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Discussion in 'Superman' started by FOREVER EL1TE, May 15, 2017.

  1. ATP2014

    ATP2014 The best mediocre Batman

    How is the day 1 impression of Supes? Corner damage is still great, midscreen I can feel the nerf a little more.
  2. Wrubez

    Wrubez The Flow Instructor

    Yeah his midscreen BnB does like 390 down from 440ish but IMO he's balanced and should be left alone from here out. Still tremendous heavy hitter especially with trait active. Personally I think he could have been left untouched in general but if this is the compromise - I'll take it and leave it the way it is.

    He didn't get neutered with his damage like Black Adam. BA is still very good but feel they went slightly overboard by comparison
  3. SwagMountains

    SwagMountains Yes we Kahn

    What's that optimal shit for one bar in the corner shazzy lol. Not f23 trait 3 3 mb breath zap 3 breath? Whatchu hiding under that cape ya lil minx
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  4. B. Shazzy

    B. Shazzy Retired Best Batman
    Premium Supporter

    oh nothing bro ive said too much already im retired dont ask me about stuff im tired

    carry on superman wannabes
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  5. Tweedy

    Tweedy Noob

    People still do zap 3 breath lul u guise kill me.
  6. SwagMountains

    SwagMountains Yes we Kahn

    I mean i've been doing neutral jump 2 zap or neutral 2 11 or deep neutral 2 for a guarenteed f3 but all of those are resets. What is max damage now one bar?
  7. StormGoddess

    StormGoddess Your mind tricks won't harm me!!!

    in the new patch, Looks like premier skins can be unlocked as Guild rewards...
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  8. Superman Rz

    Superman Rz Superman is fair.

    Nice! I wonder if they can drop from regular mother boxes too.
  9. Superman Rz

    Superman Rz Superman is fair.

    When ending in a restand after ex breath in the corner,what do you guys do?

    Iv been doing deep j2 which is plus enough for a f3 to jail. Iv even gotten heat zap to jail but it's inconsistent. But since f3 jails they usually stand block the heat zap. Il sometimes sneak in a delayed b1 breath.
    After the f3 or heatzap on block, I'll either grab, f23 to catch them teching, or 22. 22 is really good because of the mixup with 223. 22 is also -3 so since they're scared of the mixup you could grab, f23, another 22.
  10. SwagMountains

    SwagMountains Yes we Kahn

    All of those with the addition of neutral jump
  11. Neutral jump j2, then a second neutral jump j2 into either j.d3 or b1 xx MB breath.
  12. gibster13

    gibster13 F23xxDb2

    God, I actually fucking love Supes. His f23, his f3, his lasers, his breath(that sounds weird out of context), his mb breath, his restand resets, literally everything about his desgin I love. How one can find him boring, I will never know.

    Might get a tattoo of F23
  13. MetalPete

    MetalPete MACHKAAAAA!!!!!

    Definitely not a fan of mb flying punch losing armor; feels completely useless now. Rising grab gaining startup and recovery time was unnecessary too.
  14. The Highlander

    The Highlander There can be only one

    I remember for the first one a guy made a f23 breath shirt lol
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  15. Asodimazze

    Asodimazze A-Lister

    Deserves an upload loool
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  16. Tweedy

    Tweedy Noob

    I definitely don't agree with opinions of Superman being top 5 now. I think he dropped under characters like Harley, Crow, Darkseid. He's definitely still great tho. Top 10.
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  17. ATP2014

    ATP2014 The best mediocre Batman

    Thoughts on Superman vs Supergirl? Felt it went from 6-4 Superman's favor to 6-4 Supergirl.
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  18. gibster13

    gibster13 F23xxDb2

  19. gibster13

    gibster13 F23xxDb2

    Playing a set and came across this sweet tech

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  20. kdawg

    kdawg Noob

    I've had his discussion this past weekends when some one told me she loses lol I always hold back on 6-4 so it won't sound like im down playing but she out zones him. Keeps him out the air and checks his zoning with lasers and teleport and her damage isn't nothing the laught at now
  21. kdawg

    kdawg Noob

    And also I wanna make sure if it's me or I'm tripping. F23 trait into d1 is suppose to jail right? Like on characters who don't have 6f normals or parrys correct? Cause I keep getting poked out
  22. ATP2014

    ATP2014 The best mediocre Batman

    F23 trait is +1, so your 6 frame d1 will now come out in 5 frames. This should beat all normals and some parries.
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  23. kdawg

    kdawg Noob

    Yeah I just need to be more crisp then. Thanks
  24. gibster13

    gibster13 F23xxDb2

  25. HeroesNZ

    HeroesNZ Baconlord's Billionaire Sugar Daddy

    Scrap midscreen F2 MB Breath combos and use F23 B23 MB D2 B3 instead unless you're heading into the corner or the connection is trash. It does like 4% more or something I don't remember exactly how much

    Also I'm afraid I'm going to have to deduct 50 points for letting @Error take two games off you

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