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Discussion in 'Batman' started by Reauxbot, Sep 8, 2017.

  1. God Confirm

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    He can full punish that with grapple. The risk reward is definitely against you even if you do have an option
  2. SonicNinja3532

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    Thats a very hard read, and very dangerous too since grapple is heavily punishable. I'm not discounting it as an option, but honestly the chances of him making the right read on a backdash are small. I'd say in the situation the odds are even or in your favour since you can get out for free 80% of the time, and he has to read you well to blow you up or else he gets blown up.
  3. This ^ plus this only matters if he has meter too. So not only did he use a bar for the batarang he has to be willing to spend another bar on a very hard read with very high risk. Yes it is an option but it's a very unlikely one.
  4. Marinjuana

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    So when his MB batarang doesn't full combo you get to make a backdash read that risks getting punished by Bats, Slide, Slide with bats, Grapple, regular batarang, a second MB batarang, dash forward F23, dash forward JI2.....

    But just backdash it.

    Granted I'm doing this on tall ass Brainiac but even dash-forward F3 can punish a reversal backdash. And then of course, there's the corner.
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  5. SonicNinja3532

    SonicNinja3532 The Wannabe Prodigy

    I just labbed it and you're right, all these options deal with backdashes except for probably a few characters.

    But from what I also tested, he can't actually get anything from a dash up, as if im not mistaken he's neutral or minus. In which case you have a better option instead of backdashing, which poking him out of it with a d1, or, if you have a nice fast button like say catwoman's s1, you can outright beat any follow up except a d1(in which case you have to instead d1 him unless you're someone like deadshot in which case you can check him with f1 either way).

    In the corner obviously you usually have to hold it, but midscreen, you never need to respect a dash up into any button.
  6. Skedar70

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    HAHAHAHA These guys. "Odds are even or in your favor" after a meterburned up batarang lol. Batman is plus 19 but this is actually in my favor according to these batman players lol. This is ridiculous.
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  7. Skedar70

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    These guys don't even know their multiple options lol. I'm done.
  8. SonicNinja3532

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    Did you even read my post or are you busy losing your mind over how badly you hate batman?
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  9. Skedar70

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    I'm done with you downplayers. Go play a different character so you can actually understand how op Batman is.
  10. SonicNinja3532

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    We were talking about up batarang? I was under the impression the conversation was about straight mb batarang. In the case of up batarang obviously depending on the character it will whiff(smaller hitboxes mainly, and theres also gaps in some strings that he cancels up batarang into, such as b11(not on large hitboxes but on most males and females). If you he dashes up after up batarang then thats on a read, hes giving up the plus frames he can enforce by doing that, and you end up in the same situation that you would in the straight batarang mb situation where you can then take your turn back.
  11. SonicNinja3532

    SonicNinja3532 The Wannabe Prodigy

    Since when was I downplaying? Just because you're some TYM scrub who doesn't even understand how to lab nor understand anything about the character doesn't mean I'm a downplayer.

    I never once said batman wasn't a good character, and I can see why he's in contention for the best character in the game, but, he has his problems, and if you're failing to expose that then that's on you.

    And for the record, I play other characters too, and I still don't think batman is overpowered. Stupid, yes, he has dumb stuff, but definitely not overpowered.
  12. Don't bother bro dude is dumb as rocks. He called catwoman and deadshot balanced. After I read that anything else he has said before or after is completely discredited lmao.
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  13. itsmeMOB

    itsmeMOB "Meow!"

    IMO, Batman's pretty fucking dumb but he's not unbeatable since his gameplan/buttons are pretty easy to figure out. The character is common enough online and in tournament that I don't think anyone should have any trouble against him. Still has some of the best tools and the best trait in the game though.
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    listen ranked is meaningless now take this instead you didnt see this from me but do with this information what u will shazzy out


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