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T-800 Terminator General Discussion Thread

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So you can cancel running man directly into albu back breaker and it's definitely one of my favorite things for zoners intentionally whiff the dive, watch the run. run in cancel grab and into the vortex you a go


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He's fun, just seems so slow at times but definitely not bad. He's someone you don't want to be close to. I wish his command grab wasn't D, B, F. Like damn it NRS, why couldn't you make it D, F or B, F lol.


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How do you avoid being zoned or uppercut to death with this guy? I am playing dark fate and get outranged and poked out of my runs most of the time. I can't play neutral with him at all, nor start an offensive.


Yeah, I think Terminator can be really stupid and you can really mix the shit out of your opponent. But he is not for everyone and I know that with from experience. You either have to play like maniac or be a hermit level patience master. I am too big of a scrub to play this game without a good and ranged mid.


Old man Hyuga.
I come from sub zero, which I get nice results with. He has very nice pokes and mobility. I struggle to find my footing with Arnold, and I get Clowned by mashy Liu Kangs.


He is tricky to play sorta. If you try to play him like other MK11 characters you probably wont have much success. He's dumb but not a
"pick up in 5min and destroy everyone" type of dumb. DF Terminator feels like a STRONG grappler, and thats how you have to play him. Condition your opponent with staggering your main strings. Use his tick throws, he has quite a few with running man. Dont go for 50/50's on okie until you've conditioned your opponent. I've never played a character that makes players want to forward roll so much. Mix up your running man options off of strings. Use the air grab, you can pull your opponent in from sooooo far. Remember off of ex shotgun your opponent has to guess 3 ways. In a nutshell just keep them guessing. His j3 is good(go figure). Once he gets going its hard to stop him from steam rolling and I think his comeback factor is great. Having said all that, loads of match ups feel annoying until you figure them out. I think he's the most fun character in mk11.


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I come from sub zero, which I get nice results with. He has very nice pokes and mobility. I struggle to find my footing with Arnold, and I get Clowned by mashy Liu Kangs.
Figuring out a character's neutral and strategies take a bit of time, even if you read up on it, you have to play it to figure out what works best against players. Watching pros play helps me a lot too, and labbing, and just playing long sets.

Termy is slow but you can mix the shit out of your opponent, so you really have to play the spacing game well, know the range of his moves, and like the above poster said, conditioning is your friend. You wanna mix so fast they don't have time to think, kinda like sub, but it's much slower with Termy.

Still, I think he's a real threat when used correctly even if it feels like he's walking in mud.


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I've still been playing him since his release, and he can be super frustrating to play online. You get hella outranged and need to have a real patient neutral. D4 and F4 are probably my go to lengthy pokes but other characters can beat them out, and D1 is godlike upclose.
It's all worth it when you get an advantage state and go full UNGA BUNGA on your opponent and watch that health bar melt like Arnold at the end of T2.


Two of my favorite things but, in what way is T-800 Mortal? Lol
Still I think he’s a great add. Love playing as the Terminator


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Terminator shirt with the guy on fire...what is it? From another movie or something?
Obscure Blaze(MK character) reference? He's got a couple other shirts in Cage's Gym or the skull that just kind of look like a generic tshirt, but maybe they are all MK references in some way.