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I tried to throw a yo-yo away. It was impossible.
Why the fuck does fujin have a million years to confirm off that slide? Why the fuck can he start a combo from it? Why the fuck can he start a combo from his wind pull?
Why did it take me an embarrassingly long time to put together the sky wakka reference!?!?!?


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I hope that they nerf Sheeva stomp to make it useless and not because I hate Sheeva but because I like her, she's fun and I want to use her without attracting all the childish attitude from this community.

I'll drop her till they fix this move that I barely use.


Remastered mk9 new net code patch infinites problems with mk11 fixed or at least nobody complaining about it cuz they'd drop it like a bad habit.
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Up rock incoming, ETA 5 minutes
Cleaning up hit reactions, polishing pokes and reducing the delayed wakeup options(did wakeup jumps get more frames too?) really made the game tight. I've been playing variations with setup or mixup potential rather then combos and it's been fun. Not the kind of stuff that I'd expect to see in tournaments but I just move my hit confirms into more pressure or setups and it can function! You got stuff like fatal blows and breakaway to add/reduce explosiveness and the polish over time has made on hit situations and oki fun and rewarding. And I think it's been fun to watch this game competitively and I actually get a huge kick out of watching Tigerz and Foxy stomp people.

But can we get some funky music?