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Discussion in 'Superman' started by FOREVER EL1TE, May 15, 2017.

  1. Superman Rz

    Superman Rz Superman is fair.

  2. gibster13

    gibster13 I will zone you to your knees

    Cheers. There’s for sure somthing here !
  3. Undergroundepict

    Undergroundepict I am like the blue rose

    Any Superman changes in the current patch?

    Hopefully not. He's fine the way he is.
  4. gibster13

    gibster13 I will zone you to your knees


    Perhaps a silent buff cuz the top tiers got nerfed (But supergirl and black adam for some reason)
  5. Kooron Nation

    Kooron Nation Adam has no mids

    Been using b2 a lot more for whiff punishing tight punishes, what's the highest damaging combo from b23mb, is it just 3xxSuperman Punch?
  6. Undergroundepict

    Undergroundepict I am like the blue rose

    I usually just do b23mb, 3xxrising grab, but you can fit a 11 in there before the 3.

    So it's b23mb, walk forward, 11, 3xxrising grab/Superman punch.

    You can also d2 and follow up with a b3, but the timing is extremely tight.
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  7. gibster13

    gibster13 I will zone you to your knees

    223 is a great string...said no one ever
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  8. Undergroundepict

    Undergroundepict I am like the blue rose

    That's facts.
  9. Tweedy

    Tweedy Noob

    I still like 223. No one blocks overhead and backdashes to option select the mix up, at least no one that I've played. Also, even though 22 trait is -1, people are waiting for the overhead or scoop, so they normally hold throws or more pressure.

    It's definitely a pretty gimmicky string when you break it down though. People complain about f23 f23 f23 f23 f23, but he doesn't have anything else super solid. I've been playing Hellboy and he has like 4 good strings. Superman's standing 1 and the strings that it leads into are super trash.

    Superman is definitely amazing don't take this as downplaying. He moved up even more with Batman and Deadshot nerfs, i'm just rambling.
  10. kdawg

    kdawg Noob

    I hate the timing when trying to land this
  11. Kooron Nation

    Kooron Nation Adam has no mids

    Would have been cool to give him a few new strings and but maybe change him up a bit this game but he's the poster boy so he was always gonna be the same, and simple to pick up for newbies.

    Imagine if he had command grabs where he just picked you up and broke your bones and threw you in the air, utilising his raw power a bit more
  12. B. Shazzy

    B. Shazzy Retired Best Batman
    Premium Supporter

    or imagine he had a command grab where he picked you up in his big strong arms and together you just flew away from this cruel world
  13. Undergroundepict

    Undergroundepict I am like the blue rose

    Give Superman a command grab is the new memo to push forward.

    He needs it.
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  14. EntropicByDesign

    EntropicByDesign Confused and afraid.

    I think this is why I don't personally gravitate to Supes. The one string thing never appealed to me, though I very much understand the practicality there.
  15. Undergroundepict

    Undergroundepict I am like the blue rose

    No one is going to OS something they only see once every handful of games or so. 223 is safe, so there really isn't much harm in throwing it out there every once in a while, I suppose, with the riskier 22xxscoop being used even more sparsely.

    Even so, I haven't found occasion to use it lately. I generally prefer to continue pressure with another f23xxbreath.

    How do you feel about f2d1, by the way? I've been getting more use out of it lately. My favorite being f2d1xxbounce cancel (backward midscreen, forward in the corner), as it essentially punishes people for knowing the matchup and attempting to hit the massive gap. Worst case scenario is plus frames. And as an added bonus, it makes opponents more hesitant to punish the gap next time I go for f2d1xxbreath.
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  16. Tweedy

    Tweedy Noob

    yeah f2d1 bounce cancel is the shit lol
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  17. gibster13

    gibster13 I will zone you to your knees

    I am sure I have a 100% hit record of f2d1
  18. Superman Rz

    Superman Rz Superman is fair.

    Let's start some post patch MU discussion.

    I think the Deadshot MU is even or is Supes favor now. Batman I feel is still the same, I never played a good red hood so I don't know about that MU is or why Red Hood wins in the first place. Catwoman is still catwoman.
    I get beat by wowo badly although I don't know that MU well. the few Hellboy I played i think the MU isnt too bad for supes. He outzones superman but I liked the up close game. Scarecrow MU seems unchanged but idk what that MU is anyway( I do fine ). Still no Beetle players so Idk that MU either.
  19. gibster13

    gibster13 I will zone you to your knees

    Supes struggles vs...

    canary can be an issue cuz her low profiling

    that is imo
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  20. Tweedy

    Tweedy Noob

    I'll post a quick mu chart(just my opinion m8s). Not gonna explain any of them but if you want to ask me about one then i'll respond with specifics.

    Gonna use percentage because I believe a lot of these match ups are not exactly even stevens, but they're not all like 6-4 or 4-6 or 7-3 etc. First number is the percentage of Superman's favor, 2nd is there's.

    Hellboy 55-45

    Sub Zero 45-55

    Swamp Thing 65-35

    Cyborg 45-55 possibly worse for Superman but there's no optimal hitbox borgs

    Catwoman 30-70

    Flash 50-50

    Green Lantern 60-40

    Harley Quinn 50-50

    Batman 45-55

    Red Hood 50-50

    Joker 50-50

    Atrocitus 55-45

    Grodd 60-40

    Cheetah 50-50

    Deadshot idk but Deadshot probably doesn't do well now

    Posion Ivy 60-40 possibly worse for Ivy

    Starfire 50-50

    Black Manta 55-45

    Supergirl 50-50 maybe Superman advantage but supergirl can play really lame and do well

    Green Arrow 55-45

    Dr Fate 50-50 assuming this is someone who has optimal red ankh conversions

    Blue Beetle 50-50 assuming this is high level trait Beetle

    Firestorm I really don't know now. I thought Superman advantage before but I need to play the new one more.

    Aquaman 60-40

    Black Canary 50-50

    Darkseid 45-55

    Wonder Woman 40-60

    Black Adam 40-60

    Captain Cold 60-40

    Robin 60-40

    Scarecrow 50-50

    Bane 50-50

    Brainiac 50-50

    Raiden 60-40
  21. Superman Rz

    Superman Rz Superman is fair.

    these all make sense to me except subzero, also i would have thought robin to be closer to 55-45 or 50-50. could you explain these?
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  22. Tweedy

    Tweedy Noob

    Zoning is really risky vs Sub because of mb ice ball and if you shoot the clone, he can just move forward while you're recovering. Typically if Sub is right, he gets a combo, if you're right you land a laser.

    Post breath you don't get anything because of clone being 8 frames. If you respect that, that allows him to do anything he wants.

    Zoning and post breath determine most of Superman's match ups imo and Sub does great in both situations. Superman also has a hard time anti airing him and getting out of the corner.

    With Robin Superman has a good punish for both mb dp and 212 with his d1. You can also mb b3 backdash f23 to punish 212. Also since his d1 is 6 frames, he's at advantage when robin does 212 trait, since he's -1. It also pays to lab mb swoop, Superman can just walk out of it and b2/f2.

    Most importantly Robin gets lamed out pretty badly in this match up I think.
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  23. gibster13

    gibster13 I will zone you to your knees

    There are only 5 Superman in the top 100 ranked... Our Lord @Tweedy being Number 1 and ranked number 2
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  24. Noodle Monkey

    Noodle Monkey lives in practice mode

    Is it common knowledge that you can combo off of B3 after a F/B3 to get an almost unclashable combo?
  25. gibster13

    gibster13 I will zone you to your knees

    Never seen before, what’s the max dmg from that ? I hit quite a few mbf3s

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