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Discussion SonicFox Is A Kool Dude, BUT......

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this .... nailed perfectly this thread argument .... NK has all way forward with a brilliant future, while SonicFox is an already well established veteran and champ , so, that's it .... both represent well the role model of skill player the MK fanbase crave to inspire when learning the game for competitive purpose, hehe :joker:
Ninjakilla was bodying every pro player in MKX up until the release of MK11. I am talking 10-0s on the destroyer sets/invitational, etc. He bodied Sonic 10-3 on a Jacqui mirror 2 weeks before CEO. He came 1st on his 1st offline tourny, earthrealm dojo. If i recall, he beat veteran Forever King on the finals. He beat top notch players like Tweedy in his 2nd offline tourny (CEO) and got to 4th. It was obvious that he was totally unprepared for the Cassie matchup and lost to Sonic. Most pro players who've fought him ( Rewind, Tweedy, etc INCLUDING SONIC) have said he's a very strong player. But, Sonic's fan club somehow wants to portray this dude as a no-one. Very strange indeed. In fact, someone's decided to resurrect some dead thread from months ago to prove his point. Eitherway, this thread is funny as fk scrolling back.
I never said ninjakilla is weak or "no-one".
But a lot of his fans were screaming loudly how he will destroy SonicFox, just because he won a ft10 casual set, where SonicFox didnt even know he is playing against ninja.
And after that match, SonicFox beats him in Online Cup NA East , and then beat him in ranked, and then beat him 2 times in the CEO.
Ninjakilla pretty much knows that SonicFox will use Cassie against him, simply because SonicFox beats him twice with Cassie before CEO.
And i dont know about SonicFox fans, but i didnt see a thread with SonicFox beats ninjakilla all over the place.
Yet ninjakilla won a casual ft10 against Sonic and suddenly someone create a thread here about that match up and there was sh*** storm how ninjakilla is GOAT and he is better than SonicFox and how he bodied him.
And why you get so sensitive. No one said his placement in CEO is bad, and he isnt doing allright so far.


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Weird thread to necro bump. Also, unless it’s a vital thread and/or making a new one isn’t warranted because there’s useful info inside, necro bumping dead (and pointless) threads is actually against site rules, unfortunately. You can make a “player vs player” thread if you want, but this topic (specific thread) is dead.
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