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T-800 Terminator General Discussion Thread


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I keep picturing him with something like Jason's b122, for some reason. I imagine some combination of super strength and zoning, similar to Jax. He better make good use of a chain gun, either as a normal, a special, in his FB, or in a fatality. Same with the grenade launcher. One fatality should involve liquid nitrogen and shattering.


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I think he looks really cool and im stoked it’s arnie but I can’t imagine how he would play. I would think he would be more firearms based. He’s definitely going to have the most health out of everyone.


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Yeah, they need to make better use of the variations for sure. If he has a grappler variation and a trap variation I'll be happy. Anything BUT zoning, please. XD
I'd probably have to check myself into an institution if he turned out to be a zoner. Been looking forward to his release ever since the leaks, it would just be heartbreaking.

Nothing against zoners, it's just not the way I enjoy playing.


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But real talk, since the shotgun seems pretty prominent in the promo material thus far, I imagine he'll use it in strings as well as specials, way more than Jax's grenade launcher, for instance.

So I expect it'll be less careful spacing and zoning, and more "I'm shoving this thing so far up your ass, your ancestors will taste the lead."