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WonderChef plays Starfire @ Top 4 of Wednesday Night Fights

Oh geez that match against Nubcakes was pretty overwhelming for Wonderchef. Starfire doesn't have any safe wakeups aside from the MB hair so it's a bit hard to combat that high pressure Batman. I'm sure in a few months time though they'll be better knowledge on how to use her against those situations but I would have advised him to use Starbolt more rather than Stardust and use her b2 for countering all those jump ins


some heroes are born, some made, some wondrous
sad.. went to youtubve chan hoping for more but that was all there was : ( heheh... cool vids. I wish there was something even remotely like this in a reasonable distance for me.

Grape Juice City

Shaolin boyz
Right, because 3 days is enough to outright declare a character the best in the game or lul Black Adam with zoning.
Pointing out the irrationality in other posters' claims doesn't make yours any less unreasonable. It only makes both parties come off as bumbling primitives.

B. Shazzy

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That just means the other opponents didn't know the matchup... they shouldn't have allowed Starfire yet.
bro maybe u dont know socal lore but chef is the village idiot around these parts that we all like to make fun of and clown on. if he's getting top 4 the character should be banned forever

Grape Juice City

Shaolin boyz
Yeah it almost makes you wonder if even a bumbling primitive could recognise satire when they saw it. Perhaps not.
"Using Chef's results at wnf in an attempt disprove the consensus that Starfire may be really good disguised as satire", you mean. We call that damage control 'round these here parts. We see right through you dawg.