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Very Important anti Manhunter teleport tech. A Must Read


Death is my business
you can get a 36 from two bars with deathstroke when u block by walking forward. I main him and hv been searching for optimum punish from that. try: after block before he touches down, d1 which is a 7 frame starter. so juggle with d1 12ffR2 323 12df3 you shud get a 36 percent. If u are near a 3d bounce, u can simple f3(R1) and continue with your strings or start with d1 f3(R1) to add 2 or percent damage to ur combo. wud have sent u a video buh Ghana Internet is a shitty.
Yea i know the punish , much time has passed since that post you've quoted , those were the times that the OH teleport didn't have a big aerial hitbox and DS could jump it fairly consistently to get a clean b3 punish.

The only problem w the combo is that it's meter heavy , 2 bars for 36% kinda sucks. The best meterless combo to punish it it's d1 d2 323 12xxSword Flip.

And d2'ing the overhead teleport is super inconsistent , it's one thing to do that in training mode and another one doing it against a good player in a match.

It's better to stick w MB b3 or blocking it ( and rarely walk forward )