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The Zoning Academy (Injustice 2 Edition)


Zoning Master


Injustice 2 is set to be released a week from today. After zoning died an excruciating painful death in Mortal Kombat X, Lord Paolo seems to have resurrected zoning in Injustice 2. I personally remain a profoundly scarred and corrupted man for I have played Mortal Kombat X for too long. If you see me on stream doing nothing but offensive trait set ups with Darkseid or 50/50 mix ups with Deadshot, I apologize in advance. I will attempt to play a more zoning based style in Injustice 2 and I hope you attempt to do the same.

The Zoning Academy Discord

https://discord.gg/GCx94qF (Thanks to @CantingSoup)

A Zoner's Creed (by @PLAYING TO WIN)

I will resist the forces of rush down fools.
From MB dashes, teleports and anti-zoning tools.
The light will fight the darkness.
Paying homage to a lost art.
From old Sagat, Dai Rou and Sareena alike.
To Freddy, Sinestro and Zod we fight.
May the developers resist the pleas of zealots.
May our Lord and Savior, Paulo protect us.
We are masters of projectiles, backdashing and space control.
Forever we will make our opponents par the toll.

Current Leaders of the Zoning Academy

Main Character in Injustice 1: Zod
Main Character in Injustice 2: Darkseid and Deadshot

Main Character in Injustice 1: ???
Main Character in Injustice 2: Atrocitus

@Pig Of The Hut
Main Character in Injustice 1: Zod
Main Character in Injustice 2: Darkseid and Dr. Fate

Main Character in Injustice 1: Sinestro
Main Character in Injustice 2: Dr. Fate and Aquaman/Deadshot

Main Character in Injustice 1: Deathstroke and Lex Luthor
Main Character in Injustice 2: Cyborg and Deadshot

Main Character in Injustice 1: Cyborg/Zod
Main Character in Injustice 2: Cyborg

Main Character in Injustice 1: Deathstroke/Cyborg
Main Character in Injustice 2: Deadshot

@cR WoundCowboy
Main Character in Injustice 1: Sinestro
Main Character in Injustice 2: Black Adam

Current Zoning Generals of the Zoning Academy

The command is responsible for the combat readiness of active Zoning Academy and Zoning Academy Reserve units, as well as the training and supervision of the Zoning Training Camp during peacetime. It also defends the Zoning Community by land and helps counter the flow of Rushdown Fools. - Primary Zoning General @SaltShaker

Additional Zoning Generals


New Members

Every player is free to join the Zoning Academy and pledge his or her allegiance to zoning. I used to exclude Smoke, Batgirl, and Martian Manhunter players from joining the Zoning Academy, but I now recognize the extent to which rush down can seduce and corrupt a man's heart. Members will be added at a later time.

Objectives of the Zoning Academy

1. Use zoning-based characters as primary characters.

2. Protect zoning from anti-zoning zealots.

3. Demand buffs to zoning strategies if they are considered too weak.

4. Avoid using highly offensive characters who do nothing but rush down.

5. Support zoning players in offline and online tournaments.

Zoning Theme

Zoning Academy Off-line Tournament Transportation

Credit to @EGP Wonder_Chef for the picture.
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Add me as a member. My Injustice 1 main, Green Lantern, has been given more zoning tools now, and I prefer to play slow and patient instead of running in mashing buttons and 50/50s.

Firestorm, Deadshot, and Scarecrow (?) Have my interest as new zoners to learn with Dr Fate and Darkseid close behind.


This mean you don't like me?
I zone people in real life. My keep away game is fairly strong as I distance myself from others day in and day out. I like to control the space that I am in and tend to avoid getting up close and personal with others. I also split a man's wig with a 7.62×51mm NATO .300 round carrying, semi automatic M24 standard issue U.S. Marine corps sniper rifle from over 300 meters away.

Can I join?

Dankster Morgan

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I plan on maining Green Arrow, but he isn't a true zoner.

I will however use Deadshot, Darkseid, and Fate as my other main to use alongside GA. Won't touch Grodd


Bug of tater's
I will become a zoner main again now that we are getting away from mkx, starting off with kenshi was awful.
I was a Zod main and I am definitely looking at Darkseid and Deadshot.
I can't remember if I enlisted in the other threads for this or not but count me in.


King of Edenia.
Played cyborg in igau. didn't know that the zoning academy was real. I thought it was a meme because I seen it being mentioned before.

Guess im just claiming my spot now


Retired ATM
I'll be trying out Dr. Fate, Deadshot, Darkseid and Scarecrow.

I'm just fearful that last one might make me a traitor.

Thoughts, Dave?

I have other pockets who have a good projectile game but aren't zoners by nature.
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Ooohh snap! The Academy has risen from the ashes.

Being someone who played Zod, Zatanna, and Superman in IJ1, I've graduated to a sophomore now B)

In Injustice 2, I plan to mess around with Darkseid, Ivy, and Dr. Fate in addition to Superman but who knows who I'll enjoy the most out of them.

For now, just keep me under those 3 (not including Superman) and I'll do my best to contribute tech as I did with Zod years ago.

@General M2Dave and @Pig Of The Hut probably remember this video from me:

Looking forward to working with everyone. :cool:
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I will do my best to succeed in zoning in Injustice 2. I hope I will not suffer from PTSD after attempting to zone in MKX. I fear that I may be subjected to Vietnam-esque flashbacks of my opponent covering the whole screen in a fraction of a second or standing helplessly for days for having the audacity to use a projectile.

I will be using Omega beams and fear of the chained sickle to represent the zoning academy in the EU
I join you as a deadshot, darkseid , black adam main

Others I'm interested in are ivy , fate , scarecrow , supergirl but the first 3 I'm deffo playing


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I might be a zonite in this game. I've found that nothing makes people saltier than when you never get close to them and still wreck their shit. It's extremely satisfying to know you beat someone who despises your existence.

However, I cannot commit yet until I play the game. But you can put that checkmark next to "maybe" for me.


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I pledge my allegiance to the zoning academy and the god, the legend himself; M2Dave.

It's a sad story really. MKX is my first FG that I actually took seriously as I was there for its launch, so I've never got a taste of what true zoning is like. I started off with Cage, Liu and Lao but they just weren't doing it for me. However it didn't take me long to settle on Summoner and all his glory.

But then I realised: "Wait, even Quan isn't a proper zoner. If you want to play him properly you zone them into the corner then 50/50 them till they die." I embraced it for a while, but now my tastebuds and testicles are ready for a lick of some real man's zoning.

Dr Fate, Deadshot, Darkseid, Firestorm and Brainiac are all characters I plan on giving a go so far but I'm 90% sure ill settle on Fate from what I've saw so far.


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hahaha shout-out to Dr.B, Ironic as he never played zoners but the song is very fitting.

Hawkgirl/Raven/DS main in i1, currently looking at Ivy but she's not really a zoner. I like zoners but so far in i2 I don't see anyone that has a tool like DS's sword spin, I need something to cover that space if I'll play a zoner.