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Match Footage Solomon Grundy Versus Video Thread

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You can if I do the f112~4 or any other ender but standing 2. Some options like slide you have to time late. You can even WC slide after d1 canceled into it but you have to do it at the last possible second.

ll Nooby ll ... I knew I was done in that match :confused: ... So lucky you dropped that shit lol
Double post! What is the 2 ender like?

@ 2:50:00

Sometimes I wish I took this game seriously, but then when I played Superman I was like..........I'm done.

Not sure what you were doing. You missed a 112 in the corner. You did a 112 mb cleaver instead of swamp hands. You had multiple chances to land j2 b1 reset and didn't take them. I assume you went for 2 bf3 instead of 2 into normal grave rot. You did a mb trait on wakeup that was first mistimed second it wouldn't have worked even if he did a wakeup slide. Best option would've been d2 mb trait. If he does a wakeup move the d2 triggers the invicibility and the mb trait eats the slide and throws him. Good use of WCC to bait the slide. Bad use of swamp hands vs zoning frost. If she's just tossing daggers duck and dash. If he's throwing in the ice spike randomly try to read it and mb swamp hands.

Grundy is useless if you aren't going to convert his max damage. I would've played the match almost identical to you but I would've been doing optimal combo's. You also didn't test him to see if he knows he can jump out of blocked 112 trait. Plenty of chances for that. Make them do it at least once then go for mb cleaver or dead air if they avoid it.

Doing power chain for unclahsable damage is pointless if you don't have at least normal grave rot on but you should try for mb grave rot. They can always clash the end of the fb 4 portion even if it the initial part reduces their life to zero. The use is in grave rot killing them before they can clash. Best option with grundy is typically just to force the clash against frost and then she uses most of her meter limiting her options against you.


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A lot of dumb discussion... the logic of nw beats grundy 6-4 because most grundy's suck amazes me. Lets toss out tyrant me fr stack and any other good grundy and just focus on lame ones who can't WCC or anti air.
Yeah, it wasn't exactly the greatest logic I've ever heard. "Let's ignore Grundy's who are good, and talk about Grundy's who suck"

I was trying to offer advice against strong Grundy players, but I guess we shouldn't worry about them or even consider them because not every Grundy is that strong. That's what I get for trying to help. I should have just stayed in the batcave with my own tech and match up experience.
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AK Pig Of The Hut was doing the axe too high in the air against you. Best option against that is just dash into aa grab. He's gotta do it lower for it to be effective against that. Also you should use f13 more often on wakeup Pig likes to jump away or back dash away and it catches both for a combo.

Against lanterns vortex mb trait works really well so does wakeup WC.