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Discussion in 'Batman' started by Reauxbot, Sep 8, 2017.

  1. Reauxbot

    Reauxbot You think you bad? You aint bad.

    Hello felloI TYM members. I'm making this post simply to get some opinions and thoughts.
    This takes place in the Batman thread simply because I've been playing him quite a lot. Harley and Batman are my two favorite DC characters, so of course I main them.

    However, I've grown pretty tired of winning because "Batman is the cheapest character in the game" or he's "braindead"
    I even have the message in my phone still.
    I'm usually not one for downplaying or uplaying, but I'm very confused on the large hate on Batman.
    I don't see many Batman mains, compared to other mains, so I don't really get why Batman is so cheap outside of his trait. I understand he's very strong but I can't say he's broken. Since every character has dirt.
    I'm even trying to switch mains simply cause I don't feel like a good player winning with Batman. I played Harley to the death of IGAU and decided to try out Bman.
    Just here for the thoughts and insights of what it REALLY IS that makes Batman this way.
  2. Shaka

    Shaka Tier Whore.

    Yes, next to SG!
  3. Reauxbot

    Reauxbot You think you bad? You aint bad.

    SG huh? Are talking wifi SG?
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  4. ShrekForXbox

    ShrekForXbox Scrub

    >not alot of batman mains
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  5. Rooks

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    I don't play him so my info is coming from PSN messages from ppl who do, but from what I understand j2 is such an amibiguous crossup that the player doesn't even which side he'll land with 100% certainty. IF THIS IS TRUE then it becomes incredibly difficult to read a player's patterns and turns it into "MORE THAN A 50/50" jk. Being able to get a read on player tendencies is very important.

    Aside from that a backwards moving projectile is pretty cheap.

    Lastly haters gonna hate.
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  6. Reauxbot

    Reauxbot You think you bad? You aint bad.

    From what I just read. I believe I said "I don't see many Batman mains"
  7. Tweedy

    Tweedy Noob

    Since ranked reset 5 of the top 10 on ranked are Batman lol.

    He's one of the most played in the game and his execution is HIGHLY overrated. A lot of bills sold in this thread.

    Not everyone can make it to events, so often you'll just see King or Sylverrye deep in tournaments, but invite Nubcakes or Madzin to a set and tell me they're not just as good. You can't act like tons of great Batmans don't exist because they can't spend hundreds on a flight and hotel.

    Shazzy might be a top 3 Batman and he hasn't been to a tournament since he took Slayer's head in 2013 lul.
  8. Reauxbot

    Reauxbot You think you bad? You aint bad.

    Can't be too hard for NRS to fix that bats should travel the directions bman is facing.
  9. Reauxbot

    Reauxbot You think you bad? You aint bad.

    If I can't see it I can't have insight on it can I? I don't even know who Madzin or Sylv. Is. I know Shazzy is on TYM but I also heard he's just a troll.
    But even then why don't top 8 players just switch to Batman if he's that good?
    Again I'm looking for WHY Batman is considered th way he is. My knowledge base isn't like the rest of TYM members on this game.
  10. Rooks

    Rooks Cold Azz Mulatto

    Not talking about trait. Talking about a normal crossup j2.
  11. Tweedy

    Tweedy Noob

    If you don't know enough about the game you shouldn't worry about how good a character is or isn't. People will get mad when you beat them and blame your character but it's just them making excuses for themselves. Character strength only matters at high level play.
  12. Reauxbot

    Reauxbot You think you bad? You aint bad.

    its really not that fun to win and lose all credit because "your character won" for you.
    It was just something I was pretty curious about character wise.
    If he's that broken why am I not seeing him as much as I should be.
    I.e. Deadshot. Superman. BA.
  13. B. Shazzy

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    lmao bro idk either how people lose to batman

    just ignore it people who complain about the character you know are just victims in real life bro like the tweedys of the world
  14. Tweedy

    Tweedy Noob

    You're not losing all credit. People discredit the winners of the biggest tournaments all the time. It's all your perception. If you feel like you lose credit then you do, if you don't then you don't. Your win on the leaderboard or at a tournament isn't taken away because someone wants to complain.

    You know I don't upplay Batman like Chef lol but I feel like he's often not mentioned among other braindead characters when he's just as easy.
  15. GLoRToR

    GLoRToR The ire of the Starf!

    The cheapest characters are those that came with the game. DLC are more expensive, because you have to buy them separately.
  16. Skedar70

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    He has zoning that moves him backwards is fast and can be mb and builds him good meter. Best rushdown in the game supported with a really hard to AA jump in 2 that crosses up. One if not the best trait in the game that allows him to get plus frames and forces the opponent to respect him even when he is negative. Good forward dash with little recovery. More plus frames with his MB upbatarang. Good damage and easy conversions. A fast, plus, forward advancing F3. Restands.

    No character in the game has this amount of shit in his arsenal.
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  17. I don't think Batman is the cheapest character in the game. The bat trait is an anti-footsie tool. Sometimes it feels wrong to block for so long but his mix up game isn't THAT good.

    Wanna know who I think is absolutely brain-dead? Atrocitus he's either waiting for trait or using 50/50s in trait. Absolutely no depth to his neutral game except throwing out yolo puddles. Batman at least has to deal with the the bad blockstun on bats and if you hit him his anti-footsie tool goes away.
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  18. ShrekForXbox

    ShrekForXbox Scrub

    At least if you pushblock Atroc it gets rid of a massive amount of his trait that also has a pretty long
    cooldown. Meanwhile, you can really only get rid of bats by pushblock is when Batman only has 1 bat left, and even then the bats come back faster than Dexstarr. AND Batman gets ridiculous plus frames with up batarang MB near mid screen, and even some of his stuff that is punishable can be hard to due to weird blockstun, low hitbox, etc.

    Note that I don't think Batman is the cheapest character in the game, that honor goes to Deadshot as scrubby as it sounds.
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  19. Im one of those guys who plays 5 chars almost evenly, and I think batman is the deepest strategically of any game ive played. My favorite part is how I can use 20 different playstyles in one set to always keep the guy guessing. When I play a batman, I rarely lose because I know the deal, he is strong but a predictable batman is easy to beat
  20. Reauxbot

    Reauxbot You think you bad? You aint bad.

    Do you stream often?
  21. Reauxbot

    Reauxbot You think you bad? You aint bad.

    He has one of the best combo pools if you ask me. Have you ever seen what the AI Batman can do combowise sometimes?

  22. Before I start let me say I'm not trying to downplay at all lmao but batman zoning is mediocre at best. You only have to kinda respect it once he has trait out (yes I know it seems like he always has trait out lol). Batmans rushdown is only good if the player knows what he is doing. If he is predictable then he will never open you up because batmans mix game isn't THAT good. Flowchat batmans should never open you up. His j2 is stupid yeah but like I said if they flowcharting or predictable they can eat d2's or instant j1's all day. His trait probably is the best in the game but has zero block advantage even with 3 bats out. If he try's to use them to get in or cross you up you can easily still d2 him. He also has 2 very very punishable wakeups that leave him wide open if just thrown out. Mb up batarang on wakeup is good but has to be a hard read pretty much. Mb f3 is also really good but always whiffs on the female hit boxes and even on some males if he's to close. He also has very stubby normals with his only good forward advancing normal being f2. Plus he is one of the few characters who can't d1 special for combos unlike 80% of the cast can. These are just some flaws of batman. If there's any type of lag involved in the match then you can simply just mash through all of batmans trait cancels. There are also ways to even get out of his setups as well. I don't think batman is the cheapest nor the easiest/braindead. If I had to chose I'd give that to either supes, atrocitus, or deadshot. Honorable mentions go to aquaman, starfire, and Robin lol. Batman is still very good though and is either 5th or 6th imo, and again I wasn't trying to downplay so don't flame me lmao :)
  23. Skedar70

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    You were not trying to downplay but you totally did. "These are just some flaws" Nothing of what you mentioned is a flaw. Every other character deals with what you call "flaws". Every character can suffer from predictability that is not a character flaw that is a player flaw, every character has unsafe wakeups, every-character can be AA if you make the read. His zoning is mediocre if you compare it to deadshot or dr fate green arrow and maybe Harley but its on par with most of the cast. F3 whiffs on females??? never heard of that so its probably not that big of an issue or else the whole batman community would be crying for a fix. He can't combo of of d1??? you consider that a flaw? Many characters can't combo of d1.

    Batman is the cheapest character just because of the amount of options he offers to the player.

    His only losing MU is probably Deadshot. Against the rest of the cast forever king has proven that Batman can handle himself well.
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  24. Yeah and foreverking also got 3-0'd by a joker and twice recently too as well. "Flaws" wasnt a good word choice by me so yeah my bad. But what I mean by "super" unsafe wakeups is that you can get a free b3 on block or whiff. If you need some examples I can provide you with them lol. And what do you mean his zoning is mediocre compared to deadshots or fates??? You wouldn't compare his zoning to someone who doesn't/can't zone lol. So yes his zoning is mediocre cause there are many characters who can zone better. You can still be predictable and still win i.e superman who's optimal play really is just f23 or even aquaman or atrocitus. If you predictable with batman you losing. Also supergirl d1 ice breath, superman d1 scope, green arrow d1 ice arrow, darkseid d1 ex knee, aquaman d1 trident rush, atrocitus d1 puddle, blue beetle d1 low stab, brainiac d1 tentacle, captain cold d1 ice puddle, starfire d1 hair flip etc etc so lol at the not many characters can
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  25. Skedar70

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    Just stop bro this is getting ridiculous.

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