Why does SuperGirl Get soo much HATE?

Discussion in 'Supergirl' started by Mr__PancakeZ, Oct 18, 2017.


Why Soo much hate on SG?

  1. Random Teleports?

  2. Trait?

  3. Crossups?

  4. Damage?

  5. Plus on MB breath?

  6. Back 1?

  7. DOWN 1?

  8. Instant recovery b f 3?

  9. d2?

  10. 112?

  11. setups?

  12. All of the above

  13. buff supergirl. :D

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  1. Azreal_Truth92

    Azreal_Truth92 Constructive Critiscm Mixer.com/hiphoprocker3

    I'm a noob and just reading through comments but this was the dumbest shit i ever read. "No character beats supergirl". I really dislike spreading ignorance or hate but you seem like that person who likes to play victim. I use to lose to batman everyday to the point I wanted to quit the game because i couldn't understand why they would add a character this fucking broken. Until i decided fuck that and fuck all you batman players and played very hard for 5 days straight until i could block the ai consistently for at least 30 seconds straight may not seem like much to you pros but I promise you i may still lose but the game is never free. I read these comments and i feel like people enjoy having something to bitch about its like if its nothing to complain about the game is not fun. This my first fighting game and i love this shit. Outside of deadshot when i lose i replay my match and go damn thats where i lost at. One mistake can cost the whole match. You mfs need to review your games instead of bitching on forums. I promise you'll never win crying on here instead of labbing ingame.

    Also She is the best character in the game I said that from the first time i watched sonic fox play her in beta even when everybody was on black adam and aquahoe jock. I knew that was my main from the get go. I remember people laughing when i picked her cuz she was trash. I stuck with her when nobody played her and ill stick with her through all the salty hate she getting because other characters toned down. I can't wait for the day where everybody becomes good at flash and start handing out the death touches every game. Ill be scrolling and the nerf flashes damage post will be here. Last time i posted i got accused of being salty far from salty just tired of reading complaints instead of solutions. I honestly thought the fgc was a bunch of smart ass people like I honestly think/thought your pros and really good players were badass people with controllers but reading this post is like WTF you all can calculate frame data like its boiling water but you cant collectively come up with a solution to a general problem? YIKES!
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  2. GLoRToR

    GLoRToR Glorthrog the All-Seeing

    I'd think the answer is obvious.
    She does well, and does better than the majority of the cast.
    This is a recurring problem with NRS games: A select few characters are made /and kept/ top notch while somehow many will feel underwhelming and there will be nothing done about it.
  3. The chosen puddle

    The chosen puddle UPRISE ..... THERE IS ONLY GRODD

    Think you might need some pudding
  4. No offense but I can clearly tell you dont know what youre talking about. Once you reach a certain skill you cannot just practice against an ai and look at some frames and then youre all of a sudden going to beat the character. If you actually studied the character youd realize that their arent options against the character with a lot characters and the options that are there still dont provide a large enough advantage. Yes you can still win, but options dont always have counters and looking at frame data isnt just going to wish it away. Dont just assume that players who complain dont know what theyre talking about or dont understand the character, while this is common, its not impossible for players to understand a character and still think they are too good. Pro players arent gods, the sooner you realize it the sooner you could become better yourself.
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  5. Azreal_Truth92

    Azreal_Truth92 Constructive Critiscm Mixer.com/hiphoprocker3

    You are correct I dont know but i read through these comments in hopes of learning from you all but i cant do that if everybody is saying its impossible. Also im curious as to why if she is unbeatable she isn't spammed in the pro matches. I mean if i cant judge a character based on the best people at the game who do i judge?
  6. Brain-main

    Brain-main Banned

    Dude, you play fighters long enough and you can just pick the characters that are way too over powered.
    It really isn't a matter of 'git gud' because you are speaking to people who spend a lot of time examining all the options. They don't just randomly have a bad game and start whinging, yes given, there are a few like this but most players on this site will have a lot of experience before they come to their opinion so don't just write it off as salt.

    Supergirl, in her current state, has too much of an advantage, there's a big difference between an up hill battle and a fucking stone wall.
    I will play a match up to death if I feel there's a chance to learn this and adapt, no matter how long it takes, but with supergirl, I'm at the point where it just feels hopeless.

    It's like I'm taking a knife to a gun fight.

    I may cut her if she runs of ammo.

    (The player isn't playing her to the best of her abilities -which really isn't hard to do, but no one is consistent 100%)

    But 9/10 I will be riddled with bullet holes.

    Fighting her isn't a challenge so much as a lesson in futility.

    I haven't been this adamantly opposed to a character since batgirl
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  7. Azreal_Truth92

    Azreal_Truth92 Constructive Critiscm Mixer.com/hiphoprocker3

    I have used her exclusively since day 1 so I feel totally biased when so much hate is on my character now i see how blue beetles feel when people say he is fine. I retire from this conversation thank you for explaining more to me I understand a little more now. Lets wait until all dlc characters are released to see if something comes along and gives her problems.
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  8. Top players do use supergirl and many top players don't play hard MUs against supergirl. Perhaps the reason top players don't always pick supergirl is because they'd rather play more decisive MUs in specific scenarios. Also there are probably players that don't believe she is the best character however personally I disagree. Also some players just don't like her play style or the feeling of playing the best character in the game
  9. Levaranoia

    Levaranoia War God

    Dude arguing with Roy is pointless. He always thinks he's right. It's best to just ignore him.
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  10. Roy Arkon

    Roy Arkon Noob

    I don't think I'm always right, there are a lot of misunderstandings, or people just wanna take arguments far too long just for the sake of it.
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  11. Meep8345

    Meep8345 Noob

    The supergirl hate is strong lol, but they are right in some ways. Fighting supergirl isn't just making reads its about trying to make reads all the time 24/7 nonstop because she has so many options. Her just jumping in the air is scary,her instant air dash is amazing, her mobility in general is amazing, her lasers are a constant immediate threat, her b123 is now a safe 9 frame low footsie tool, she has solid 50/50's, her d1 is amazing and combos for decent damage, breath can be plus, good oki,good throw,etc. Add on the fact she's one of the absolute easiest characters to just pick up and is top tier and that's just asking for hate.
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  12. Juggs

    Juggs Lose without excuses
    Lead Moderator

    Not sure why other Supergirl players care so much. The only logical reason is I think y’all believe that she will get nerfed if everyone is complaining. Which is possible, more than possible actually.

    But I mean, all she really needed was B123 being safe. To me, the damage buff on MB breath wasn’t needed but it really didn’t change that much as far as her MU’s are concerned.

    Let’s be honest, Supergirl is ridiculous. She’s not really broken or anything, she just has answers for everything and no real bad MU’s. And like I said in my other post, she’s easy to learn/use/win with. So there’s not much of a learning curve. Not necessarily a bad thing, it just makes people mad when they have to fight against her all the time.
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  13. ummm... most of us Beetle players on TYM _do_ say he's fine.
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  14. kcd117

    kcd117 Noob

    Why can't other people be this real about their characters?

    She is stupid good and I can't see her losing any matchup. With that said, she is much more manageable offline, 90% of the stuff that makes this character the most annoying piece of shit online are gimmicks that don't really work offline if you know the matchup. Once you realize random teleports, pseudo 50/50s, d1/d2 spam are not a problem in a real competitive setting, you are left with an extremely solid character that could use some tweaks, but no major changes.
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  15. DeftMonk

    DeftMonk Noob

    I mean this is one of the most common responses I got when I was asking for help in the SG matchup awhile back. But the truth is, if dude is doing yolo teleports willy nilly...he sucks most likely. There is no need to bring up the performance of any character/tech how to beat a character that is being controlled by bad players.
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  16. Roy Arkon

    Roy Arkon Noob

    Considering that people brought up the small skill gap for learning Supergirl and how easy to use she is, I thought it was necessary to bring it up, and there is nothing wrong with it.
  17. It's gotten to the point where almost a third of my matches online are against Supergirl.

    Feels like everyone on my friend's list has a pocket Supergirl. That actually includes me too ;__;
  18. No specific reason. She creates an un fun style of play, that is even worse online (where most of matches occur).

    Characters like DS, batman, and SG are the reason injustice is dying.
  19. Wigy

    Wigy There it is...

    On paper shes a lot more balanced than she is in game. You have to have unrealistic reactions to actually deal with all her stuff so you’re left with a lot of stuff she can do at very low risk, all of the time which will really gives you issues.

    All that and she has an answer for everything and really oppressive footsies and stupid hurtbox on her low (why is it a low) d1.

    You could take away about 5 of her tools and she’d still be better than a lot of the cast.

    Lord knows why supergirl, catwoman etc havent been adjusted. At the very least sort out the hurtboxes on their moves so you’re not getting blown up for them throwing out moves against frame data all the time
  20. Daemantalo

    Daemantalo Not Good Enough

    D1 is too strong in my opinion. D1xxBreath is just difficult to deal with for a character like Grodd who has very little ways to actually close the gap against her with the pushback. Her D2 also gives her really weird hurtbox properties, so it might seem like a string should connect but you end up being hit.

    Aside from those tools, the fact that literally anyone can spend 1 hour with Supergirl and practice a bit to use her ridiculously strong tools in neutral, it’s annoying to play against her so much, like the rest of the cast doesn’t exist in ranked.
  21. xSamuel

    xSamuel Player of All, Master of None.

    Just because a character has the most usage does not mean that the character is unbalanced. More than likely, it means that character has a lower learning curve than the others. Johnny Cage was pretty strong before the last patch in MKX but he was hardly seen online due to the learning curve
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  22. except it is well known that supergirl is already a top 3 character on top of how often she is used. in other words, she is a very good easy to use character. Something that should be fixed.
  23. undergroundvgt

    undergroundvgt the salt shaker

    her kick into throw move irritates the hells out of me and her teleport that i swear i hear coming but never can block on time lol and b123 the lists goes on lol
  24. xSamuel

    xSamuel Player of All, Master of None.

    Okay, I'd agree to that logic.
  25. Moms4lif3

    Moms4lif3 Bruh.

    Because of all the the things mentioned above, she is JUST NOT FUN TO PLAY AGAINST, especially online! IMO this is the simplest reason as to why people hate on her. She's overused and fighting her online always feels like a struggle.

    I actually felt the same way about Batman before but now I kinda like fighting him. There are still moments when I yell at the screen 'this is so stupid, why can he do that' but overall fighting Batman is pretty fun once u learn the mu (unless u play cheetah ;_; )
    The same thing does not apply to supergirl, fighting her feels like taking a shit that won't come out. even when u do manage to push through u just feel exhausted and want to move on. Sorry that is really the way I feel and the best analogy I had.

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