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What is the FIRST thing you're doing when MK 11 hits?


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Of course I do. I'm not a one trick pony, I like to enjoy everything a game has to offer. That goes for fighting games as well. When playing with friends, we jump between characters for each match, just for fun. But of course there are certain characters I prefer to main and play more extensively.
Yeah that’s my favorite way to play. Had so much fun with random select online matches in MK9.

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I actually have a few characters I need to try out before I land on a main

Sub-Zero because he’s my favorite and Iv always used him so I need to try at least

Cage because he’s also my favorite and looks really fun

Cassie because she looks dope

Noob Saibot because he could have a great moveset

Scorpion because his redesign is incredible and he seems like he will actually fill a true ninja archetype


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Step 0: Speedrun the Story Mode.
Step 1: Labbing all the characters to understand what they can do or not.
Step 2: Labbing my potential mains (Sub Zero, Frost and Fujin) to mess around with combos with possible combinations of their abilities on both midscreen and corner.
Step 3: Labbing possible punishes and such.
Step 4: Grinding AF to unlock the whole Krypt.
Step 5: Going to grind online to get used to deal against other characters. ScrubquotesX, prepare for scrubby memes, because I'm going to mop every scrub out there.


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1. The entire story in one sitting.
2. Maybe some easy Towers of Time, if they have little time left.
3. Noob Saibot in practice mode.
4. Internet to see if someone has already posted coordinates to good Krypt unlockables.
5. More Noob Saibot in practice mode.


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When u live in Canada, so you cant play the stress test and lab the characters that are in that build ;-;

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First thing I'm going to do is turn it on and download it because I done know it's going to take forever and a day for it to be installed.

Then tutorials.
Options menus stuff.
More options menu stuff.
Lab. Lab. Lab.
Go online. Complain about the netcode and wifi users.

Turn it off and play RDR2.


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Cool, hey was wondering how do you do that thing that you and others have done to make your avatar like a black marker board thing with MK characters? lol That's cool.
These images were posted on twitter, they are official game art