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Tekken 7 General Discussion Thread - OP Updated With All Tekken Info


Believe in the hop kick
Danielmado likes to punish -13 lows with crouch cancel 2,4 as Jin instead of ws1,2. I tried practicing this a bit and CC to jab punish at -13 is actually quite easy if you are ready for it and have the situational awareness to be on the lookout for a specific low with a well-timed brief low block. Also very doable for -12 lows, at least in offline conditions.

If your character's i10 wallsplats and your ws punishers leave a lot to be desired then this is a skillset worth practicing I think. Backdashing into low parries doesn't allow you to generate distance the same way backdashing into short crouch blocks do and low parry attempts leave you more vulnerable to mids than timed crouching does.

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Kaz is godlike in s3. His game plan remains the same but the damage reward for having execution now really pays off


New feature is frame data, combo training and punish training. You can have the red/blue like sfv or the numbers.

Also replays and in the replay it will show you where you missed punishes and what the best punish is. They have gone from no training mode to the best ever
Wow that thing about the replay mode sounds amazing.


better late then never. lets just hope its now something every bandai namco game has on release.
curious to test out the replay function and if its really showing you the optimal punishes or just some suggestions.

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This training mode/replay update is the best thing any developer has ever implemented into a fighting game. To be able to watch a reply of your match and have the game tell you where you missed your punishes is absolutely incredible. Punishment training and in game frame data alone would have been a great addition, but Namco went an extra 10 miles with this update.

Not to mention that every character now has suggested combos for EVERY launcher in training mode.

Tekken 7 is fucking amazing. If they add Ganryu as one of the upcoming DLC characters, I might be using my MK11 disc as a beer coaster.

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My last video is a masterpiece

Anyways, it seems I will be playing Tekken Full time, in MK there is too many things I don't like happening at the same time and it's turning me off the game, meanwhile, I keep getting better at tekken lol.
Frame Data, punish training all the good shit lmao. And a high possibility Kunimitsu is coming this season.



Tekken World Tour Finals 2019
This Weekend will be the Finals for the Tekken World Tour 2019.

Last Chance Qualifier Tourney

Sat 07.12.2019
Stream Chanel:
Stream Schedule:
TWT Finals
Sun 08.12.2019
Stream Chanel:
Stream Schedule:

SmashGG Brackets: https://smash.gg/tournament/tekken-world-tour-finals-2019/details
TWT Website:https://tekkenworldtour.com/finals-2019/
TWT Rules:https://tekkenworldtour.com/rules/

TWT Finalists
Knee (Jae Min Bae)
Anakin (Hoa Luu)
LowHigh (Sun-woong Yoon)
JDCR (Hyunjin Kim)
Chikurin (Yuta Take)
Arslan Ash
Kkokkoma (Mu-jong Kim)
Super Akouma (Vincent Homan)
Awais Honey (Awais Parvez)
Ulsan (Soo-hoon Lim)
Double (Shoji Takakubo)
Chanel (Seong-ho Kang)
Rangchu (Hyunho Jung)
Abel Del Maestro (Abel Segovia)
JimmyJTran (Jimmy Tran)
Nobi (Daichi Nakayama)
Noroma (Takumi Hamasaki)
Shadow 20z (Marquis Jordan)
Saint (Jinwoo Choi)
Last Chance Qualifier

Prize Pool ($200,000)
1st $50,000
2nd $35,000
3rd $25,000
4th $20,000
5th-6th $12,500
7th-8th $7,500
9th-12th $3,750
13th-16th $2,250
17th-20th $1,500

Aris from AvoidingThePuddle should be one of the commentators but he is restreaming it now from home:


I have always played Lei/Law/Yoshi in every game with a focus on Lei as my main. I like to swap a side char for a few weeks as sometimes it opens my mind to my main in a way I wouldn't have thought before. I just for the first time in history of tekken all of sudden got hugely in to king/armor king. King is hella good but damn... Armor king is rough for me. I feel like he needs a 10 frame punish thats hella plus or does a lil more dam or something. Man's mix is non existent. Trying to play him as a whiff punisher only and hop kick lows only gets u so far (especially if opponent's movement is amazing and doesnt ever whiff a damn thing). If anyone mains armor king pls drop me some tips. I could pick up half the cast and in a day have better success than with this fool.


Believe in the hop kick
Playing AK is annoying. Df1 and ws4 are essentially free damage most of the time, but he has very limited mids to deal with sidestep-flash ducking. You need to make a read on those with instant while standing 1 (tracks their SSR) from wavedash which takes a fair bit of practice to be consistent with or you could try to dash in their face and hop kick. All his best moves hit high so good players flash ducking a lot is what you have to deal with, the less adept players will just stand and try to break throws, not step enough or they hard duck long enough to guarantee you a good success rate with hop kicks or ws1's or ss2,1. Also he lacks a good safe mid ch launcher. Df2 is unsafe and a poor man's Kazuya df2. df3 seems like you would use it similarly to Bryan's f3 (read a step or a backdash and potential buttons, dash deep in the opponents face then do the move and hope it counterhits), but I am not sure if it functions the same way since Bryan's f3 is kinda unique in that it is active for 3 frames between i16-i18 which is why that move blows up people stepping into buttons.

You really are just stuck abusing jabs, df1 and ws4, maybe b1 or the occasional read df2 at neutral a lot since those are the safest and most consistent moves to use, pretty much anything else requires a solid read and has a fair bit of risk attached. The lows for chip against passive opponents are just d4 and d3. AK to me feels like he is just a tad too honest of a character in a game where you have to have at least some cheap shit to stay level with your opponent. Sure he has some cheap shit but other characters have better cheap shit. In terms of the basic solid tools he is as good as any character.



Having fun with some new blood lol. Welcome to tekken
thats gross bro... Whats your bnb with kaz off of electrics on infinite stages? I don't run into many kazuya in asia (not even in arcades which are still hugely a thing here). I used to be pretty ass with electrics then a few days ago I changed my method from f n d focus simultaneously hit df and 2...to now using the method of just inputting the shit as fast as possible. All of a sudden im nailing them like 18/20 and it makes me wanna pick up a mishima. I dunno why this all of a sudden worked so well for me as I've played tekken all my life and I have tried that way before with worse results(just super fast inputs)...who knows lol.

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@DeftMonk Usually it's EWGF, EWGF deep dash EWGF , b2,1 , dash b3,1 deep dash EWGF. does 73 damage and gives decent oki. You can end with ff2 for 76 damage but you loose the oki.This is for season 3. Does Kaz have b2,1 in the arcade version? When I was in Tokyo last time FR was out but round 2 wasn't released yet.
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@DeftMonk Usually it's EWGF, EWGF deep dash EWGF , b2,1 , dash b3,1 deep dash EWGF. does 73 damage and gives decent oki. You can end with ff2 for 76 damage but you loose the oki.This is for season 3. Does Kaz have b2,1 in the arcade version? When I was in Tokyo last time FR was out but round 2 wasn't released yet.
I honestly can't tell you as I really don't play vs kazuya very often at all in the arcade. There is a pretty tight community (we all talk in social media platform called wechat) at the biggest arcade in this city and outside of a few people.... the group of about 30 dudes total consists of mainly same 6 characters. I am in china and dudes fuckin love hwoarang Law (china likes bruce lee and law is easy lolz) and ofc geese because KoF98 is the king here.
I honestly have started to think about dropping lei lately because after coming back to tekken and getting my game back up...these dudes are starting to really really get a hold on the Lei matchup (no one mains him but me in the arcadein my city)and he has some huge issues imo. Certain stance swaps are highly vulnerable to certain things which has turned me into just a 50/50 machine off just a few stances. Online lots of people don't have the adequate matchup knowledge such as what can 21 into drunken stance be gaurenteed punished by ON HIT or what mids can't be parried by tiger etc. Last few weeks the fights in the arcade have gotten SUPER hard and I dunno if I wanna keep playing him. As you know if you were in tokyo...asian arcades are no freakin joke. Could be ten dudes playing at any time that would mop most people with ease in pools at most locals back home.


Can anyone here that is on PS4 run same games with me? Ive had the game for like 2 weeks and feel really intimidated about actually playing it and formulating a game plan on how to even start using a character because the move lists are unbelievably long and I have only ever been good at NRS games.