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    So far I am not liking this game because:

    1. The roster. We have again the whole cage family. Cassie and Sonya look like clones even if they play differently. Jacquie??? really? why? I believe NRS is now saving their best characters for DLC and giving us just the basic most bland ones, which I believe is unethical.
    2. The look of some characters. Sub zero, Kano and Jacquie look bad compared to how they looked in MKX.
    3. The fatal blows look like they will get old fast. Since now they aren't meter dependent and they recharge if you miss them. We will probably see them in every fight.
    4. The game looks stiff, slow, not so fluid.
    5. We haven't seen any new game modes. I personally would love tag and this alone will probably convince me of buying the game since I usually play offline king of the hill with my friends and we enjoy a lot more when we are all playing.
    6. We haven't seen any new finishers. Same fatalities, same brutalities from MKX which I don't mind but I would have liked new or returning finishers: Friendships, Babality, Unique Harakiri (instead of quitality) etc.
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  2. On the females not being portrayed fairly but the males being seen as ripped heavyweights, you can STILL see women portrayed and sexualized in modern gaming and men getting that same treatment, just on a way smaller spectrum. I’ve seen more women in bikinis in games than men being portrayed sexually so if you’re arguing that men are sexualized more than women you’re way off.

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  3. Lun

    Lun ask me about my feminist agenda

    I'm a woman, and here's the thing: you can't ask me what all women like anymore than you can ask a man what all men like.

    I mean, some guy will say he wants bikini babes in games, another guy will say those are awkwardly immature.

    I can try to make a generalization of what women want in female characters: the same thing men want in male characters. Shao Kahn isn't ripped as much to be a sexy fantasy as he is to be an idealized power fantasy body; and players can have equally powerful but much less sexualized male characters like Scorpion or Raiden; or cool freaks like Baraka.
    So..... the same thing applies to us ladies. Many will enjoy a female character that's sexy while that isn't her main defining point (like a femme Shao Kahn); many will like a cool woman who isn't sexualized (like a female Scorpion or Raiden); some like me will like a cool freak like D'vorah.
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    When I see men in thongs with big jiggling dongs flopping around, then we can talk.
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    @DayAlreadySucks You're putting words in my mouth.... I never said more, I said nobody seems to care. And btw, I really do not care either because I know games are fantasy, something that many people don't seem to understand. I play the game when I like the fantasy I don't play it when I don't. It's that simple.
  6. You whine about wanting these things but I clearly argued that the game will likely give you these options.

    All you guys have seen is from gameplay before the game comes out. There is no way to tell if the characters won’t have gym shorts or things like that. My Sonya argument was fine because it proves that not everything will be covered.

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  7. What words did I even put in your mouth?

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    666 I HazeOner When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.
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    This, I never said that... I said "more real world way". Should've wrote "more realistic way", my bad if you misunderstood. English isn't my native language.
    Anyways, gonna quit the convo. Said all there is - no need to further hijack the rant thread. It was all it was, just a rant...
  9. STB Sgt Reed

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    It may have "just been a rant" but haze one has a point.

    Dude's get to be all buff and shirtless (if that's not a fantasy body or sexual, idk what is) while the girls are pretty much fully covered. There's literally NO denying that.

    It's a double standard, based on today's society.
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  10. Lun

    Lun ask me about my feminist agenda

    The women are as idealized as the guys. No more, no less.

    You noticed Kano can be shirtless but you didn't notice Jade wears stiletto high heels.
  11. SaltShaker

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    Your Sonya argument wasn't an argument because I said it before you mentioned it. I pointed it out to highlight that it was the sole exception to my argument. It is in the very post you quoted.

    I also said "It's like going from one extreme (MK9) to the other (MK11). Why not a middle ground (MKX)? Making females that aren't fully clothed from neck to toe looking like Assassin's Creed and Mass Effect should be an option, but so far looks like a rarity."

    So if you are simply saying "there's no way to know if you'll have those options until the game comes out" then yea of course right. But if that's what you're saying now it's what you should have said in the very beginning of the discussion rather than implying everyone who wants non full body gear wants T&A on display, which isn't just you, but a few others in the thread strawmanning it.
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    Sexy outfits or not, as far as I’m concerned it’s not a real fighting game without full penetration. The actual gameplay doesn’t mean shit if there’s not tits and dicks and ballsacks and meat curtains flapping around all over the screen.

    It’s pretty simple: If I can’t see a character’s fully exposed asshole, I don’t play that character.
  13. Saboteur-6

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    Really disappointed with how Sonya and subsequently Cassie physically look so different from their MKX versions. I don't like the direction they went with Cassie from an aesthetic perspective and the fact that they didn't rehire Ashly Burch to voice is criminal.
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  14. Nephrite

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    Special Forces with their boring guns, bombs, bullets etc. should be obliterated from the MK universe for good. MK as a franchise is going south for me because of all the SF action. It's like I'm watching cutscenes from a shooter game.

    Really disappointed with Sonya, Jacqui and Cassie all being in the starting roster, given how similar they are and how generally unappealing SF fraction of MK is to me.

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  15. I still think it’s safe to assume if you want to see female characters showing plenty of skin that you want to see tits and ass, especially when people want them portrayed as “sexy.” I’ll admit I said the argument too late, but it still has merit that people are still complaining about non sexy characters when they likely will be in the game, especially when only beta gameplay has been released.
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  16. Did you guys have this energy when women in Mk9 has their entire chest flopping around and saying how it’s a double standard that men aren’t sexualized as much? Not to mention I’m positive there will be crop tops, tight pants, and sports bras for you guys liking in the game’s customization

    “Based on today’s society”
    Yeah because men nowadays are so sexualized right? Give me a break.
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  17. This is a rant thread so guess ill speak on this for the first time.

    Dressing the women more formally is a design choice, one i personally favor. Costumes should be based on a characters background. Character was a stripper/entertainer? Cool dressm down. Character was a warrior? Cool they should be in protective gear. NRS drops a swimsuit costume pack? Baraka better be in some hawaiian trunks with floaties.

    IF nrs gave a shit(they dont) theyd make multiple costumes to choose from to let people choose the type of characters they want. I feel like even then people would complain about women not being busty enough and etc.(because women in peak fighting shape typically have double Ds you know?)

    At this point the game is almost out and it's a minor critique. Not liking a fighting game cuz you cant play jade in a thong is childish and ill gladly play in your place.
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  18. Cassie Cyrus

    Cassie Cyrus Have you ever seen the Rain?

    Dream on, even Kano doesn't have any penis in this, look at his design, he doesn't even have a minor bulge in those pants of his...
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  19. STB Sgt Reed

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    Shirtless is the guy's equivalent of the skimpy tops for girls. They were equally over the top in the torso area in mk9. So not really a great argument. The thongs vs pants for the men, however, would be a good argument. I've also never said I wanted them in bikini's or underwear so...

    Not that it really matters, I'll be playing the game, because I love mk and I don't play games for character's attire. I was just pointing out the double standard.
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  20. honeybooboo

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    I dont understand the notion of not being able to lab a custom variation meta for competitive play... if tekken gods can calculate the infinite amount of moves you can do in the nuetral and choose the best option to put themselves in the best situation... how is custom variation an issue
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    Fatal blows are Tekken 7 Rage Arts with a cooldown... Can you guys guess which mechanic Tekken 7 would be better without, and would be even worse with a cooldown?

    They don't encourage you to engage with the opponent intelligently, it only forces the opponent to show more respect because there's now a scary 30% armored move. Like Tekken, people are going to slowly back off and throw it out either on reaction, or pray they armor through a button because they know they can't win any other way. People will do this with any super move or armored move in any game, but now it doesn't cost anything and will be back again and again until it hits. If it's blocked or whiffs, the punishment should be they don't get it back for the rest of the match or round.

    It's also just a boring way to design a comeback mechanic. NRS have focussed so much on giving each character tons of personality, but they can't think of anything more creative than armor and unbreakable damage? Dead... Also, those animations are already repetitive and the game isn't even out lol.

    Just fuck this mechanic, it so obviously a bad idea. It's good for new players, trailers, and nothing else. Giving the player another way to spend fatal blow would go a long way to help, it's something I hope they add to the game later down the line. To be honest, I think they will need to.

    ...The rest of the game is tight.
  22. Yeah and I’m pointing out that there isn’t a double standard. If you say that they were “equally over the top”, aren’t you agreeing that there isn’t a double standard and that they are equally portrayed as sexualized?

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  23. STB Sgt Reed

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    In mkx/mk11, not mk9. Both were over the top there, so that's a bad argument. The double standard exists NOW, not then. That's the whole point.
  24. I dont know. Mk has more projectiles ans setup moves. Forcing them to get poked out of fb, or being too scared to waste it since it's a 9 second cooldown now seem like fair plays. There will be crazy plays but it's not going to save someone every round. There will be plays around it.
  25. I still don’t agree that there’s a double standard now. I saw a video of Sonya in a crop top and I’m sure Cassie will have one along with other customization items. Just like you see Kano in a shirt and shirtless, same there. Really, one isn’t present. I doubt you guys whined about double standards when women were on the sexualized end but now that they’re covered and men aren’t you guys get upset

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