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When it comes to fighting games there's few better people to ask about them than those who make a career out of fighting. In this case, UFC's Frankie Edgar, who is asked about his favorite fighting games. Although, he does reference a Mike Tyson fighter (rightfully so), he says he was always a Mortal Kombat guy over Street Fighter.

In this interview with TMZ, Frankie Click to read more! [...]
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I have just received wonderful news courtesy of TYM's own Traitless Raven Riazy. Due to the success of Civil War VI, the ECT staff has decided to make Injustice 3/5 in its entirety. This is a breath of fresh air for the East Coast community that did not attend Civil War and cannot attend UFGT, as it will be their first opportunity to showcase their skills with this format. More details can be found here:


In other news, there is currently no dedicated Injustice stream for pools due to lack of bandwidth. This is not set in stone, however, I would like to mobilize plans of action in case this is the scenario. Click to read more... [...]
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The East Coast's top talent is back with another stream for your viewing pleasure! This week we've got Viking, Jupiter, Zyphox, Rico, and several others!

Stream: www.Hitbox.TV/8wayrun
Bracket: http://8wayrun.challonge.com/thebreak252igau

More information can be found here
340-346 North Avenue
Dunnellen, New Jersey 08812
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About a week ago was when our community received a little extra excitement up our sleeves. As Injustice: Gods Among Us and the players behind it evolve perhaps it came with no surprise that Injustice got picked up by Major League Gaming. With $7,500 in prizes... how can you go wrong? The love for MLG is returning and so are we!

Earlier today, Adam Apicella of MLG made sure to let everyone Click to read more! [...]
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- Article edited by AK/RM GamerBlake

So today, Microsoft is holding a generous Deal of the Week special for players who currently have a Gold account active on Xbox Live. Because today marks the 75th anniversary of DC's favorite Dark Knight, Batman, a series of Xbox 360 titles involving Batman are receiving a reduction in price. This includes the regular edition for Injustice: Gods Among Us, which is now available at half its original price of $39.99, for $19.99. You can also obtain the Season Pass for $7.49 instead of the usual price of $14.99. Click to read more! [...]
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There's a headline none of us hear everyday, but it's true! IGN has recently uploaded a video with Destin Legarie taking on a special guest, Hunter Pence of Major League Baseball. This sports super star states that he is well-acquainted with the game. You hear him talking about "bad match-ups" like Batman vs Green Arrow as well as him expressing his interest in Injustice streams. Tournament streams, we presume?

After hearing all of this you might think that he would have an average skill set considering Click to read more! [...]
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Injustice: GAU - Ultimate Edition on Steam is on a 75% sale on GMG, which makes it $12.49.
Offer available until Wednesday 16 April, 2014 @ 16:00 UTC


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On Saturday April 12th, Sydney hosted another edition of it's local monthly tournament YSB. This edition of YSB was a bit more than a local as it featured two injustice players from interstate, Pan1cMode from Melbourne and n-megabytes from Adelaide, that traveled to compete in injustice and support the Australian Injustice scene.

Due to the limitations of the venue, a live stream wasn't possible however most of the matches were recorded and will be Click to read more! [...]
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Marking the 1-year anniversary of Injustice tournaments, Virginia's Civil War VI denotes a milestone in Injustice tournament history and a new chapter for the game. While the story of last year's tournament was the disparity in pre-tournament experience against a still-developing field of competition, the story this year was a string of unlikely upsets and unexpected outcomes that made short work of many viewers' predictions.

Two of the major stories heading into Top 8 were Oxygen's rampaging Lobo and Insaynne's newly improved Aquaman. Oxygen, who is contantly varying his offense and making good use of all of Lobo's tools, had a full head of steam and nearly dispatched Sonic Fox's batgirl in an amazing tit-for-tat match (one of the highlights of the day) before being handily defeated by Jupter's patient punishes and intelligent reads in the Losers' Bracket. Insaynee, fresh off defeating fellow Aquaman Tom Brady before, carefully navigated and picked apart RelaxedState's tricky offense with Zod (and then again with Cyborg) before falling prey to Orochi's knowledgeble arsenal of tricks. Click to read more.. [...]
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Thank you everyone who watched world premiere.

I originally came up with the idea for the documentary at 4 AM one night when I couldn't sleep. I got excited and made the thread right there and then in the middle of the night, the next morning I woke up wondering if I was ever going to be able to pull it off. It was a lot of work compiling and editing all the footage and not to mention the countless emails I had to send. Shoutouts to everyone who posted suggestions in my original thread, would've taken me ages to come up with all the clips on my own. Many thanks to Robin Palm (@RenegadeVA) who made the world premiere possible, thanks for showing interest in the project and making it happen. Also thanks to the TYM moderators for promoting the project and of course all the artists that let me use their music in the project. Making the documentary was a great experience, thanks for all the support. Click to watch the video.. [...]