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Who is the best MK9 player (Ed Boon Asks)


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Perfect Legend won Evo twice. It's hard to argue with those results and I'm not really a fan of his because of the constant excuse making he does when he loses. He has a hard time accepting the fact that he gets outplayed sometimes.

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If he had lived stateside, it would've Raiden'ed the whole timeline and we'd have different history.

1. Foxy.
2. REO.
3. CD Jr.
4. PL.
5. Curbolicious.

Honorable Mentions: Sonic, Forever King, Detroit, DJT, Pig, Mr. Mileena...There are too many good ones.


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He's the best Injustice Gods Among Us player, get with the times man. :D

Perfect Legend was consecutively the best players on the biggest fighting game stage (EVO) and that can't be taken away from him; he deserves all the credit in securing those victories but I personally think that REO was the most dominant Mortal Kombat 9 player overall.

Honorable mentions are CDJR, DJT and DetroitBallin (along with Perfect Legend of course).