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Sheeva Discussion Thread


Sheeva, Kotal, Jacqui.
It will track. They will have to block, at which point she will be like -10,000 and eat a full combo.
Block? The main thing about the stomp is that you can’t block it.

I hope her grabs are more akin to the combo grabs characters like D'Vorah, Jax, Kano Ripper and Shao have (example 1, 2, 1+3) instead of the typical command grab like Kotal (D, B, F moves). I'm not very good with D, B, F command grabs.

She's my most anticipated character of the three, and I would be devastated if she's bottom tier. Thankfully, it sounds like there's hope she won't be.
That would be horrible IMO.

A grappler needs a command grab, she can and probably will have string grabs too, but having a special move grab is vital.

I mean we already know she does anyway so it’s not really a wonder. She also apparently has a low grab and an overhead grab.

I believe we see the overhead in the latest trailer, she stomps down on Sindel’s face and then hits her with the shield spike.

We see her wake up u3 is also a grab, which is nuts if it’s a mid and not a high.

If it’s a mid then sheeva gets to impose a 50/50 on her own wake up depending on her u2 hitbox. Because if they try to block or duck u2 they eat the grab, and if they try to jump the grab they get U2’d. They’d be forced to back away until she got up.
Definitely Bracers, Hair/Helmet and Shield.

I like both outfits and the new hair but I do hope she has custom options that give her the MK9 war paint+braided ponytail, the gigantic armageddon mohawk, the klassic black lipstick/makeup ponytail and above all the Gold+Red Armageddon outfit


Queen of the Shokan
Her fireball stance looking thing really excites me, I love big damage characters that have a full screen presence. Hopefully you’ll be able to cancel out of it, follow up with a telestomp or something.


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Since my boy Goro will not be in Mk11 i m hype for the Queen of the Shokan. I really hope she is solid. So far NS and Spawn havent let me down. About time to learn a female character in an NRS game.


Sheeva is deadass a man in this game
Finally found time to watch the trailer. All I have to say is.....a shield? Really? Why not the daggers she had in Armageddon?


Sheeva, Kotal, Jacqui.
Finally found time to watch the trailer. All I have to say is.....a shield? Really? Why not the daggers she had in Armageddon?
They wanted to make her different, and I'm all for it honestly, Goro can keep the daggers. I always thought they were kind of "meh" to be honest even though I used Dragon Fangs in Mk11 more than any other variation and character.

This spiked shield is more versatile and interesting. I love that the spikes have mechanisms that can trigger to extend different blades.

It seems her spiked bracers on her lower arms are sort of a secondary weapon too.

Only thing I'd want besides this is that fuck-massive sword she got in the MKX comics.