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Scorpion General Discussion

Hey guys could i get a quick cheat help from the community. One thing i am not able to do as much yet with scorpion is shimmies. What are your shimmie whiff punish setups?

F3 grab shimmie comes to mind
F3 poke
F4 grab shimmie

I only play the 3rd variation nowadays
these days my whiff set-ups mostly come from d4, b1, d1, b1,4, mbc, and 2,1, mb3.
Shimmy into whiff punish works best for me on well spaced d1, b1 and f3. If you hit any of these buttons people are eager to hit a poke if you conditioned them with a few throws. On the tip of those moves most d1/d3s whiff opening them up to b14 confirms.

I dunno if it's an online thing but b1 works kinda well as a stagger especially from tip range because on recovery Scorpion moves his body back. I know it's generally unsafe and you can get called out on it, but I barely ever experience that.

Shoutouts to 21 as it's + on block and has enough pushback to allow you to either walk back or just poke into more + frames.
if mk11 could be made more fun by giving character's more combo opportunities; I think scorpion's death spin should cause a pop up