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"Prepare to be Astounded!" - Zatanna General Discussion Thread


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PS4 users, I can't get Zatanna's levi cancels to connect to strings :/ I'm doing the same timing as on xbox 360.
Yeah PS4 hasn't been updated with the latest hotfixes. Double jumps don't work; they reset the combo no matter where it happens.


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Hey guys, not sure if others have been using this, but it's quite useful. Instead of ending combos in 112~puppet master, you can end in 11d3 for a hard knockdown.

For example;

b1u3, ji2, d2, b3, dash, ji2, 11d3
b23, ji2, d2, b3, dash, ji2, 11d3

From there you can get cross up f3, regular f3, or you can levi above the opponent for the jump mixup.

EDIT: slightly delay the 11d3 to make the last hit connect.
I really like this, dirty!

The newest hella dirty thing that I found was this: After any starter into kicks, f3, dash (it dashes under the f3), then f3 again and it crosses up unless they do a miraculous tech roll. I wanna see if this happens on a naked puppet master. Could cause some really sexy unclashable damage resets.