1. Roy Arkon

    How to Deal with Enchantress' Hell's Gate with Starfire's Zoning

    After watching a Ranked set video from @STB Shujinkydink of Starfire and Enchantress, I went to the lab to check things out, and it turns out that in addition to Starfire being able to Outzone Enchantress with Starbolt Trait even with Enchantress' Hell's Gate being out, she can also do so with...
  2. P

    Starfire Match videos

    Vs foxy. Unfortunately this is only the second half of the set bc I ran out of memory. Pls note this is only his day 2 enchantress I have a lot of recent stuff on my youtube
  3. Roy Arkon

    Your Favorite Fighting Game Character From Every Series

    Here is something for fun. I'm curios to hear what are favorite Fighting Game characters from every series that you've ever played, even if you played just one game from a certain series. If there is a tie or if your top spot for a series was belong to more then one character over the years, you...
  4. Roy Arkon

    Double Starfire Combo Video Guide - Post September 2017 Patch

    I made two Starfire combo vids, it took me like two days to make them both. Originally I wanted to make just one but then I realized that it will make the video too long, so I decided to split them to two parts. I also gave you the time marks for each type of combo in the vids if you would like...
  5. Platinumraid

    Any use in db2 mb yet for a set up

    I wanna see some setups for db2 mb because right now I don't think it has a setup
  6. PetrolHeadB95

    Injustice 2 - Starfire Combo Guide

  7. Roy Arkon

    Starfire Projectile Tech - Most Damaging Projectile Combo

    As you might've know, Starfire can cancel any of her Specials into her Starbolt Trait, including her projectiles. Well I've found that if you time it right, you can get a 282 damage point projectile fusion from far away without using any of her Normals up close. What you need to do is be at...
  8. bcfighting

    WonderChef plays Starfire @ Top 4 of Wednesday Night Fights

    Hey all, Thought you might be interested, we recently posted some VODs from yesterday's Wednesday Night Fights Top 4 featuring some Starfire gameplay from WonderChef. Here they are! WINNERS FINAL - WonderChef (Starfire) vs. Nubcakes (Batman) - WNF 3.2 LOSERS FINAL - Marine (Flash) vs...