What Do You Consider Toxic In Fighting Games?

Discussion in 'Fighter's Depot' started by JBeezYBabY, Mar 13, 2019.


What Do You Consider Toxic In Fighting Games?

  1. Hitting opponent's dead body after round end

  2. Taunting

  3. Teabagging

  4. All of the above

  5. None of the above

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  1. JBeezYBabY

    JBeezYBabY Mr. Righteous

    There is a major difference between the OG gamers who have been playing fighting games since Street Fighter 2 and new the generation of young bucks we have now from what I've been seeing. Thought I'd bring a discussion to see what everybody's take on this.

    Let's talk about it ;)
  2. Blade4693

    Blade4693 ....

    For me it's none of the above. I get why those things piss some people off but I just don't let it bother me, I just keep playing my best and hopefully win as the ultimate response.

    I do think hatemail is toxic though, but that's pretty much limited to online.
  3. JBeezYBabY

    JBeezYBabY Mr. Righteous

    Well hatemail is a given so i didnt include that in the options. Been playing SC6 recently as my main game and i must say....some of them would consider all of them pretty toxic just by interacting with them....on Reddit. Yeah i know...Reddit. But i had the same feeling from the scene that played BBTag. I just feel kids these days are hella soft and are quick to call any little thing that rattles them toxic.
  4. VSC_Supreme

    VSC_Supreme TYM's No. One L taker.

    Agree with Blade, I think most of these things are funny, especially Tea bagging, the faster you can do it, the funnier it is.

    I keep it between friends though unless someone online does it first or I want to play some mind games against an opponent who is starting to make mistakes and I want them to tilt more. Otherwise it's just showboating, I could care less.
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  5. GLoRToR

    GLoRToR Jaded since 2011

    The point of the game is to delete the opponent.
    Anything other than that is superficial.
    If someone is emotionally invested it's an unstable individual, not a toxic one.
    I consider hatemail and harassment more toxic than whatever a person may do during a match.
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  6. Marlow

    Marlow Premium Supporter
    Premium Supporter

    I consider racism, sexism, misogyny, stuff like that to be toxic.

    I find taunting/teabagging obnoxious, so I probably wouldn't play with someone if they start doing that crap, but I don't think it's toxic.
  7. MrWarMachine

    MrWarMachine Jacqui/D'Vorah 2020

    I don't know if any of that is toxic tbh. Teabagging is one of the more frustrating things on the list, but I don't even know if I'd call that toxic per say.

    honestly, one of the more toxic parts of online gaming is the lag switchers and router kickers of the world. they will ruin any fun of a match because they can't handle taking an L.
  8. Blade4693

    Blade4693 ....

    Yeah I agree lol

    Taunting is literally put into the game so I don't see a reason to get upset about it, and teabagging is just kind of funny. I don't do either of these things btw, but even when im on the receiving end of some hyper teabagging it doesn't make me mad, I just laugh it off and keep playing lol
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  9. Eldriken

    Eldriken Your bloodline ends.
    Forum General

    I don't think any of that is toxic.

    What I do find to be toxic is something that comes not from the game itself, but from the community. Shunning casuals, refusing to help ("git gud" doesn't help -anyone-) people seeking help, etc.

    Clearly this doesn't apply to everyone because there are plenty who don't do this. However, they don't receive nearly as much attention or recognition as those who don't.
  10. Armac

    Armac Noob

    While I wouldn't call it "toxic", tea bagging will never not come across as childish to me. The other stuff isn't a big deal.
  11. When a low life calls someone scrub. It’s a fucking videogame. By low life I mean people with no private life, obesity, no manners or social life. Being toxic is shitty. Fatalities are enough.
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  12. Gerchap

    Gerchap Elder God

    None of that is toxic, it is a rated mature game I guess we can handle all of the above
  13. FoughtDragon01

    FoughtDragon01 12, 12, 12, 12 x Nutpunch OP

    Not much gets to me personally, and most hate mail is pretty funny to me, but I will say this much:

    Beating me, then teabagging, then doing a fatality, then hovering over rematch, and then leaving the match makes me irrationally hateful.
  14. God
    yes. I’m getting irritated when they win and leave and brag about it in the comments and when I want a remach abd they choose other character.
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  15. Dankster Morgan

    Dankster Morgan savagery is no match for skill

    None of it, it’s funny and fun, getting teabagged is and teabagging someone just seems like light hearted fun, I come from Halo and that happens all the time, probably more often than MK and it’s more funny than anything
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  16. Teabagging itself isn’t that bad, but it’s what it means. Like if someone is doing it, your intentions are probably to be disrespectful
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  17. Vslayer

    Vslayer Ask me about my Cassie Cage Agenda
    Premium Supporter

    None of those, the most 'toxic' players are the ones who constantly shout and scream on the mic (hopefully there will be a mute option in MK11), and when you get hate mail when you lose or beat someone. You can't escape it either way and it's really unnecessary.

    The only game where I get people sending me positive comments was playing DOA6, saying stuff like 'Good games, that was fun'. More people need to have this attitude.

    I admit sometimes I'll t-bag out of relief especially if it's a close match, but it's not meant to disrespect, it's meant to show my excitement for beating a good opponent.
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  18. TackyHaddock

    TackyHaddock Salty Mashers Krew
    Premium Supporter

    Someone Intentionally taking as long as they can on the motherfucking character or stage select screen just to piss you off
  19. Eldriken

    Eldriken Your bloodline ends.
    Forum General

    While you may not feel like you should have to do so, it is always an option to just make your own party and sit inside of it so you don't have to hear others over their mic. Just a suggestion for in case muting them without going through eleventy-billion menus to do so isn't an option.
  20. The word "toxicity" doesnt belong with "fighting games".

    It's a skill based genre where everything is settled in game. If someone has a bitch strat that you dont like, if they repeatedly taunt you, etc, it's fair game and your fault. It's just like complaining about people spamming or turtling the whole match. It's a distraction from holding your losses and subsequently learning from them

    Salt is an important element of fighting game culture and if everyone just plays nice we might as well just play league of legends so we can blame our teammates for our own mistakes too.
  21. Vslayer

    Vslayer Ask me about my Cassie Cage Agenda
    Premium Supporter

    Damn, never thought of that. Thanks!
  22. Marlow

    Marlow Premium Supporter
    Premium Supporter

    Sometimes people think I'm tea bagging, but I'm actually just messing up my dd3 inputs.
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  23. Marlow

    Marlow Premium Supporter
    Premium Supporter

    I'll push back on this slightly. What's described in the OP above isn't toxic, but that doesn't mean actual toxic behavior doesn't exist or occur online in fighting games.
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  24. After reading these I found out I all of these
  25. not having a mute button , wifi players lol and complete unbalanced characters like Alien and pre Patch deadshot and aquaman
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