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What is the FIRST thing you're doing when MK 11 hits?


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Finding out what customization options are in the game, then bringing Raiden and whoever else into the lab to see what kind of options for combos I can find. Especially if there isn't any locked moves, I wanna comb through everything and see what we can make.

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Every other fighting game I would say training mode first

NRS is the only one where ill actually do story first. Mostly just so I can get it done and hopefully avoid spoilers later.


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Lab Kano and Noob and then go online and fuck around with my training buddy in some matches. Either do story to unlock the characters or pay to unlock them (I'm only gonna pay to unlock them on one console because I am getting it for three platforms and want to have that shit available from the start).

Its going to be another 12 hour gaming session and then sleep for a couple hours and then another long session. Pager off, fiancee at work hopefully for a 16 hour shift, and baby at my moms place for an overnight stay.

This will be glorious.


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- look at roster and make custom skins/variations for my favorite character/s for an obscene amount of time.
- Practice mode with Cassie first then entire roster to determine my mains and who fits my style.
- then I'm exploring Story mode for Unlockable content.
- Krypt to unlock gear/costumes and Kombatants quickly but if it takes a long time I'll just skim it and take each character through traditional towers.
- Go back to practice mode for a few weeks until I get Tek for my favorites and then hop back and forth between Online and Local matches.

Hopefully find Unlockable or hidden content or undisclosed tek and share it with the TYM fam.

I'm very interested in labbing Crushing blows, Flawless Block, Cancel pressure, Dash Cancel pressure, Bunny Hop IAs, IAs, Anti Airs, Wiff punishers into KB's and combos.


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1. Options to try and turn off fight clock because I hate winning/losing by timeout. Affirm that I cannot do this because it's a major part of gameplay for Geras and knowing my luck the primary way that Kronika beats you, lol. Set clock as high as I can and be salty about it.

4. Spend too much time in Custom mode, then tutorials, and an even more obscene amount of time practicing with Scorpion.

5. Check out Krypt. Get nowhere because I haven't earned any Kurrency yet.

6a. Play Story Mode and then Arcade Tower with every character to try and unlock everything.
6b. Get salty as hell EVERY time I lose by timeout and curse the clock.

7a. Customize and lab more. Play either Tower Modes or, if he's free, my friend in Local VS.
7b. Get salty about losses to game clock with friend.

8. Repeat steps 4-7 near infinitely stopping only for food, bathroom, sleep, and unfortunately work.


I have a feeling I will spend a good portion of the first day in the menus looking through all of the moves and make a few variations. Then tutorial and story. Then krypt, then arcade ladders, then focus on doing decent online with a character i gravitated towards.


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Probably run a arcade tower a few times, after looking at options and menu things, checking button defaults and the different modes. Also quickly log in but not play online to see the loby system and stuff.... then run story mode.


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Definitely the story, this game imo is a bit easier to adapt to than MK X initially.
Apparently play as Baraka go online immediately(only option) and play against a guy with 92 wins already. he skipped the intros(bastard) and won me with a Fatal Blow in the 3rd round.


Fujin and Ermac for MK 11
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After watching their recent streams definitely going to be in tutorials/practice modes as I want to perfect the newer mechanics, then jump into story. The newer wake up system, hop mechanic, rolls and Flawless Block I want to get consistent with before jumping online.


Firstly, gonna get the tutorial outta the way.

Then into the customisation mode to see whats available from the start.

Modify the abilities and appearance of Kabal, Kano, Sub Zero, Skarlet, Noob, Shao Kahn, Jax and Jade, to take them through the Medium ladder as practice and get their endings / whatever unlocks with that.

Complete story mode.

Lab the characters listed above, then hit Online

Once i've stockpiled 100,000 koins i'll splurge them in the Krypt, though i know it'll only value maybe 10% of the total kontent.
Sleep. Wake up. Go to work. Return home. Eat.

Play a single ladder as Noob.

Play a single ladder as Shao Kahn.

Play two chapters of story mode.

Play Krypt.

Turn off mk11.

Play Skyrim on steam until it's time to sleep.

Rinse and repeat.