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Strategy "There Is No Justice!" - Scorpion Oki & Mixups thread


Alpha Tarkatan - Moderator
RYX i still cant get the whiffed nj2 after mb spear for the crossover/non crossover you were talking about in general discussion thread to not be give the opponent frames to esscape

BUT i did find some other non escapeable options if ya still wana mess round with nj2 after the mb spear.
midscreen if u just do the nj2 and let it hit and do a delayed b1/b2 your at enough frame advantage they have to guess (zatanna style) or you can get a free crossover j3 attempt.

in the corner is were its gets a bit funky you can do get a free crossover/non-crossover j3 attempt thats tight to tell which way to block,
after the MB spear dash forward and hit a nj2 then go about your mixup.
if they block the non crossover version you opponent is then jailed into a frame trap (ignore the in game frame data of j3 on block,its wrong, blocking a non crossover version puts you at at least +6, crossover version slighty less) were standing 1 or instant j1 jail them like if it was a blockstring, you dont get this if they block the crossover j3.
im REALLY liking this in the corner as its much harder to see that any of his high/low mixups

since your dropping 4% doing just j2 instead of j2 112 the corner seems like the most viable place to fuck around with this gimmick.
might make a video later to show just how tight you can get it between crossover and non crossover,its pretty filthy :D

since info ya gave me helped me find it we should call it the 6 letter setup lol


Meow Hoes
Scorpion 33/33/33 Vortex:

Most scorpions players might know this but I'm posting it anyway.

Scorpion get a free 33/33/33 or a 50/50 (idk what its called) on some characters. its a guess between high low or wake up. B2,b1 and tele. When people start respecting the teleport you can just go for the traditional 50/50.
Also you can't back dash or jump

This does not work on:
Lex, frost, flash, batgirl, or anyone with a invincible FAST forward advancing wake up!

I personally like this better because it uses less meter. Also if the character has easily stuffable wake ups go for the 50/50

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@ any other remaining scorpion players
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Alpha Tarkatan - Moderator
yea thats scorpion oki 101,
dunno if you know cause you didnt mention it there but b2 is actually safe after that knockdown,
made a video about it before, mentioned the telepunch option vs wakeups in it also, the telepunch a handy option for when they learn to respect the safe b2


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Luk guyz Skorpyun haz a crussp wiff telprt

This looks REALLY weird, moreso when blocked as you can see in the video, but I'm sure it could be useful somehow. I'm pretty sure it could also be optimised better too, so Scorpion mains go ahead. I'd tag you guys but I don't even know of many.

To do it just...well do it like I did in the video. It's hard to explain the timing but the later you time the second d2, the more likely it is to cross up. If you do the second d2 too early though the mb teleport will hit before they even hit the ground or sometimes both hits whiff before they get up, mess about with it yourselves because I have no idea :confused:

The timing is kind of inconsistent but there is a more consistent way I've found, if you put a 1 in between the uppercuts (ie ...d2, 1, d2 xx mb teleport...) then it gives you more control over making it crossup or not.

This is my first and possibly only contribution to the Scorpion forums, Im only found this because I was messing about lol.

@GGA Slips ?

Edit: Don't know what other wakeups this works on, but for some reason it stuffs all of Wonder Woman's wakeups except Lasso Spin. Instead, what it does to her only (as far as I'm aware) invincible wakeup, is REVERSES IT. So free punish! Damn I'm good :cool:

Edit 2: The above is also inconsistent :(


Alpha Tarkatan - Moderator
Hmmmm. If nobody else cares...I care. Nice
its not that i dont care but i....emmm dont see a reason to waste a bar to try cross up with a unsafe mid and in the corner when its blocked has less pushback making it more punishable vs the cast. looks cool i guess though


I'm assuming this can be tech rolled, woken up out of, and blocked for a punish? I mean it looks cool but is it really practical?


Gunslinger since pre patch (sh/out to The Farmer)
Hey Scorpion needs everything he can get haha

I only posted this since it could be interesting or people might be able to find better ways to use it or use it midscreen, the more tech the better even if it is unsafe.

And I managed to reverse and punish Wonder Woman's lasso spin so this might actually come in handy with wakeups SOMEHOW

The Great One

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Hi scorpionz I don't know if any of you are still alive but I think found something. I mean the forums have been dead for sometime and basically take this thread as my attempt at shocking it back to life and to recruit more scorpion players. Yeah? No? ok

Soooooooo first off this is technically a "new vortex". It doesn't mean it'll be used or that it's better than the other one but it's something. I think it's a "different" vortex.

Everybody knows how batgirls vortex works right? After a stun she does 111 and she's at advantage. Well Scorpion players used teleport after a 112 to get an advantage of 25. Well I haven't seen this used in tournament before but if you end with 112 you'll get an advantage of 15. (All these frame datas are from the outdated in game table :D ).

So I know some of you non educated fools might be asking me, "Great One, why would anyone ever use this if they could use teleport instead?"

I don't know.

But hey it's super swagily sexily bibity bobity and it can catch people off guard because NO ONE USES IT. But the good news is I tried poking out of it and I couldn't. The feeling you get though when you hit a 112 into b1 is orgasmic. If you already know this existed/hate it/or don't care. Umm then pretend the title of this thread was "#throwbacktime scorpion comb0z"

I really like scorpion and yeah he sucks but imagine winning a tournament with him. How much hype you would get. You would be celebrated on the forums and become a TYM celebrity. Ok that's probably not gonna happen. IMAGINE WINNING A MATCH WITH HIM. Damn, the other person might quit. ok that might not happen. IMAGINE TAKING A ROUND OFF OF A BEGGINGER. THE RUSH YOU FEEL FROM MASHING TELEPORT.

Scorpion really is under valued and against people that can't handle pressure. He's actually viable. If you know your opponent does not do well under stress choose scorpion. As you play against your opponent constantly berated them during the match on how much they suck and that they actually took 4% damage from the crappiest character in the game (Which is not joker. He's viable as fu). Then have your buddies turn on hard core dubstep and start having them scream wub dub wubby dub dubby dub wub.

Don't play for tiers, play for fun. Or play for Scorpions sick animations. Seriously if Jesus (or whatever religion Buddha/Moses/John Smith/Satan/Poseidon/Tom Brady the football player) Got put into this game and had to have the best animations or else their cult would be offended. They would have Scorpions animations. Seriously he looks super suave as he pulls them across and all his punches seem so fluid.

Anyways that's my sales pitch. Play scorpion some more. I expect to see around 5-10 scorpions next tournament during summer jam. Per Pool

Thanks for your time.

Oooh the song. The songs good too.