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T-800 Terminator General Discussion Thread


Gentlemen, behold! My opinion!
I am not the original poster about the B1 launcher @fluffybunbunkittens is. But, B1 canceled into TDE amp give you enough time to combo 1,2 or back 3,1 into whatever you want. Combo extender or command grab depending on your loadout


how good is the tele at dealing with zoning? If it good, then that really makes Terminator much stronger doesn’t it? That was his issue- getting in!


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I had no idea term has a tic throw off F3.
Every term I played on KL plays him at such a shallow level I don't think I've ever seen it.


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Why the FUCK can't I consistently enforce my +14 after amp shotgun?? Literally have no problems enforcing a Kano +1, +2, robocop flamethrower plus frames

I get mashed and jumped out of everything online. I must be doing something very wrongly lmfao


XBL tag: South of Zero
What are you doing after the Shotgun amp?
F2 or F3 of course. Seem to always get D1 or sometimes even jabbed out. Labbed it with no probs, then online it's mash city. And if I mash F3 a million times during the animation to get my button in, the cancel into the 2 or running man rarely goes thru lol
2019 posts in this thread make it seem easy as it should be, wonder if the input buffers made it harder to enforce