"Starlight Starbright" Starfire Combos

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  1. Macdaddy

    Macdaddy STEAM: Bloodychaos2 XBOX: Macdaddy256969

    B2 -> likely the optimal punishing starter as you can convert into B3 meterlessly
    23 Only way to connect DB1(ex) for Midscreen

    *Damages on Superman Comp On
    Meterless Midscreen
    B2 B3 J3 113xDB3 334
    f3(from close)xj2x113DB3 307

    Meterless Midscreen Trait
    b1xDB3x4 240
    21xDB3x4 272
    f3(from far)x4 231
    f3(from medium)xBF2x4 292
    f3(from close)xj2x113xDB3x4 371
    B2 B3 J3 113xDB3x4 382
    CrossupJ3x113x4 365

    AA Midscreen

    D2x11x113DB3 203

    AA Midscreen Trait

    d2 11x113xDB3x4 261
    B2 B3 J3 113xDB3x4 403

    Meter Midscreen
    23xDB1(ex)xb3xJ3x113xDB3x4 381
    23, DB1(MB), B3, J2, B2, F2, DB3, 4
    *Avoiding DB1(MB) is big for this character if possible, it scales hard, replacing it with background bounce for example, is effective. 23 starter can be replaced by D1

    Meterless Corner Trait

    F3x1x1x113xDB3x4 364
    213xd1xdb3x4 291
    F3, 3~DB2, d1~DB3x4 417
    F3, S3 DB1B, 113 DB3, 4

    Meter Corner Trait

    StarterxDB1(Ex)x1x1x113xDB3x4 323 with 21 starter
    StarterxMBDB1xF3 xB2x3xdb3x4 364
    MBF3, S3 DB1B, 113 DB3, 4 503

    2 Meters Midscreen

    F2xBC(MB)xj3x113xDB3x4 503 will work for most starters

    Enders that can be subbed for arena positioning or conserving trait

    f2 1+3 (switch sides)
    f2 bf2 (switch sides + more damage)
    23 db3

    D1xdb1(ex) no longer connects since September patch

    Combos from Noble Raptor, video at the bottom:

    B1 DB2 HOLD 4 MB
    B1 BF2 MB HOLD 4

    F2 DB2 HOLD 4 MB
    F2 BF2 MB HOLD 4

    21 DB3 HOLD 4 MB
    21 BF2 MB HOLD 4

    23 DB1 MB B3 J3 113 DB3 HOLD 4
    23 DB1 MB B3 J3 11 BF2 HOLD 4

    B2 B3 J3 113 DB3 HOLD 4 MB
    B2 B3 J3 11 BF2 MB HOLD 4

    F3 F2 DB3 HOLD 4 MB
    F3 F2 BF2 MB HOLD 4
    F3 F2 DB2 D1 DB3 HOLD 4 MB

    23 BGB B3 J3 113 DB3 HOLD 4 MB (Add a B2 after the BGB for a bit more damage)

    213 D1 DB3 HOLD 4 MB

    23 DB1 MB F3 3 DB2 D1 DB3 HOLD 4
    * More optimal combo: 23 DB1 MB 3 DB2 D1 113 DB3 HOLD 4

    B2 F3 113 DB3 HOLD 4 MB

    F3 3 DB1B 113 DB3 HOLD 4 MB

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  2. Speedsterr

    Speedsterr Noob

    dmg on superman:


    23 - MB DB1 - b3 - J3 - 3 - DB2 - 4 - 375,81
    23 - MB DB1 - b3 - J2 - 3 - BF2 - 4 (sideswitch) - 359,20


    F3 - B2 - 3 - db2 - 4 - 357,27
    B1 (starter) - MB DB1 - F3 - B2 - 3 - db2 - 4 - 334,79
    B1 (starter)- MB DB1 - F3 - B2 - (slight walk forward) 23 - db2 - 4 (less dmg more flashy)
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  3. Marinjuana

    Marinjuana Up rock incoming, ETA 5 minutes

    So I'm gonna put three damages up. The first will be no trait, the second will be with full trait beam, and the third with full trait beam and the MB. Damage on competitive Bizarro. If you don't know Starfire can cancel her specials into trait to add up to four hits plus a possible meterburn.


    213, d1~DB3~Trait (217, 291, 320)

    F3, 3~DB2, d1~DB2~Trait (327 no trait, 405 with full trait, 436 with full trait MB)

    F3, 3~DB2, d1~DB3~Trait (339 no trait, 417 with full trait, 448 with full trait MB)

    B1~DB1MB, F3, 3~DB2, d1~DB3~Trait (323, 374, 394)
  4. Lo0py

    Lo0py Noob


    Nice damaging corner combo coming from a MB F3 in the corner and using trait.

    Inputs: MB F3, S3 DB1B, 113 DB3, 4.

    EDIT: You can do this from 23 / 21 MB DB1 aswell, do F3 and do the same procedure, just a little tighter.

    Here's the 23 MB DB1 combo with some nice chip damage at the end.

    The only way to get out of that chip is to delay wakeup and in doing so you can get a punish.
    But thought I'd throw it in here as well.
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  5. Ride the Sand Worm

    Ride the Sand Worm Atrocitus, Green Arrow, Brainiac, Black Manta

    I'm on a work trip and can't play this character for a couple days but from what I've seen it looks like her db1 meterburn has a lot of scaling and it might be worth going for bounce cancels midscreen. She seems to build meter fast enough for it.

    Also although impractical would someone test the damage you can get if you spend everything. I.e. Starter MDB3 J3 3 MBDB2 MB4
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  6. gibster13

    gibster13 F23xxDb2

    Im liking

    f2xxb3 (bounce cancel) j3 113xxdb3xx4(held) 500dmg on superman for two bars as a whiff punish

    pretty lit
  7. NeroOps

    NeroOps Death Before Dishonor

    1 Bar 433 Mid Combo

    Combo Notation - J2, 23, DB1(MB), B3, J2, B2, F2, DB3, 4(H)
    MB=Meter Burn
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  8. Da Tac0

    Da Tac0 GT: C88 Taco

    Is she out for the US too?
  9. Made Capo

    Made Capo Noob

    Made Capo
    good stuff
  10. methademic

    methademic UPR Methademic
    Premium Supporter

    She is now
  11. ShadyHeart

    ShadyHeart Sonya my gurl

    Got a fancy mid screen combo off of F3.
    F3, F2 > DB2, D1 > DB3.

    Also discovered in the corner you can do F3 or MB DB1 into 3 > DB2, D1 > DB3. You can link 3 > DB2, D1, 113 but I've only managed to do it once and I can't remember if it was with the F3 or the DB1.
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  12. AZ MotherBrain

    AZ MotherBrain Premium Supporter
    Premium Supporter

    Is there a certain version of j3 I should do after b3?
  13. Full meter combo:
    21xxBC, JI3, 113xxDB3[MB], 4 [hold and MB] 527.90 Dmg on Superman
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  14. Hope this thread stays active. I hate discord.
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  15. You can combo DB1[MB] from D1.
    D1 starts in 6 frames...

    D1xxDB1[MB], B3, JI3, 113xxDB3, 4 355.86Dmg on Superman competitive
  16. TakeAChance

    TakeAChance TYM White Knight

    23~mbdb1 B3 J3 B2 F2~db3 Trait.

    Fancy as hell.

    Can also do 23~mbdb1 B3 J3 23~db3~trait as well
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  17. You have to do open j3...in other words jump forward but don't hold jump...then hit 3. She will rotate the beam from fwd to back or clockwise.
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  18. NeroOps

    NeroOps Death Before Dishonor

    No Meter Corner combo after a F3 433 Dmg

    Combo Notation - F3, DB2, 113, DB3, 4(H)
    The timing to land 113 after DB2 is strict just an heads up.
  19. aidangm0

    aidangm0 Noob

    Any reason people are using(midscreen) 23 db3 as enders over 113 db3?

    113 does slightly more damage and feels a lot easier to land
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  20. DarksydeDash

    DarksydeDash Magic and Starbolts - Give up or get lit up.

    Ending Corner combos with b12 let's us go for a forward dash and then an ambiguous j3/2
  21. Juggs

    Juggs Lose without excuses
    Lead Moderator

    Midscreen meterless BGB combo 50%+

    J2, 3 xx BGB, B2, B3, J3, F2 xx DB3, Hold Trait
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  22. John Grizzly

    John Grizzly The axe that clears the forest
    Premium Supporter

    So for her anti-air, I'm doing:

    B+2, B+3, JI3, F+2xxDB3xx4(hold) - 392.74 on Superman

    This is super simple and meterless. She seems like the Queen on anti-airs in this game. I love it.
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  23. SaltShaker

    SaltShaker In Zoning We Trust

    When standing, is the timing tight on B2,B3 or is there a specific time to hit this? Feel like I'm getting it off and on for some reason. Not AA, just standing in front.
  24. John Grizzly

    John Grizzly The axe that clears the forest
    Premium Supporter

    You don't need to really do it too fast. I don't have great execution and I'm able to hit it every time. Wait for both hits to come out of B+2 before hitting B+3.
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  25. SaltShaker

    SaltShaker In Zoning We Trust

    This helps, definitely was doing it too fast. Thanks.
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