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They Don't Call Me The Main Man For Nothing! - The Lobo General Discussion Thread.

51% without jump in (can ji2 before hand for 53%).

b2+u1, 3xxdbf2 MB, b3, ji3, 21xxdb3

You can meter burn the db2 at the end for 55%, or start it with a jump in 2 for 56%



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51% without jump in (can ji2 before hand for 53%).

b2+u1, 3xxdbf2 MB, b3, ji3, 21xxdb2

You can meter burn the db2 at the end for 55%, or start it with a jump in 2 for 56%
Nice! Having trouble with the timing on the B3 for some reason. I feel like online I'd pull my hair out, nonetheless great shite.
Something slight, I didn't have too much time to find trait and wall bounce combos bc my daughter woke up, but I'll be in the lab all week belee dat!

Edit - found some wall bounce combos, will post later

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Good character.Turns out he aint my type of character but he is definately an execellent addition to the cast.


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Just tried him out, initial impressions:

- Trait just enhances his next gunshot, whether that's a certain normal, special, launcher, or f+3. Doesn't seem to make his zoning mid or anything by default.
- His zoning seems good, though I don't think he's a zoner. By choosing your input after DF1, can shoot high full-screen, mid about mid-screen, and low at close range.
- Godly AA, his d+2 and 3 look to give anyone in the game a run for their money including Wonder Woman, Grundy, etc. Plus, an air grab special, and he can MB his like Doomsday for 20%, and choose which side to keep them on.
- Strong frame advantage on some of his stuff. f+3 - +13 on block. b+3 - +12 on block. 113 - +6 on block. He's got a few other that are plus on block too. b+2 > u+1, the combo starter being used so far, is unsafe on block but can be canceled into a special to make it safe.
- His command grab is a legit command grab, all Shazam players rejoice! You get a b+3 after a raw one MB, so the follow-up is quite nice.
- Combos do quite a bit, though I don't think any of his specials continue combos except for his DBF2 MB. His combos will probably get figured out by the end of the day mostly, not that there's anything wrong with that.
- Forward dash is that roll, probably low profiles a bunch of shit.

He seems really strong and easy to use - all you need to do to be able to play him is DBF motions and you're golden.

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So his MB Hook Charge isn't listed with having any frame data on block. Tested vs a reversal Corp Charge. VERY significant plus frames on block. It also has a very odd hurtbox, tried it vs Joker pistol and depending on timing, it seemed to avoid the bullet and "duck" under on his way to him.

This character is exactly what I was looking for. Mixed bag of rushdown/footsie tools, awesome. Wonder Woman like mid game, Doomsday rushdown with MB tackle and 21 Low Space hook and an MB throw that leads to 40%+.

...also during his clash with Superman he says "Can I get an 'I Killed Supes' t-shirt?" Bad. Fucking. Ass.


-It´s clear he´s NOT a zoner, his gun has even worst range than the chain.¡¡¡¡....
-1,1,3 is soo good,quick and safe (+6 on block),also b+2,u+1 overhead but slower....
-VERY good AA (3 and air grab)

I think Lobo´s best is the footsies game: the low chain,the mid chain, the gun(mid,low,...) and the forward dash are so good to control range.
Not as rusher as Doomsday or Bane and not as high mibile-grappler as Shazam, just a mix of them.


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1,2xxdbf2MB will catch a blocked or non blocked opponent for unblockable command throw pressure. Holy fuck.
From there you can combo into B3 Ji3 and then whatever from 3xxlow grab or 1 into bf3 for moving them into the corner. Only tried this on one character though, Raven. No big guys yet. But that would be great footsies without even jumping. Who needs a high low mix up when this command grab is actually a command grab (Sorry Shazam)

EDIT: B3 Ji3 11xxbf3 is an easy, EASY 29%.
So you can try that after the command grab

You can achieve 36% on a blocked opponent by 1,2xxMBCommandgrab, B3, Ji3,11xxbf3. The combo will start after the command grab, obviously, and considering the first two hits are blocked...that's pretty good. Also, is there any other strings that can keep the opponent airborne after MBCommand grab instead of B3? Online it's gonna be a bitch, I can tell.


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Heh heh heh, WOW, in theory, he's so damn dirty. If your opponent doesn't really block low, (or you keep doing overheads to train them to block high) do a b1xxbf3 for an easy knockdown that will catch them. EVEN WITH NEGATIVE EDGE OFF, you just have to press b1f3 and it will work.

EDIT: GOTDAMN HE'S DIRTY! If you're having trouble linking the B3 after meter burn command grab, try b1,2, 1+3. From a 12 command grab starter it scales, but still does a respectable 32%, considering they can't block the grab.

Also for pressure heavy mixups, you can b1f3 to catch 'em low. Do this quickly once or twice, then when they inevitably block low you can do the overhead started (which can do 50+% thanks to our compadre above) to totally mind fornicate them whilst doing damage. Again these are all practice mode theories, but considering he's new, he's dirtier than a sailor's mouth


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Man I love how Lobo looks when he moves around and does combos. He bleeds his persona in his fighting style more than even Grundy IMO. I absolutely love this guy.


Yeah, Lobo has combos. For sure.

Now let´s imagine him in combat... how can he avoid zoning? I´m really wondering the propierties of his roll... can we MB it? Or can avoid something? high proyectiles maybe? I hope it will be like Abel´s of SSF4 ... If not, for sure Lobo would have bad MU ,2-8 or so.... I´m thinking superman, Cyborg, Hawkgirl, GL....


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Jesus christ the frame advantage on some of his strings makes the safest characters blush.
His roll dash goes under highs, and under some mids? To get under Jokers normal mids It had to be in a specific time of the roll, and it wasnt all his mids just like 1 or 2.


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Cmd throw has invul frames on wakeup
His does his AA grab
Pump shot doesnt
Hook charge has some. Will lose to multi hitting attacks like deathstrokes low guns, or rightly timed fast D1's? Need to test the D1 against it more though.
Space Hook has none.
Low space Hook has none as well.


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Just screwing around with training mode and looking at his Data; he's fucking perfect. In a real match though I have no idea personally.


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thats why I asked cause....omg I just got home and started messing around with him and SON OF A BITCH, other than feeling too tanky for my taste hes damn near perfect.