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They Don't Call Me The Main Man For Nothing! - The Lobo General Discussion Thread.


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Ha, I believe this is the 3rd "discuss Lobo" thread I've seen, but anywho...

I'm blown away by his b3 (no pun intended). Does any other character have a projectile-based b3? I can't wait to see its frames and experiment with its hitbox.

It appears as though his trait involves different settings for his shotgun, similar to how GA's arrows work.

His forward dash looks incredible. It appears to lower his hitbox enough to go under high-hitting attacks.

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It looks like then he switches out his shotgun slugs for his trait it make his shot have differant properties. Stright shot becomes a wall bounce like b3 and his low shot is a pop up like f3. I bet they are hug combo extenders becuase in therory you should be able to use trait, start a combo do a strait shot for a wall bounce, continue the combo,into his meterburned command grab witch looks like it leads to combo, then use b3 into a combo ender thats awesome. One bar three combo extenders. Hopfully hella damage. Definatly picking this guy up as my alt.


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Will EU get it today?
Because I hope he's ready to DL for when i get home, I bought my season pass before I had the game >.<
Too hyped!


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Found 37% for one bar. Ill keep messing around with him just to see.

B2U1- 21 -Ex Spin toss

Naked Czar toss MB - b21 -21 spin cycle (36%)

With trait bullets loaded, low gun launches and i think you can follow up with his launching grab for meter, so i think thats the main use for trait.

He has a low and an overhead that are both decent. The low is 10 frames and the second hit is +4 on block. Overhead is slow but if they get caught it does good damage.

Lobo might have the best AA in the game. That standing 3 is sick. 11 frames and has the hitbox of the gods. The only combo ive found is to just to hook rush as it hits for 12% but its still amazing just based on priority and reach.


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Load trait shells for a meterless 37%
40% if you lead with a JI2


Or without trait shells just subtract 4% from both.
Either way, thats some tasty damage already for no meter. Me thinks Lobo has a bright future.


I for the life of me cant get Czar toss to come out after strings. Anything special youve found?
113 has weird issues for me in cancelling into the command grab. Very weird, so I slightly altered it and found 1% more for easier damage (at least for me)

B2U1, 3 ~ dbf2 MB, B3, F21~ db2 = 46%


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Can't test him till I'm off work. Looks like he has some good damage. How is his mobility?
His forward dash is the greatest thing known to man.
His rush move doesn't have great damage but quite decent range.
His low/high chain grabs are pretty fast and have decent range.

Why the fuck is he on the hero side?
He's never really portrayed as a villain. I mean sure he's a nigh-unkillable homicidal maniac but he's not really meant to be the bad guy like Lex or Joker or 'Nestro.

He's just... a dick basically.


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His standing 3 anti air is insanely good, and can be linked into a db2 for 17% or 24% for one bar. If you use the bar you can roll and perform a throw that can only be avoided by wakeups. That's a possible 35% off of one anti air.