lot of French top players were here, you can find several videos on our new
Sub-Zero has been a hot topic of discussion lately concerning how good players think he is and how quickly the general public like to "cry" for balance changes. Well, Tom Brady is sick of it as is the vast population of the Mortal Kombat Realms (the community) and he has put together a video to prove how unsafe Sub-Zero really is.

In this video, Tom demonstrates Sub-Zero's attacks against several
Confirmed by @tylerlansdown on today's Kombat Kast, Jason Voorhees will be coming to MKX on May 5th for Kombat Pack owners, and for individual purchase to everyone else on May 12th. His game play will be featured on
The 2nd Semester of Kombat Klass brings us to the Icy blue ninja this time, with a video showing off his variations using the Blue Steel skin which you can buy for $1.99 for either console right now. Beginners would specifically enjoy this quick tutorial. Check it out!
Just remember the dates June 13th & 14th and know you should be in Morristown, NJ for the next installment of East Coast Throwdown. This event has been running strong for many years and is just another staple grass-root tournament that started out a lot smaller than it is now.

With front man @thisisiloveu aka (LI Joe) leading the way for this event, we're also being told that he has secured