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Sheeva Discussion Thread

That's true If she's fun to play then the face don't matter to me.
She looked great in Armageddon but the way she played was so slow and clunky and come MK9 she just felt clunky.


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I really hope she’s fun, and I have no doubt she won’t be. I’m just down for any character that clicks with me at this point in this game. If it’s not her and it’s Robocop or Fujin, dope, I just want somebody I can have a blast with every time lol. I’m confident I’ll like Sheeva a lot though, going back and playing her past appearances has me very stoked


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yeah, Sheeva is cool , and very very pretty much underrated character .... IMO, the best Shokan ! hope they do justice to her, regarding gameplay, moveset , brutatlities , fatalities and friendship ! :)

She is badass and violent , cannot wait for her gameplay trailer ! :D



Is that about right?
Pretty much. Lol.

Yeah I saw some of that. They know that’s been her lore in the current timeline for five years right? It was explained in the MKX comics.
I think it's been her lore even in the original timeline as well. It's how she got the job of becoming Sindel's protector. If they had changed it, THEN it would be a problem.


Bruce Campbell 4 MK!!!
So hyped! The promise of Sheeva is why I got MK11 in the first place.

I hope she does something beyond grab 50/50s and yolo stomps. But most of all, that her moves feel impactful - the grab we saw in the trailer, uhh, she was just gently slapping the opponent, not exactly pumped for that.
I hope she’s brutal as hell, I loved Leatherface in MKX because everything he did felt so nasty and impactful and Sheeva gave me similar vibes in MK9. I really hope that carries over.
Hair seems to be a gear piece, great!

Her animations still feel un-impactful, like she's not really putting effort into her hits. Which could be a character trait, but... I really doubt NRS works like that, given how they missed that Robocop's pistol is NOT singleshot like they gave him here.


haha shokan queen go down up
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As usual with these gameplay trailers it's a little difficult to tell how shes going to play due to the way they cut and edit it. However her fatalities are pretty great.