Tekken 7 General Discussion Thread - OP Updated With All Tekken Info

Discussion in 'Tekken' started by SaltShaker, Aug 5, 2015.

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  2. Just follow the instructions here... I'm no expert By the way. I just copy pasted the dgxgi.dll text :DOGE
  3. villainous monk

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    Where's this article.

    A system update or a fix for online would be ok but I seriously don't want a character patch so much. The game is super blanced right now so I would be fine with it.

    That PS4 lag is hot garbage.

    Link the article someone.

    And where the hell is @SaltShaker at?
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  4. Tanno

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    "Harada also touched on the input lag issues that Tekken 7 sometimes finds itself plagued with and reported that although the team was able to reduce the input lag by two frames, it has yet to be implemented due to problems with the engine. However, the team is working with Unreal Engine developer Epic Games to try and fix any issues on their end for the game. No concrete date was given as to when players can expect a fix, but it is expected to arrive within this year."

    And I don't think he means this year. He said 2018 at best. They're waiting Epic Games to fix this issue that affected this game.
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  5. Sutter Pain

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    Thanks i went through that thread when I had the problem sadly didnt work, I upgraded my cpu and got a new copy of windows a couple days later and it works perfectly now.
  6. JBeezYBabY

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    AGREED! The characters are super fine as is. I LOVE how EVERYBODY is viable to be played competitively. Even them damn bears!
  7. villainous monk

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    Ok. I understand what you were saying.

    Yeah he tweeted that nobody noticed the 2 frames of reduced lag a few weeks ago I believe when I read it in the Tekken discord and on reddit.

    UR4 has always had lag in their systems. It was in gears 3 years ago and in gears 4. It's in mkxl and I do believe in all games as far as I was told. Numerous actually.

    4-6 frames of lag is kinda ok but 8 frames on ps4 where as I think it's 6 on Xbox is noticeable imo. On PC this games is supreme. Can't remember what the frame rate is but it's goddamn legit. I refuse to play on ps4 because I in my humble opinion do believe that it's not as good as the Xbox when it comes to frame rate nowadays.

    I literally dread the fact that I have to buy a used ps4 just to play Arika's EX Fighting Layer because Sony is backing Arika with the capital it needs. Which means it'll have the exact same issues as Tekken 7 right now.

    It's truly Sony's issues as much as Epic Games.

    Sounds a lot like he's passing the buck to me.

    The update might be in December.

    Geese is available for download on Xbox right now as I am typing this and installing the Geese Howard Pack. Not playable I presume.
  8. villainous monk

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    This what a balanced game is supposed to be. Take note. Their are a lot of things that can still be done and improved on but the core game is as about as balanced as possible with what they've had in mind since it was in the arcades.

    Slow and steady I guess still wins the race I guess.

    I've haven't touched another fighting game since the early summer.
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  9. villainous monk

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  10. Sutter Pain

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  11. JBeezYBabY

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    RIGHT!? But at least we have an official date. Very much looking forward to trying out this character. Also, is the update coming out the same time too?
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  12. villainous monk

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    Lul. Right!

    I mean it's something to base this on and Xbox seems to not waste any time on content, dlc or game releases. They do this with every single thing on Xbox. For example Injustass part duex always had releases on patches dlc and whatever else before Playstation so I would bet money on him in my hands on November 30th for sure.

    Does this mean a patch for the unreal engine too? This is my question because if I remember correctly a patch was already released for the X1 in August to prepare for the launch which was a couple of weeks ago.

    I'm going to test this out tonite since I'm going to my neighbor apartment for our weeky king of iron fist all night errors and he's currently downloading tekken o the X1. So I'm hoping there's a suitable difference in game play.

    Especially smoother frame rates for executing inputs.
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  13. villainous monk

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    Wrote the same shit Lul.

    I think the update will be at the same time but I would think Namco and Harada will tweet that.

    November 30th 2017 tho.

    So sweet
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  14. JBeezYBabY

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    Hahah fo realz! After i posted i just saw yours and was like, "He said the same damn thing as me." lol

    RIghteous ;)

    We should game sometime. Im probably gonna be on later today. PSN - JBeezYBabY1
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  15. villainous monk

    villainous monk Break bread over a whiskey n rocks. Like a man.

    Yeah man its Kool dawg. They say great minds think alike;).

    Unfortunately I don't have a ps4 yet. Will be picking one up for Arika's Ex fighting layer soon.

    So until then lobby Sony for cross play which Stream and Microsoft wants.

    Sony... Bleh. :DOGE
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  16. JBeezYBabY

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    OOOOO I forgot about that game! I have a feeling it will be like how Killer Instinct was to Xbox. When is the release of that game?
  17. JBeezYBabY

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    Looking to expand my skills and work my way up the ranks! Would LOOOOVE to have some sparring partners if anybody knows how to get DOWN! ;)

  18. LiangHuBBB

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    I ran into 2 juggernaut josie players and 1 vanquisher claudio today while trying Bryan, got beaten pretty bad yet those ppl were so fair to give me rematches so I can learn the match ups.
    later of today I did ran into those same players again, but I picked my main Paul, beat them all on the first match and none of them gave me a rematch

    ye I take the " fair " Ive mentioned above back
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  19. JBeezYBabY

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    Spanked dat ass! OOOO i hope you recorded it ;)

    Happy Thanksgiving BTW, sir :)
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  20. Tanno

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    Nice MUs.

    Some tips for you as a fellow Eddy main:

    1) You need to work your combos a bit. The strongest is the following off any starting juggle move from the mix-ups:

    ...B33, RLX23, B24, Forward Dash, B24.

    Nets more than 90 DMG. I know a 103 DMG combo, but it's from another stage.

    2) Learn to do mix-ups. Your opponents can't block all the time. RLX (D3+4) is one of them. The others are: U/F33, D/F3+4, 1+23, 1+2*D/F3+4, SS3+4, etc. Eddy is a mix-up monster and unpredictable. All of them are juggle moves, except of some distancing moves, like U4*3, U44, U3, etc.

    3) Learn to control your distance. You'll want to do a lot of dashes (if possible, Korean Dashes). This will help you fish out their attacks, and then to counterattack them. Some characters, like Paul, do hit hard AF, and have some unblockable moves, so you'll need to stay away from them. And ultimately, to do a lot of distancing moves against them.

    4) Learn to do some of the moves in the last possible minute. You'll surprise them this way and they will either try to attack, or to defend. This way you can try throwing them or do any powerful move, like B24 or D43. If you have the rage aura, and you see that your opponent is about to attack you (except of his Rage Art), immediatelly do your RA. This is what Alisa main did when you did WR3, but you were lucky that you cancelled his RA. Be careful of the RA2, for it can be cancelled by a fast attack or a throw.

    5) When you're near the Wall, instead of ending your combo with anything, try doing D23, because it acts as the restand. After this, try doing the RLX[34] to rejuggle him.

    6) Learn to do a lot of OKIs, like F3+4, D24 into RLX3, etc. When the opponent hits the Wall, try doing the [34] into 3+4B. OKIs are strong there.

    7) When defending, it's best to do B24, as the B is automatically registered in the system, so you can do the 24 of the B24 easily.

    8) Learn to stand up quickly. While you're about to hit the ground do the following:

    BB = Stand up behind.
    1 = Side Stand Up.
    Hold F = He does front kicks Stand Up.
    3+4 = Wake up Kicks. This way Eddy will turn his back to your opponent, so be careful. It's a YOLO move. If he learns this, he'll throw from behind you, thus 80 DMG against you.

    You'll need to mash them up to force Eddy to stand up as fast as possible, so you can defend yourself from any incoming attack.

    I have been experimenting him, and so I came up with all of this shit. Good luck. ;)

    Just the day before yesterday, I mopped 3 of my buddies, and I trolled them so hard. I didn't even lose not once. lol
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  21. JBeezYBabY

    JBeezYBabY Mr. Righteous

    WOW! Thank you for this! All the combos u listed, i pretty much do, but sometimes my timing is off so im working on that. The OKIs are something i need to work on more too becuz at times im too hesitant to go for it in the risk of missing then getting punished. But thank you so much for this man. I really appreciate u taking the time to help a brotha out ;) We need to game it up sometime! Ill be on all day!

    FIND ME ;)

    PSN - JBeezYBabY1
  22. Smoke_Of_Finland

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    OK so I just bought this thing for 600 € on the Black Friday sale seeing it's got good enough components and a 2 year warranty for a fairly cheap price and my current PC is a severely outdated POS from 2009 which is barely running properly anymore. This new rig should run Tekken 7 just fine.


    Haven't played since early September and before that I practiced like crazy for a tournament during July (which I didn't attend lol). I'mma hit my buddy up on Facebook and see what he's been up to once I get this and Tekken 7 on Steam. I'll most likely go on another short term Tekken bender once Geese drops.
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  23. Tanno

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    Dunno if it's region-locked, because I live in Greece. Another problem is the lag the game currently has.

    You're welcome. About the combos, it's just about muscle memory and to know WHEN the recovery frames do come out before acting.

    I, also, got T7 PC edition. I'm curious to know if it's region-locked, as well. My issue for not playing T7, for the time being, is because of my disassembled fightstick. Planning to paint it before I assemble it back.
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  24. sinosleep

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    This is insanity.

    skip to 39:39

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  25. Kooron Nation

    Kooron Nation Adam has no mids

    Jut getting back into this game since InjustASS is boring asf and Marvel Infinite I have no fucking idea what the hell is going on, but I got a question:

    I was gonna use Lili, but I see everywhere complaints about how silly and scrubby and broken she is......so I'm curious, what makes her so dumb? I know Eddy/Capo characters are dumb, Xiayou and AOP is dumb, Jack and Dragunov are braindead easy-mode characters, but what makes Lili so dumb? Whatever it is I wanna abuse it so please, help a brother out
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