1. Kiss the Missile

    MK11 Not Returning as Evo 2020 Mainstage game

    Evo's main lineup has been announced, and MK11 is missing. What are your overall thoughts on this?
  2. Kiss the Missile

    Geras is by far the most exciting character to watch

    String, launcher, string, special. That's about what you can expect anytime someone catches a hit in high level play. Sometimes they'll get fancy with a restand but other than that offense is incredibly dull to watch. Which is why it surprises me to see so much hate for Geras in Top 8. Out of a...
  3. JusteMeta

    (Nov 2nd) MK 11 PC League 2 - 150€ Prize Pool

    All info can be found here - There are also weeklies you can take part in as well! This tourney is open to PC MK11 players in any region. I will make sure that people who are too far away from each other dont get...
  4. KIllaByte

    TFGT 11: Summer Regionals (250$ POT BONUS!) (8/17/2019) in Buffalo, New York! Sorry to give TYM only a weeks notice on this one, but TFGT's magnificent comeback is happening next Saturday, at Buffalo Game Space in Buffalo NY! For those of you who are unfamiliar with TFGT, the former 10 TFGT tournaments...
  5. TFCLuckyNeffy

    Fight for Mercy @ Ministry of Game (Toronto, Canada) July 6th

    Sign ups and more details here Venue Location Ministry of Game eSports Centre 1860 Wilson Ave, North York, ON M9M 3A7 Getting There TTC- From Wilson Station you can take the 96/186/165 and get off Clayson Rd West Side. MoG is located right in front of the bus stop Driving- Take ON-401 W and...
  6. 4tifiedGaming

    [Offline] Gamers World Vernon Hills Weekly Tournaments! (Vernon Hills, IL)

    Greetings Kombatants! My name is Ken I am the T/O in charge of the Mortal Kombat 11 Tournaments. Gamers World has been branching out and evolving our store to house more events and make it a place for people to come freely and play various board games, and now video games to their hearts...
  7. Owerbart

    How would a swiss system fighting game tournament go? So I know it wouldn't be that easy since it would require (number of players)/2 consoles at all time, bu im curious about how would it work. I play MTG a lot and they do it there.
  8. B

    Does anyone know of some online tournament events? (NA)

    Does anyone know of some online tournament events? PS4 (NA) I would really appreciate if you guys let me know of some online tournaments :)
  9. Marinjuana

    Tournament Variation Kompendium and Discussion

    Here is a full list of all tournament legal variations along with the names of their unique moves and a short description of what you get. You can quickly make your variation a tournament variation by selecting "use a preset" in the character kustomization menu in the "Abilities" section. You...
  10. P

    Day 1 kitana combos!

  11. LawAbidingCitizen

    TYM should host a MK only tournament

    I was thinking that there isn't any NRS only tournaments out there that I know of and many competitive players often don't stream matches because other titles are in the lineup. It would be nice to have a Mortal Kombat Tournament for EarthRealm hosted by TYM. Having MK9, MKX and MK11 only. The...
  12. DarthArma

    Mortal Kombat New Jersey 03/09/2019 Tournament

    PRESENTING ****Mortal Kombat New Jersey Fighting Game Event**** 03/09/2019 This event is a tournament created to celebrate years of many Mortal Kombat and NRS games This event isn’t just a tournament to us, we want to focus on the community aspects of the local fighting game scene. We...
  13. 7horx

    Variations and Counterpicking

    Hello everyone, I'd like to share with you my thoughts about making the game a better experience especially for competitive players. Since forever a player who loses a match can switch his character or like in MKX and now in MK11 - variation. It makes an opportunity to choose a counter-pick...
  14. Skcorpion86

    Season 3 Online Mortal Kombat X Tournaments presented by

    Introducing Season 3 of my Mortal Kombat X weekly online tournaments (North America) (PS4) presented by I had a lot of fun doing Season 1-2 on my twitch channel and I want to get one more season of Online tournaments before MK11 gets here. If you are familiar with how I...
  15. bcfighting

    ANNOUNCING Body Count Fighting 6 (BCF6)

    Join the Body Count Fighting team at Machinima Studios in Burbank, CA for BCF6 -- a series of Dragon Ball FighterZ, Street Fighter 5, & Injustice 2 show matches where players compete for bragging rights and championship belts in their respective games. The show starts at 5:00PM and will be...
  16. DorkKnight

    Locals near Columbus Ohio?

    I really want to get into the competitive Injustice 2 scene, I've been playing in online tourneys and labbing with friends, but I can't seem to find any locals near my area. Do you guys know of any events near or in Columbus, Ohio?
  17. UGL Preon


    United Gaming League Presents INJUSTICE 2 (Alpha 3.1) @5pm EST on Saturday October 7th, 2017 Precursor: CHECK IN Will be Roughly 15-20 minutes before the event's scheduled time. That being said good luck to all of our competitors, we're glad to be back to witnessing the Online Fray. RULES &...
  18. Suchiha117


    As usual we'd like to express our gratitude to the 11 warriors who joined the Born to Fight - Rain Cup #1 this Wednesday! Congratulations to TacoFGC, winner of the Born to Fight Rain Cup who made it against Daloul in a huge and hyped grand final. GGs to Daloul, the French Warrior who made it...