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Discussion in 'Street Fighter' started by Rickyraws, Feb 16, 2016.

  1. Just noticed no Balrog in top 8
  2. B. Shazzy

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    lul when giefs bust out its so much scarier than a dp character
  3. Aramonde

    Aramonde Noob

    Not saying Punk isn't good I just find it crazy this new guy comes in and starts beating everyone. What happened to all the vets?
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  4. Tokio vs. Punk GF would be my dream. Would be so lit, no matter which way it went
  5. Aramonde

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  6. Man, Tokido is playing on another level. A lot of pressure on Punk, does he have enough gas in the tank?
  7. Aramonde

    Aramonde Noob

    Styleoning him?
  8. Aramonde

    Aramonde Noob

    That was so hype!!! I knew punk was done if he reset the bracket. So happy for lord Tokido!
  9. methademic

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  10. Man, that loss stings, but I know Punk will come back stronger. Tokido played absolutely amazing today, the reads, parry's, footsies, phenomenal.
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  11. So glad tokido won evo. He had been struggling many times in sfv but you can tell his dedication to the game is second to none. Also punk is a monster, definitely a top TOP candidate in any tournament he will compete in. Awesome stuff.
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  12. "What brings people back to evo is L.O.V.E. They hold that 'L' then run it back 'E.V.O."


    My god, what a sick quote. How does Zhi come up with this stuff???
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  13. B. Shazzy

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    congrats to tokido his facial expressions as he climbed up to gfs said it all

    I did not expect Punk to get emotional he really took it hard man and he never shows emotion
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  14. Yeah, that loss stings bad. He was within a fingers grasp of being the first USA Evo champion. But, knowing him he'll be back. Just the thought of him being better than what he is now is scary.
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  15. If punk comes back even a little bit stronger, nobody will stop him.
  16. B. Shazzy

    B. Shazzy Retired Best Batman
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    game of thrones evo moke abigail and james chen all trending on twitter rn lul
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  17. B. Shazzy

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    idk that could haunt a person for a while lul. Hopefully each sfv evo becomes increasingly better than the next like this. I have afeeling Season 3 will be really good
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  18. Good point Lord Shazzy. I guess I'm saying this because in SXSW in Austin he was pretty devastated of his loss and came back way stronger. If he can overcome this, which will be hard to do, then I can definitely see him taking an Evo later in the games life.
  19. LiangHuBBB

    LiangHuBBB Noob

    wth is going on lol
  20. @MylesWright_

    @MylesWright_ I'll be back 3ing

    Literally like day 2 of SFV

    Too late
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  21. B. Shazzy

    B. Shazzy Retired Best Batman
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    oh look what the cat dragged in u guise

    whats wrong myles playing only the best/scrubbiest caharacter in inj 2 not working out for you or somethhing lul got em
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  22. Rip Torn


    Abigail looks pretty sick. He's frickin Huge! Hopefully capcom does ruin him by giving his specials weird inputs.
  23. B. Shazzy

    B. Shazzy Retired Best Batman
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    V-Skill: Hungabee

    Abigail thrusts his sizeable belly forwards (either high or low) countering the opponent’s attack and setting himself up for a combo opportunity.

    V-Trigger: Max Power

    After popping his two-bar V-Trigger, Abigail can charge up his four different heavy punches for one hit of armour and extended juggles. A full charge will break the opponent’s guard.


    As the largest character in the game, you’d expect Abigail to be all about the command grabs. He has two, as it happens, but what makes him stand out is his Nitro Charge run. This special move has one hit of armour (two for EX!) and can be cancelled into four follow-ups – a stiff punch, command grab, cumbersome overhead or V-Skill. Suffice to say, Abigail isn’t a one-trick-pony, he’s a horse-power-house.

    Also arriving alongside Abigail are his Story and Premium Battle costumes, as well as his own personal stage, the Metro City Bay Area. Fight on this stage long enough and you might see the iconic sunrise that fans will remember from back in Abigail’s Final Fight days.


    link to his alt costumes since they wont show on tym

    lul i feel like you cant wven jump over him man
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  24. Scoot Magee

    Scoot Magee But I didn't want to dash

    I tried with that SF tym discord but nobody ever wants to play. I used to not play ranked at all but that's all I've done the last few days.

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